Will My Cat Eat My Hamster? All You Need to Know

Will my cat eat my hamster

Most animal lovers who have the pleasure of owning a pet look for ways to keep more than just one pet. However, there are certain considerations that must be accounted for in order to make the process a lot better for existing pets as well as their owners. Cats, for example, as cute and fluffy … Read more

Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies? 7 Possible Reasons You Must Know

Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies

Cats use a wide range of sounds, such as meows and purrs, to communicate with humans throughout the day. But in addition to these popular and pleasant sounds, your cat can also make other sounds that also have a specific purpose, such as crying and yowling. Some experts call this sound “caterwauling”, in which cats … Read more

Do Horned Paws Hurt Cats? (+5 Treatment Options)

Do Horned Paws Hurt Cats

Worried about that extra claw that has just appeared on your cat’s footpad? Do you ever wonder, “do horned paws hurt cats?” No need to panic; they’re quite common. Horned paws are usually mild skin abnormalities that take the shape of a horn on different areas of a cat’s body. There are many treatments to … Read more

Are Fuchsias Poisonous to Cats?

Are Fuchsias Poisonous to Cats

If you’re blessed with a green thumb and are an animal whisperer, you’ll want the best of both worlds. Imagine sitting in a perfect Eden, which you’ve worked on and nourished through the seasons, sipping on some tea, and listening to your favorite choice of music. Your eye catches that lovely assortment of fuchsias and … Read more

Tools To Consider When You Have Multiple Pets At Home

Tools for Mutiple Pets

Having multiple pets at home means staying active constantly. You need to spend a lot of time cleaning, feeding, and playing with them. Thankfully, there are many tools that can make things easier for you. The list of things you may need for your pets can be never-ending. There’s always something new in the market … Read more

How Much Miralax for a 17-Pound Cat? All You Need to Know

How Much Miralax for a 17-Pound Cat

Before anything, let’s start with this fact: Constipation is annoying! It doesn’t matter if you’re a human or a cat; if you’re constipated, you’ll be uncomfortable, maybe even in pain. But no need to panic. Constipation is a common problem for pets and can, in many cases, be treated by at-home remedies or over-the-counter medications. … Read more

Symptoms of Too Much Methimazole in Cats

Symptoms of Too Much Methimazole in Cats

Methimazole is a drug that’s used for feline hyperthyroidism treatment and management. Although designed for humans, it’s currently the drug of choice by most veterinarians because it doesn’t bring about a lot of life-threatening side effects when administered. But like any other drug, overdose occurs if proper dosage isn’t followed. Read on to find out … Read more

Kitten Trying To Nurse On Spayed Cat – How Can I Help?

Kitten Trying To Nurse On Spayed Cat

Having kittens may also feel like you’ve become a mom. It feels like a newfound responsibility. This responsibility, of course, can balloon if your cat doesn’t get spayed after having a litter of kittens. If you’ve decided to get your cat spayed before her litter has been weaned, it’s normal to worry whether your cat … Read more

Cat Sounds Congested When Purring: 5 Common Reasons

Cat Sounds Congested When Purring

A cat’s purr is among the sounds people often perceive as happy. That’s because it’s often associated with a feline’s contentment and wellbeing. That’s why anyone would be a little alarmed if a cat sounds congested when purring.    The fact is that cats use purring for more than just showing happiness, there’s a whole lot … Read more