15 Super Adorable Pictures of Two Cats in Love

Two Cats in Love

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as cats cuddling and hugging? What makes their public display of affection so precious is that cats aren’t naturally big on showing their emotions. They’re quite reserved, unlike dogs for example. So, when they cuddle up together in the nook of an armchair or couch, you can’t help … Read more

Meowbox vs KitNipBox: Which One to Go for?

Meowbox vs KitNipBox

Cat subscription boxes are one of the best things to buy for your feline friends. In today’s post, we’ll put Meowbox vs KitNipBox head to head against each other, so you can choose the one that suits you the most! This guide will include all the necessary information about both subscription boxes, including: The general … Read more

KitNipBox Review: Is It Worth the Subscription?

KitNipBox Review

Receiving an unexpected gift is among the most exciting things we experience. Even if it’s something we paid for and arranged to receive every month, the excitement is still there. That’s because we never know what we’ll find in the box. Our pets might not articulate their excitement in the clearest terms as they receive … Read more

11 Cat Toys for Indoor Cats to Enjoy in 2021

Our Favorite cat toys for indoor cats

Cats are notorious for their picky nature. I mean, one moment they’re munching on their usual food and letting you pet them endlessly, the next they’re going on a food strike and running away from cuddles as if their lives depended on it! However, one of the trickiest choices you’ll ever have to make when … Read more