Litter-Robot Keeps Getting Stuck

Litter-Robot Keeps Getting Stuck

The Litter-Robot is a nifty automatic litter box. While it’s truly a better alternative to using your hands and a scooper, you have to keep in mind that it’s still a machine. And that means it’s prone to experience technical difficulties at some point. In this article, we’ll look at why the Litter-Robot keeps getting … Read more

Diaper Genie for Cats vs Litter Locker: Extensive Comparison

Diaper Genie for Cats vs Litter Locker

As a cat owner, you’re probably familiar with how troublesome disposing of cat litter is. If you haven’t heard of the newfangled Diaper Genies, they boast about being smarter, longer lasting, and better looking. However, they don’t mention if it works for cat litter. Curious if it really works? You probably want to know how … Read more

CatLink vs. Petree: Head-to-Head Comparison

Raising a cat can be a wonderful thing to do. However, cleaning after these cute, little fluff balls can be tiring. Luckily, self-cleaning cat litter boxes have made this task more accessible and efficient. Having one of these boxes helps save time and effort. Plus, a self-cleaning cat litter box can help you dodge that … Read more

Catlink vs. Petkit: How to Find the Most Convenient Litter Box?

Catlink vs. PetKit

You’ve finally decided to liberate yourself from the cat litter cleaning chore, huh? But then comes the question, which brand of litter boxes to go for? Different models in the market cater to different needs. Today we’re reviewing Catlink vs. PetKit! We’ll compare the specs of two high-end models from both brands. To be specific, … Read more

Catlink Scooper Review: Full Guide [with pictures]

Catlink Scooper Review

With all the care cats constantly need, scooping and cleaning their litter boxes is the most tiring and unpleasant chore. Fortunately, this is made easy by using self-cleaning litter boxes. We dedicated this article to reviewing one of the best self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, made by one of the leading brands in smart … Read more

Catlink Vs. Litter-Robot: Which Is Better for Your Money?

Catlink vs. litter-robot

Raising pets is lovely and all, but that’s only until you have to empty the litter box and clean it. It’s a stinky task, both literally and figuratively, so getting a device that does it for you seems legit. That’s why automatic litter boxes are now crowding the market and demanding your attention. Both Catlink … Read more