Trending Cat-Themed Private Number Plates!

Cat-Themed Private Number Plates

Are you a cat owner? If so, you know just how important they are in your life. If not, you should be… you’re really missing out! Why not show everyone just how much your cat means to you through cat-themed private number plates? It’s the purrfect way to show off your love for your cute, … Read more

7 Easy Homemade Low Iodine Cat Food Recipes

Low Iodine Cat Food Recipes

Don’t worry if your fluff ball has hyperthyroidism. It’s the most common hormonal disease in cats as they get older. With proper care and nutrition, they can live a happy life without having to worry about anything. At this point, switching your hyperthyroid feline’s diet to a low-iodine diet is critical. Thankfully, there’s an entire … Read more

How to Make a Cat Water Fountain Quieter?

How to make a cat water fountain quieter

Cats are always compelled by anything that moves, and running water is no exception. Cats see running water as a source of fresh water and are usually drawn to it. That’s why cat water fountains are a great choice to entertain your cat as well as make sure they get enough water every day. Yet, … Read more

Tools To Consider When You Have Multiple Pets At Home

Tools for Mutiple Pets

Having multiple pets at home means staying active constantly. You need to spend a lot of time cleaning, feeding, and playing with them. Thankfully, there are many tools that can make things easier for you. The list of things you may need for your pets can be never-ending. There’s always something new in the market … Read more

How Much Miralax for a 17-Pound Cat? All You Need to Know

How Much Miralax for a 17-Pound Cat

Before anything, let’s start with this fact: Constipation is annoying! It doesn’t matter if you’re a human or a cat; if you’re constipated, you’ll be uncomfortable, maybe even in pain. But no need to panic. Constipation is a common problem for pets and can, in many cases, be treated by at-home remedies or over-the-counter medications. … Read more

Diaper Genie for Cats vs Litter Locker: Extensive Comparison

Diaper Genie for Cats vs Litter Locker

As a cat owner, you’re probably familiar with how troublesome disposing of cat litter is. If you haven’t heard of the newfangled Diaper Genies, they boast about being smarter, longer lasting, and better looking. However, they don’t mention if it works for cat litter. Curious if it really works? You probably want to know how … Read more

Litter Genie Plus vs. XL: What’s The Difference?

Litter Genie Plus Vs. XL

It can be incredibly time-consuming to clean up after your cat and ensure the litter box is kept in a sanitary condition. I’ll often find myself struggling to deal with the covered boxes, or I’ll completely give up on using a box and just see what happens with my cat. Yet, I’ve discovered that Litter … Read more

CatLink vs. Petree: Head-to-Head Comparison

Raising a cat can be a wonderful thing to do. However, cleaning after these cute, little fluff balls can be tiring. Luckily, self-cleaning cat litter boxes have made this task more accessible and efficient. Having one of these boxes helps save time and effort. Plus, a self-cleaning cat litter box can help you dodge that … Read more

Catlink vs. Petkit: How to Find the Most Convenient Litter Box?

Catlink vs. PetKit

You’ve finally decided to liberate yourself from the cat litter cleaning chore, huh? But then comes the question, which brand of litter boxes to go for? Different models in the market cater to different needs. Today we’re reviewing Catlink vs. PetKit! We’ll compare the specs of two high-end models from both brands. To be specific, … Read more