Full Feliway Review: Scam or Legit? (2020)

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Is your cat giving you trouble? Join the club! 

As adorable as cats are, raising them can prove challenging. Who’d think that these furry little things can be so stubborn? Cats are very strong-willed, which we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, but how can we maintain our sanity and keep our little furballs happy?

Feliway products have been growing in popularity. They’re said to be the magic when it comes to a cat’s behavior. Is that true? That’s what you’ll find out in this Feliway review. 

If your furry kitty is urinating where it shouldn’t, scratching the life out of your furniture, hiding out all the time, or fighting with another cat in your household, you might want to read on. The answer to your predicament could very well be in this article! 

Feliway Review Summary

ImageProductDetails  Price
Feliway DiffuserFeliway Classic DiffuserThe most commonly used formulaCheck Price
Feliway SprayFeliway SprayBest for targeting certain spots rather than the whole spaceCheck Price
FeliscratchFeliscratchRedirects Scratching onto your desired locationCheck Price
Feliway MultiCatFeliway Multicat DiffuserRecommended to ease the tension between catsCheck Price

What Is Feliway?

Feliway products are a solution that your cat can smell. It’s a synthesized pheromone that’s detectable only to your cats, which means it’s odorless and has zero effects on humans or any other species.  

The aim of Feliway products is to simulate an environment your cat feels safe and comfortable in so that it stops doing certain things, such as, scratching, urinating outside of the litter box, and hiding, and fighting with other cats. 

Is Feliway Safe to Use?

So far, no side-effects have arisen due to the use of pheromone products generally.  

Feliway is also clinically proven. It’s been approved by Valarie Tynes, DVM, DACVB, and Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

In fact, some might say Feliway could be quite beneficial for older, sick, or agitable cats. These cats would need to exert extra effort to produce their pheromones, Feliway would spare them that effort. 

The most important thing to remember about Feliway is that it doesn’t treat whatever your cat goes through, it tricks it. What that means is that it’s not going to solve the cause of your cat’s problem, it’s simply going to trick her into thinking the problem isn’t there. 

This can be a bit dangerous. Cats communicate through their behavior. What you might mistake for your cat acting out could be the little thing’s way of telling you what’s bothering it. If you use Feliway right away, you could be prolonging the problem by treating the symptoms. 

It’s therefore imperative that you consult your vet first before using Feliway, to make sure there isn’t a real problem behind your cat’s behavior. If it’s only a behavioral issue, Feliway away! 

Do Feliway Products Work?

That’s the million-dollar question right there. Unfortunately, no matter who you ask, the answer will always vary. Allow us to explain. 

The Good News

Feliway is such a renowned product. It has thousands of reviews on Amazon alone! It’s safe to say that the majority of these reviews are positive. 

A lot of people who’ve used Feliway rave about its magical outcome. They swear by it, claiming that it worked perfectly for their furry friends. 

On their website, Feliway has a testimonial page for its success stories. You can go see for yourself how it has successfully helped a lot of people. 

Not to mention, many vets actually use, prescribe, and recommend using Feliway. 

Some studies conducted also show that Feliway does, indeed, have a great effect on cats. It’s been proved to reduce a cat’s stress significantly.  

The Bad News

It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? There is, sadly, a catch. The results aren’t fool-proof. 

Oddly enough, while Feliway has proved tried-and-true with thousands of people, it hasn’t been as successful with others. 

There are still a lot of people who have had little to no success using Feliway products. They claim it didn’t affect their cats at all. In fact, few people have even suggested that using Feliway made their cats steer clear of their once-favorite places. 

What’s even stranger is that there are studies that back up the lack of these results. One study suggests that feline facial pheromone analogs don’t even affect cats

While Feliway claims it’s effective on 9 out of 10 cats, it might be a bit of an exaggeration. However, it most definitely is effective for some cats. Its success rate is estimated at about 90%.

The bottom line is that there’s no way of knowing whether or not your cat is going to respond to it. You’re going to have to try it for yourself and hope for the best. 

However, the math is on your side. With most products rating over 4 stars on Amazon, with over a thousand reviewers, the odds are in your favor!

What’s Special About Feliway? 

So, why should you bother giving it a go in the first place? Well, there is a reason why it’s so popular! 

It Uses Pheromones

Pheromones are how cats communicate. They’re how they say things like, “that’s mine,” and “I’m safe.” Feliway is the equivalent of you speaking cat. Meow! 

You know when your cat rubs its body against your legs? That’s its way of saying “you’re mine!” By rubbing their little bodies against something, cats release pheromones to mark these objects as theirs. 

Similarly, when they rub their cheeks against surfaces. Have you ever had your cat scratch its cheek against something, say the corner of your laptop screen? Rejoice! Your kitty feels safe, as opposed to how you feel about the defenseless screen. 

These “happy messages” are emulated by Feliway. Upon smelling it, your cat would feel safe and at ease. 

This does wonders for anxious cats. Whether they’re naturally anxious or something has happened to make them so, Feliway’s pheromones could restore their sense of safety and ease their fears.  

Its Methods of Use

Feliway has products that can help you in almost any situation. Whether you’re at home or on the go, there’s a product for you! 


Did you know your cats can enjoy aromatherapy too? Yes, it’s a thing! 

This is the most practical method to use at home. You simply plug in your diffuser and let your cat meditate. The diffused pheromones would cover a lot of ground so you’re not required to do much. 

If you anticipate needing Feliway on a regular basis at home, diffusers are your best option. Once you run out, buy refills! 

