13 DIY Cat Tents and Hideaways: Fun Projects for Fun Cat Owners!

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Cats are independent creatures—they’ll snuggle with you, eat with you, and perhaps sleep on your bed, but at some point, they’ll need their own space to spend some leisure time.

Only a tent or a hideaway can provide that—a stress-free haven for the cat to relax or nap!

If you have some free time on your hands, grab your tools and choose one of these DIY cat tent and hideaway ideas.

1. Donut Tunnel Bed

Cozy Double Decker Donut Tunnel Bed
Source: heartdeco_sa

Who says donuts are only for humans? If your cat loves going into tunnels and getting comfortable in narrow places, you can get a donut tunnel bed for her. Double the bed into a two-story one if you have two cats, and they can snuggle into warmth at the same time!

2. Double Bed

Are your two cats inseparable? Then you probably don’t want to separate them even when it’s time to get comfortable. 

A double bed like this one will make it easier for the two cats to rest without having to dedicate a space for two beds. It’s a pretty convenient option for small houses. As a bonus, it’ll keep them warm in the winter!

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3. Wicker Ball Bed

A wicker ball bed like this one will be your cat’s haven. It’ll make her feel warm and protected without being too snuggly in case the weather is warm. You can put her favorite toy inside to make her nap time more comfortable!

4. Triangular Hideaway Bed

Does your cat only feel safe cocooned in her bed? This triangular hideaway bed is narrow enough to keep her warm and make her feel safe. Lay some bedding inside to make it more comfortable, and watch her grow to love it!

5. Teepe Tent

DIY Grey Teepee Tent
Source: adamkingfilm

Are you into bohemian styles? This teepe tent will fit right into your living room. It doesn’t need much space, and cats love having their own tents to relax or play around. You can make a tent like this one using wooden posts and old bedding.

6. Cat Tower

Why settle for an old boring cardboard box when you can get a cat tower like this one? 

Some cats are picky, and they won’t settle for any hideaway—that’s especially if they love playing around as much as mine does.

The best thing about this tower is that it doubles as a play area. Besides, it saves floor space because it goes vertically.

7. DIY Tent

Who said you need anything expensive to make a tent? This DIY tent can be handmade using old sheets or quilts and plastic poles or something similar. You can make it half a day if you have the right tools, and you can decorate it with the cat’s toys to make it more inviting.

8. Wicker Tent

Handwoven Wicker Tent
Source: ragdollcatfe

If you know how to weave wicker and have enough free time, you can make a wicker tent like this one. It’s stylish and would fit perfectly well into a bohemian-style living room. Not to mention, it provides an enclosed space for the cat to hide when it’s convenient.

9. Side Table Cat Bed

Some cats are like peas in a pod with their owners, and that’s understandable. If your cat doesn’t like being away from you, even when you’re lounging, you can make your side table into a cat bed like this one.

That way, you won’t have to pay extra to get a hideaway or a bed, and the cat will be able to spend as much time as wants next to you.

10. Makeshift Tent

My cat gets bored quickly—of her toys, of her bed, of pretty much everything! I’ve found that the best thing I can do is create a different bed every once in a while. If you have felt sheets and some cardboard, you can create a makeshift tent like this one.

When your cat gets bored of it, just jump right into the next idea!

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11. Elevated Wicker Basket

Unless your cat is elderly or suffers from arthritis, an elevated bed can be good for her. This wicker basket is stylish and trendy—your cat will love spending her leisure time inside!

Though wicker baskets seem intricate, they’re usually easy to make if you have the right tools and know the steps.

12. Tree Trunk Bed

It’s pretty easy to make a bed that looks like a tree trunk. All you need is some cardboard to make it into a cylindrical shape, and then you’ll create a door for the hideaway like pictured above. 

If you don’t have enough floor space, you can make the bed into multiple stories like this one. It’ll come in handy if you have more than one cat.

13. Teepe Tent #2

Pink Teepee Tent with Ribbons
Source: petnesttr

If your cat has a flair for decorative beds, this teepe tent decorated with ribbons and pink sheets will make her swoon. Your cat will lounge inside like she’s Cleopatra, and you won’t have to break the bank to get a new bed.

All you need is some old sheets, bedding, and four wooden or plastic poles. With a few hours on hand and some rope, you’ll have the teepe tent ready in no time.

Final Thoughts

Do you like our DIY cat tent and hideaway ideas? 

All these ideas are easy to implement—some of them need more time than others, like wicker beds, but they should all be manageable. 

Remember to take your cat’s preferences into consideration when choosing the DIY project. If she’s not comfortable in narrow areas, don’t opt for a triangular or a donut tunnel bed. Likewise, if she suffers from arthritis, steer clear of elevated beds.