Catlink Scooper Review: Full Guide [with pictures]

Catlink Scooper Review

With all the care cats constantly need, scooping and cleaning their litter boxes is the most tiring and unpleasant chore. Fortunately, this is made easy by using self-cleaning litter boxes. We dedicated this article to reviewing one of the best self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, made by one of the leading brands in smart … Read more

Catlink Vs. Litter-Robot: Which Is Better for Your Money?

Catlink vs. litter-robot

Raising pets is lovely and all, but that’s only until you have to empty the litter box and clean it. It’s a stinky task, both literally and figuratively, so getting a device that does it for you seems legit. That’s why automatic litter boxes are now crowding the market and demanding your attention. Both Catlink … Read more