ThunderEase vs Feliway: What’s Better For Your Cat?

Thunderease vs feliway

Cats can be quite a handful when their behavior is constantly getting out of hand: scratching, spraying, fighting, hiding; you name it. That said, this article is going to cover two of the best-selling cat-calming products out there: ThunderEase vs Feliway. In this post, you’ll also learn about: Variations of cat-calming products Choosing the best … Read more

Feliway Diffuser Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy for cats? You have now! Imagine chilling at home, meditating alongside your perfectly well-behaved cat. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? This Feliway diffuser review will tell you everything you need to know about a cat’s version of meditation. Feliway products are increasingly popular in the cat market right now, and … Read more