Here’s our in-depth Feliway Diffuser review to get a better grip on this product and its benefits.


Sprays are also pretty convenient. You can use them at home, especially if you want to target certain spots only rather than your entire place. 

Sprays can also be used on-the-go. If you’re going somewhere for a couple of days or simply to the vet, you can spray your cat’s crate or take the spray with you. 


Wipes are also great when you’re going somewhere, especially to the vet. You can use them to wipe the crate and keep them with you if you need to use them again. 

They could also suffice if you need to use Feliway on a certain spot at home only, let’s say if your cat scratches only one thing. If you don’t need to use too much, wipes are the way to go.

What It Can Do

The beauty of Feliway is that it helps you deal with some of the most frustrating things a cat owner faces. There are three different lines of products for each problem. 

Feliway Classic

Feliway Classic is the original solution, pun intended. It functions by making your cat comfortable at home. It can be used for several purposes.

Easing Anxiety

This is the one to choose if your cat suffers from anxiety. 

Remember those “happy messages” we talked about earlier? Feliway classic releases them for the cat. It’s the equivalent of telling your cat “you’re safe here.” This way, your cat would be comfortable whenever it smells them. 

Whether your cat doesn’t feel safe, doesn’t like being at home for any reason, or you’re going to the vet, using Feliway Classic can calm your furball down. 

Preventing Hiding

The same goes for cats who always hide. 

Usually prompted by having visitors, some cats hide often. Cats are masters at hiding, which means it’d be hard to find them, let alone coax them out from where they feel safe. 

First of all, make sure your cat is okay before opting for Feliway. Hiding is something cats do when they’re not feeling well; in this case, you’re going to want to make sure your baby is healthy before using Feliway. 

Make sure you consult your vet to find out the reason behind your cat’s behavior before using Feliway. If it’s a behavioral issue with no physical causes, go for it. 

Feliway Classic will communicate to your cat that it’s safe in this environment, thereby there’s no reason for it to hide. 

Preventing Urinating Outside the Litter Box

It’s safe to say all cat owners have, at some point, been exposed to surprise pee. Not a pleasant surprise, we know. Thanks to Feliway Classic, you might not have to face this again! 

Urinating could be the cat’s way of saying many things. First things first, make sure the litter box isn’t the cause. You should keep it clean at all times because cats dislike peeing in an unclean litter. 

Also, make sure it’s easily accessible. If your kitty is old or has arthritis or anything wrong with its legs, make sure it can actually enter the litter with no issues. 

Next up, check for a medical condition. Urinating may also be a sign of a medical issue. 

Once you’re sure it’s purely behavioral, it could possibly mean your cat is feeling unsafe or unhappy. 

While you try to figure out what caused those feelings, you can use Feliway Classic to regain your cat’s sense of comfort. The “happy messages” should restore your baby’s happiness. 

Another way to approach the “spraying” problem is by using a product designed specifically for this issue; here’s our full Cat Spraying No More review. Also, you can check out our in-depth Feliway Spray review.

Returning Your Cat’s Appetite

A loss of appetite usually means your cat’s sick, but it can mean it’s simply sad. It can be a result of moving somewhere, losing a loved one, or simply redecorating! 

Feliway Classic could improve your cat’s mood to restore its appetite. Don’t let that stop you from tempting your cat with yummy food too. Switch it up a little, maybe she’s bored of the offered food. Yes, that’s a thing! 


Excessive grooming could be an indication of a medical, particularly skin, condition. Feliway could curb it a little bit, to prevent your cat from having bald patches. Ask your vet if it would help your situation.  


Scratching is basically a battle of wills between cats and their parents. Getting a cat to stop scratching furniture is quite challenging unless you have a polite cat which is a rare breed. 

A cat scratches for two reasons, to sharpen its claws or to mark its territory. 

If you expect your cat to stop scratching your furniture, the first thing you should do is provide a designated scratching spot. A scratch post, for instance, would do the trick. 

That being said, it might not be enough to get your cat to let your furniture be, which is most often the case. What you can do is use Feliscratch on the scratch post to make your cat want to scratch it instead of your couch. 

At the same time, use Feliway Classic where you don’t want your cat to scratch after cleaning that place thoroughly. This way, you remove any traces of territorial messages and replace them with calming and safe ones. 

Feliway MultiCat

Because one cat can never be enough, having several cats is pretty much inevitable for cat-lovers. Some people, however, have it harder than others. 

If your cats aren’t siblings, they might not get along very well. This is because cat mommies emit a pheromone so that their babies sort of bond. Consequently, they don’t really fight with one another. 

Introducing a new cat to your household could definitely cause issues. Even cats who grew up together can start fighting out of nowhere. Speaking from personal experience, it’s pretty tough to deal with. 

Feliway Multicat is a synthetic of the pheromone mommies release. It provides “harmony messages” to ease any tension between cats so they can get along. Who knows, maybe they’ll even bond! 

At the End of the Tail 

Feliway knows just what cat-parents need! Better yet, it knows what cats need! 

Feliway speaks cat-language and can communicate to your cat what you never could if you tried. Yes, we can unashamedly admit that we have meowed every now and then, pretending our babies can understand us and vice versa. 

Well, no need for risking getting admitted! Use Feliway to help your cat feel at home, make traveling easier, save your furniture from its claws, and help all your cats get along! 

It might not work, but don’t you think the possible outcome is worth the risk? The risk is there but it’s not highly likely. 

Give it a shot and may Bastet be with you! 

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