Cat Shampoo Alternatives – Options, Safety, DIY Guide

Cat Shampoo Alternatives

Finding yourself without cat shampoo doesn’t mean you can’t bath your feline friend. Here we’ll explore the best cat shampoo alternatives, substitutes, and homemade options so you can keep your cat clean. Why You May Need Cat Shampoo Alternatives There are a few reasons why cat owners find themselves needing alternatives to traditional cat shampoos: … Read more

How Much Miralax for a 17-Pound Cat? All You Need to Know

How Much Miralax for a 17-Pound Cat - Miralax for Cats

Before anything, let’s start with this fact: Constipation is annoying! It doesn’t matter if you’re a human or a cat; if you’re constipated, you’ll be uncomfortable, maybe even in pain. But no need to panic. Constipation is a common problem for pets and can, in many cases, be treated by at-home remedies or over-the-counter medications. … Read more

Symptoms of Too Much Methimazole in Cats

Symptoms of Too Much Methimazole in Cats

Ever wondered how veterinarians tackle feline hyperthyroidism? Enter Methimazole – a human-designed drug that’s become the go-to solution for our furry friends. Widely favored by veterinarians due to its relatively low risk of severe side effects, this medication can work wonders when managed correctly. However, like any remedy, things can take a turn if the … Read more

15 Amazing Cat Sweaters to Keep Your Kitty Warm and Stylish

Stylish and Cute Cat Sweaters

Cat sweaters aren’t just adorable; they’re a winter essential. Their unique patterns and fuzzy feel are perfect for bringing a delightful dose of comfort and style to your cats’ chilly days! If you’re buying your cat some sweaters or you’re going to knit them yourself, you might be looking for some inspiration. That’s where this … Read more

Cat’s Sides Sunken In After Spaying – The Notorious Pouch

Cat’s Sides Sunken In After Spaying

Getting your cat spayed can make any pet parent worry. You’ve probably searched everywhere for info on what to expect after the surgery. But here’s something they often don’t mention: sometimes, your cat’s sides might look sunken in afterward. Why does this happen? That’s what we’re here to talk about. Seeing your kitty like that … Read more

Cat Leaving Little Poop Nuggets: Why & How to Treat?

why is my cat leaving poop nuggets

As someone deeply immersed in the world of feline companionship, caring for five cats over the past 14 years has provided a wealth of insights into their behaviors. Yet, the sight of small, pellet-like poop nuggets left by your cat can still raise questions. In this guide, I’ll delve into why cats exhibit this behavior, … Read more