Stylish and Functional: 12 Creative Interior Cat Door Ideas

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While we can choose every detail in our houses, our cats can’t do the same!

You can decorate your doors, hang up some plants, or create a cozy corner. Meanwhile, your cat will have to accept whatever you do for her. And because our cats deserve the best, you’ll want to put some thought into your cat door.

I’ve explored plenty of creative interior cat door ideas to find something that matches my house’s decor, and I found a bunch of ideas that I love! Here’s a roundup of the best ideas I found:

1. Window Cat Door

Cats love freedom, and by installing a cat door in your window, you’d be giving them the freedom of the outdoors with the safety of indoors! 

You can always install the door at the window that leads to the catio outside. That way, the cat can have fun outside and then return inside whenever she wants to. If your cat, like mine, doesn’t know how to use a window, you can keep the door clipped open as pictured above.

2. Small Cat Gate

If you don’t like your cat wandering off to rooms where she shouldn’t be, a cat gate might be what you need. You can install it in any area of your house and keep the door open or closed according to your preference.

If you’re growing toxic plants like lilies or daffodils, a gate like this will come in handy to keep the cat away.

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3. Round Cat Door

If your house has modern furnishing, a conventional cat door may look boring—that’s when a round door comes in handy!

It has the same functionality as all other doors, but it gives a sleek look that’s hard to achieve with a good old square door. Besides, it’s pretty functional and allows your cat easy access in and out of the house.

4. Painted Door

A Dutch door with the bottom half painted a different color and outfitted with a small cat door with a paw drawing

If you don’t like how the cat door looks near the edge of your door, you can always give it some personality by painting it as this photo shows. 

You’ll be able to customize it to your liking and match it to the outside paint. You can even paint your cat’s favorite cartoon character on it for a touch of personality! 

5. Kitchen Cabinet Cat Door

A stylish kitchen cabinet with a hidden disguised drawer at the bottom opening to reveal a cat door and food bowls

My cat loves my kitchen—she spends more time in the kitchen than I spend in the living room! That’s why I came up with the idea of creating a hidden cat compartment inside the kitchen cabinet. 

It maximizes space and keeps the kitchen clutter-free because the door is concealed in the kitchen cabinet. And by creating a feeding area inside, you’ll keep the cat’s food where it belongs and away from your rooms.

Not to mention, such a door keeps your cat happy in her favorite place!

6. Enchanted Cat Door

A cat door at the base of the back door of a house hidden with draped flowing vines and flowers

If you’re a fan of fairy tales and fantasies, you can always use your creative skills to make your cat door interesting. All you need is a wooden cat door and some plants for decoration, and you’ll give your cat an enchanted door that looks like something out of a fantasy!

7. Decorative Cat Door

An old decorative door with a vintage finish featuring a small arched cat door with a brass frame

Are you going for a vintage style throughout your house? Then you need a decorative cat door with a vintage finish like this one. 

It features a brass frame that looks like something out of the Victorian era; my cat would love it!

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8. Cat Portal

Stained Glass Portal-A beautiful stained glass window with a small cat door integrated into the design, allowing light and cat access simultaneously.

With a portal door like this one, your cat will step into a new dimension every time she walks through it! 

It’s modern, sleek, and functional. And the best part is that you can fit it on any door. If you have a decorative door like the one in the picture, a portal cat door won’t ruin its aesthetic.

9. Castle Door

Whimsical Cat Castle Door-A brightly painted door transformed into a miniature castle entrance, complete with a pointed archway and a small cat door built into the base.

If you want to make your cat feel like she’s something out of a fairy tale, go for a castle-themed door like this one. 

You can install it outside of your house’s door for your feline monarch. You can also add some details to make it look realistic, like battlements and turrets. 

It won’t only appeal to your cat, but it’ll also add a fun touch to the outside of your house.

10. Rustic Barn Door

Rustic Barn Door- A white door with a miniature rustic-themed sliding red barn door at the bottom, allowing access for cats.

If you can’t go to the countryside, you can always bring the countryside to your home! 

Install a rustic barn door for your cat, and she’ll feel the charm of the countryside. 

You can decorate it with rustic accents to make it look realistic, and the best part is that you can make it into the same color as your own door to maintain a neat look.

11. Book Nook Door

Hidden Book Nook Door-A bookshelf with a cleverly disguised cat door hidden within a hollowed-out book, blending seamlessly with the surroundings.

A book nook cat door like this one is every librarian’s dream! It’s concealed in the library, so it looks like it’s a part of the decor, and it allows the cat to join you while you’re doing your favorite activity.

12. Silhouette Cat Door

Source: catsgarden1

A funny cat needs a funny door. If your cat loves having fun, you can create a silhouette door like this one. It’s pretty easy to implement and can fit on any door, and it tells everyone coming into your house that you have a cat!

Final Thoughts

There are countless creative interior cat door ideas on the internet, but those are the ones I liked the most. Making the cat door a part of your decor allows you to get the best of both worlds: have a functional door without ruining your house’s aesthetic.

And the good news is that most of these doors are easy to make into DIY projects.