Mother Cat Biting And Kicking Kittens – What About It?

Mother Cat Biting And Kicking Kittens

Some people believe that raising a cat is easy. After all, cats don’t require daily walks, and they’re easily trained to use litter boxes. But if we’re being honest here, cats can be quite a handful to deal with. They get cranky, walk away when you want to cuddle, and accidentally —or not-so-accidentally— scratch you … Read more

How to Stop a Cat From Pulling up the Carpet?

How to Stop a Cat From Pulling up the Carpet

Having a cat as a pet can truly be a blessing. It can be very rewarding and beneficial to your well-being. Their gentle companionship can help ease the stress of everyday life and prevent the awful feeling of loneliness. However, these adorable feline creatures have their needs, and sometimes those needs can somewhat be of … Read more

Will My Cat Eat My Hamster? All You Need to Know

Will my cat eat my hamster

Most animal lovers who have the pleasure of owning a pet look for ways to keep more than just one pet. However, there are certain considerations that must be accounted for in order to make the process a lot better for existing pets as well as their owners. Cats, for example, as cute and fluffy … Read more

Are Yankee Candles Safe for Cats?

Are Yankee Candles Safe for Cats

Raise your hand if you occasionally light a scented candle to freshen up the smell of your living room, use it alongside a relaxing bath for some “me” time, or even resort to it as a last-minute Christmas gift for your aunt. Scented candles are gaining a lot of popularity, and rightfully so! However, we, … Read more

Cat Losing Hair on Tip of Tail: Here Are 5 Signs You Should Look Out For

Cat Losing Hair on Tip of Tail

The overall condition of your feline’s skin and coat are significant signs of its well-being. A sound coat should be sparkling and smooth, not coarse or fragile, and healthy skin should be flexible and clear, not oily, flaky, or uneven. Although well-being and nourishment impact the sparkle and surface of your feline’s fur from within, … Read more

Cat Urine Smells Like Burnt Rubber: Why & How to Treat?

Cat Urine Smells Like Burnt Rubber

Nothing is worse than being at home, trying to relax when suddenly you smell a very distinctive scent. You know what it is, and you dread finding it. But this time, it smells a bit different. Most people try to avoid smelling cat urine at all costs. As a cat owner, you’re probably pretty familiar … Read more

Is Your Cat Pawing at Mouth After Dental Surgery?

Cat Pawing at Mouth After Dental Surgery

After coming back from the vet and finally having your cat home, you notice it keeps pawing at its mouth. This can be worrying, especially when you don’t understand why. Taking care of your cat after surgery can be a complicated process, but it’s possible to make it easier. Let’s take a look at why … Read more