14 Cat Bath Hacks for a More Enjoyable Bath Time

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Every cat owner has stories of their cat bath adventures. They involve getting soaked from head to toe, chasing their cat around the bathtub, or trying to avoid lethal claws.

So, if you struggle during bath time, this guide can give you a few ideas that may limit the drama. Cat bath hacks include choosing the right tub, distracting your cat with toys, and more.

Ready to learn my cat bath time secrets?

Stress-Free Suds: Hacks for a Calm and Clean Cat Bath

Let’s get down to business!

cat bathing tips
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1. Be Bath-Ready Bruce: Have All the Supplies Ready

In the middle of all the shower-time excitement, you may forget the cat shampoo, blow dryer, or towel. If you leave the room to grab the missing item, your sneaky buddy will likely hop out of their tub and hide somewhere.

To avoid this scenario, always have all the bath supplies within reach before you start the bath. Check all the boxes mentally, roll up your sleeves, and swing into action!

2. Tangle Tamer: Brush Your Cat Before the Shower

Brushing your cat before putting him in the water can limit so much bath time. Shorter bath times ensure your kitty doesn’t get overstressed or overstimulated.

Your cat won’t mind hours of brushing and detangling as long as there isn’t any water involved. If you try to remove the hair knots during the bath, your cat will likely resist your attempts.

Plus, wet knots can be harder to smooth out, and time is of the essence!

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3. Tub Time, Not Jail Time: Use a Bathtub (Not a Sink!)

Don’t make the mistake of bathing your cat in a sink because it’s easier to escape. Ideally, buy a bathtub designed for cats to have more control of your kitty’s surroundings.

Cat taking a batch in a large bathroom sink using a plastic bathtub

Another alternative is to fill your full-sized tub with water and bathe your cat there. But beware; leaning over the sides of the tub may hurt your back!

4. The Gentle Giant: Lower Your Cat Into the Tub Gradually

My next tip is to be as gentle as possible when lowering your furry friend into his tub. Using even the smallest force will cause splashes, and the sound may frighten him. 

Also, being in sudden contact with the water can freak your cat out, so opt for smooth maneuvers.

5. Scruff Support (Use With Caution)

If your cat has a good temperament, she may allow you to keep holding her by the scruff. Take advantage of this weak spot to keep your cat steady until you finish scrubbing her clean.

Ignore this advice if your cat is likely to throw a fit!

6. Ditch the Drip: Skip the Showerhead When Washing the Face

Cats dislike water, but they hate it with a passion if it gets in their face.

That’s why you should avoid pouring water directly on your cat’s face. Instead, use a damp cloth to carefully clean this sensitive area.

7. Bubble Bonanza: Distract Your Kitty With Suds and Toys

Consider filling the tub with bubbles or several bath toys to keep your cat occupied during bath time.

A cat in a tub with bubbles on it's head
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Don’t be discouraged if this tip doesn’t work; some cats are highly resistant to our flimsy human tricks!

8. Tepid Tub Time: Lukewarm Is Best!

Too warm or too cold water will annoy your cat beyond measure, and she’s already irritated by the water itself. Plus, temperature changes may lead to health risks, like hypothermia.

Source: fairydagger

So, to minimize discomfort, use lukewarm water to bathe your kitty.

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9. Rinse Repeat: Wash the Shampoo Thoroughly

After you scrub your cat’s hair with shampoo, you need to get plenty of water to every part of her body.

Shampoo residue may cause skin and hair dryness and even promote the growth of bacteria.

10. Recruit Bath Buddies: The More, the Merrier!

This tip is only suitable if your cat enjoys the company of other furry friends. If you’re likely to end up in a war zone instead of a group bath, forget about it!

Bathing your cat with a calmer sibling may encourage her to relax and let you do your job.

11. Paws & Claws Décor (Optional): Add Some Accessories to the Tub

Bathroom decorations and scratch posts for a playful bathtime

Cat bathroom decorations and scratch posts can make your cat feel like it’s playtime instead of a bath.

So, consider adding accessories to your cat’s tub to boost the fun.

12. Towel Taco: Wrap Your Purrfectly Clean Cat in a Dry Towel (Or Use a Hairdryer)

A cute clean cat being dried with a towel
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Place your cat in a dry, comfy towel after you take her out of the water. This step ensures she doesn’t get cold and helps soothe her after such a stressful experience.

If your cat doesn’t mind the sound of a blow dryer, use the device to quicken the drying process. The best way to blow-dry your cat’s fur is to place her on a table so that she feels more in control.

Keep her in your lap if she’s more likely to wiggle away.

13. Skip the Hairdryer: For Stressed Balls of Fur

An overstimulated cat may not appreciate the loud noise that a hairdryer makes. So, it’s okay to dry your cat with the towel alone.

Your feline will take longer to become dry, but it’s better than causing more stress with a blow dryer.

14. Cozy Kitty Cave: Invest in a Drying Box

A drying box for pets can be a game-changer!

It’s not as loud as a hairdryer, not to mention it’s more efficient. The only downside to a drying box is that it’s expensive, but it’ll save you so much trouble.

The Bottom Line

Cat bath hacks can be life-saving for you and your cat!

So, mix and match my tips until you figure out what works best for your pet. The most important thing is to watch your cat’s body language for signs of discomfort or irritation.

If a tip doesn’t work, the next one may prove effective. Don’t give up hope, and bath time will one day be fun for your little kitty.