Are Lupins Poisonous to Cats?

Are Lupins Poisonous to Cats

The irresistible beauty of a Lupin’s foliage and the inquisitive nature of cats raise an important question: are lupins poisonous to cats? After all, lupins have some of the most vividly colorful flowers in any perennial houseplant. In this article, we’ll be answering all your questions regarding lupin poisoning. We’ll cover the symptoms of lupin … Read more

Are Marigolds Poisonous to Cats?

Are Marigolds Poisonous to Cats

Marigolds are extremely popular because they’re colorful and easy to grow. Also, they have a pungent scent that repels insects. They’re usually planted near roses to protect them from aphids. However, many cat lovers may be concerned about the effects these plants can have on cats. A pet owner’s top priority is the health and … Read more

Are Bougainvilleas Poisonous to Cats?

Are Bougainvilleas Poisonous to Cats

Bougainvillea is a colorful woody vine that was named after Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a Frenchman who sailed the world in 1767. The plant is mostly evergreen and semi-evergreen in colder areas. It can grow to great heights and crawl around whatever is adjacent. It has beautiful heart-shaped green leaves and small yellowy-white flowers that … Read more

Are Bromeliads Poisonous to Cats?

Are Bromeliads Poisonous to Cats

With their colorful leaves and tall greens, bromeliads are a favorite of plant-enthusiasts. They’ll look good on any countertop in your house, and they’re relatively easy to take care of. When raising a cat, choosing houseplants isn’t an easy decision anymore. You’ll want to think of your cat first and make sure the plant is … Read more

Are Freesias Poisonous to Cats?

Are Freesias Poisonous to Cats

A bouquet or a vase of flowers is a pleasure to have around the house, especially Freesias, one of the oldest and most used flowers on any classy occasion. Having a cat or more around the house is great fun as well, but what about their safety? Many people often overlook very simple things that … Read more

Are Gerberas Poisonous to Cats?

Are Gerberas Poisonous to Cats

Did you know that The Netherlands produces over 900 million Gerberas every year? This produces a wide range of colors, making the Gerberas included in any flower arrangements for different occasions. Their bright colors must’ve caught your eye somewhere. Maybe you planted them as colorful summer bedding in your backyard, received them as a lovely … Read more

Are Gardenias Poisonous to Cats?

Are Gardenias Poisonous to Cats

Cats are curious and playful by nature. They’ll often find themselves in mischief. They enjoy playing with your shoelaces, trash, and even plants. While they can eat a wide variety of plants without harm, some plants are hazardous to them. To avoid future problems and keep your furry friend healthy, you need to be aware … Read more

Are Gladiolus Poisonous to Cats?

Are Gladiolus Poisonous to Cats

Cats love to scratch and bite everything we own, one of the things they enjoy munching on is plants. However, not all plants are safe for our furry little friends. Gladiolus is one of those dangerous plants that your cat should avoid. Cats are carnivores with sensitive digestive systems, so when they eat a plant, … Read more

Are Nemesia Poisonous to Cats?

Are Nemesia Poisonous to Cats

Nemesia is some of the prettiest flowers to keep inside your house, but their bright colors can draw the attention of your little kitten. Even without their vibrant hues, their fragrance might be enough to make your cat curious to the point of taking a bite. But are nemesia poisonous to cats? Should you take … Read more

Are Lisianthus Poisonous to Cats?

Are Lisianthus Poisonous to Cats

Because cats are curious, it’s not strange to find yours sniffing at the food, furniture, clothes, and flowers in your household. She might even start licking and nipping at a leaf or petal if the scent draws her attention. While this is cute to watch, you must be sure that your bouquet doesn’t include blooms … Read more