Why Is My Cat Chewing On Nothing And Purring?

Why Is My Cat Chewing On Nothing And Purring?

A cat owner once told me that her cat would chew on her hair when she was feeling anxious. The cat owner started giving her cat more attention and playtime, and the chewing stopped. Another cat would chew on her shoes when she was bored. Giving the cat more toys solved the problem!   Chewing on … Read more

Why Is My Cat’s Nose Dripping Clear Liquid When Purring?

Why Is My Cat’s Nose Dripping Clear Liquid When Purring

Is your cat’s nose dripping clear liquid when they purr? Don’t worry, this is a common occurrence and usually nothing to be concerned about. It could be a sign of contentment and happiness, or simply from grooming themselves more than usual. If your cat is otherwise healthy and playful, there’s no need to worry. However, … Read more

Why Does my Cat Gag When Purring?

Purrplexing Question: Why Cat Gags When Purring

Curled up on your lap, your purring feline friend brings a sense of comfort like no other. But have you ever noticed those occasional tiny gags amidst the soothing symphony of purrs?  Now, this behavior can seem puzzling for newbie owners. But fear not—you’re not alone in this case, and many other cat owners ask … Read more

Why Is My Cat Gulping While Purring?

Why Is My Cat Gulping While Purring?

If you’ve noticed your cat gulping while purring, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong.  There are a few possible explanations, some of which are more serious than others. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common causes of gulping in cats, as well as what you can do if your cat is experiencing this. Before we … Read more

What To Do If Your Cat’s Purr Sounds Gurgly

cat's purr sounds gurgly

Is your feline friend’s purr taking on a new and unusual gurgly tone? If you’ve noticed your cat making strange sounds during your purring sessions, it’s time to pay attention! You may know that the soothing hum of a cat’s purr is often associated with contentment. Yet, sudden changes in its purring behavior could be … Read more

Why Is My Cat Purring With Mouth Open?

Why Is My Cat Purring With Mouth Open

As cat owners, we’ve all experienced those heartwarming moments when our furry companions curl up beside us, emitting that gentle, rhythmic purring sound that seems to emanate from the depths of their contentment.  What happens when this familiar melody comes with a surprising twist, though? What if it comes with an open mouth?  In the … Read more

Are Lupins Poisonous to Cats?

Are Lupins Poisonous to Cats

The irresistible beauty of a Lupin’s foliage and the inquisitive nature of cats raise an important question: are lupins poisonous to cats? After all, lupins have some of the most vividly colorful flowers in any perennial houseplant. In this article, we’ll be answering all your questions regarding lupin poisoning. We’ll cover the symptoms of lupin … Read more

Are Marigolds Poisonous to Cats?

Are Marigolds Poisonous to Cats

Marigolds are extremely popular because they’re colorful and easy to grow. Also, they have a pungent scent that repels insects. They’re usually planted near roses to protect them from aphids. However, many cat lovers may be concerned about the effects these plants can have on cats. A pet owner’s top priority is the health and … Read more

Are Bougainvilleas Poisonous to Cats?

Are Bougainvilleas Poisonous to Cats

Bougainvillea is a colorful woody vine that was named after Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a Frenchman who sailed the world in 1767. The plant is mostly evergreen and semi-evergreen in colder areas. It can grow to great heights and crawl around whatever is adjacent. It has beautiful heart-shaped green leaves and small yellowy-white flowers that … Read more

Are Bromeliads Poisonous to Cats?

Are Bromeliads Poisonous to Cats

With their colorful leaves and tall greens, bromeliads are a favorite of plant-enthusiasts. They’ll look good on any countertop in your house, and they’re relatively easy to take care of. When raising a cat, choosing houseplants isn’t an easy decision anymore. You’ll want to think of your cat first and make sure the plant is … Read more