10 Creative Cat Bed Ideas Your Cat Will Love

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Cats tend to sleep wherever they find most comfortable, regardless of how unconventional the location may be. I’ve caught my cat sleeping on my keyboard, inside the laundry basket, and even atop a roaring washing machine! 

While it’s cute finding them snoozing away in strange places, it can also be dangerous. Providing them with designated cat beds steers them away from less suitable sleeping spots and gives them a comfortable and secure place to rest. 

Here are some top cat bed ideas to consider:

1. Rope Woven Cat Bed 

Handcrafted Rope Woven Cat Bed with Scratcher
Source: nilceatolye

As much as I love unique-looking cat beds, sometimes simplicity is the way to go. 

Take this beautiful handcrafted cat bed by Instagram user @nilceatolye. 

It’s made from woven rope material, likely cotton, jute, or sisal. It’s rounded like a basket, with a soft plush pillow for a cat to sleep on. It also has a ‘cover’ that satisfies your cat’s natural scratching instincts, keeping your furniture safe and happy kitty paws entertained. 

2. Shaggy Cat Bed 

If I were a cat, I would undoubtedly choose this bed as my resting spot. It’s luxuriously shaggy, with long, fluffy strands that beg to be kneaded and burrowed into. 

It’s quite large, as well, so your cat can sleep on his back, stretch out, and snooze without a care in the world. Just keep your dogs out so they won’t try to steal this cozy spot because it’s certainly big enough to fit a medium-sized dog with no problem. 

If you get this bed, make sure to give it a good shake every so often because shaggy material quickly accumulates dust, pollen, and dirt.

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3. Flower Shaped Cat Bed 

Colorful Flower Shaped Plush Cat Bed
Source: cutecat11223

Made from soft, plush material, this charming flower-shaped cat bed can win the heart of even the fussiest sleeper. 

The flower design adds a nice touch of playfulness and color to your home decor, and it’s just large enough to cocoon your furry friend in a comfortable ball. 

4. Snowman’s Mouth

Faux Fur Snowman's Mouth Cat Bed
Source: ankomugio

Shaped like a snowman’s wide-open mouth, this playful cat bed looks like it’s gobbling up your little friend! 

Covered in faux fur, it offers a soft and warm hiding place for your cat to snuggle into. The spacious interior lets your cat curl in comfortably while keeping an eye on their surroundings. 

Though it has a winter theme, your cat will love lounging on this quirky Snowman’s Mouth cat bed no matter the season.

5. Woven Cat Mat 

Woven Sisal Cat Mat and Scratcher
Source: nilceatolye

Some cats don’t like sleeping on a traditional cat bed, and that’s okay! 

Made from soft, woven sisal, this mat makes for an excellent alternative for your feline buddy. 

It can double as a cat scratcher so you’re getting a two-in-one deal with this one. 

The durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, and the soft texture creates an inviting spot for your cat to lounge or scratch to their heart’s content. 

You can also use this woven cat mat to keep your floors free of stray kibble and water drips.

6. Wooden Hammock

It’s difficult to beat the classics, and this wooden hammock is proof of that. 

Featuring a plush sleeping surface stretched between wooden legs, it’s large enough for a cat or two to lounge on. 

And here’s the kicker: this hammock attaches to your bed frame. That’s right—no more fighting for space on your bed! Your cat will have his own mini bed to cuddle into when night falls.

7. Tent Cat Bed 

Want to add some flair to a traditional cat hammock? Check out this genius tent cat bed! 

It’s made from four sturdy poles tied together to form a triangular shape, creating a miniature teepee right in your home. 

In between the poles hangs a soft, flat platform made of fleece for your cat to sleep on. The platform is steady and secure, so your cat can jump onto it without toppling over.

The structure is covered with a cloth that you can easily remove for cleaning.

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8. Rocking Pillow Hammock 

Pillow Cat Hammock for Soothing Sleep
Source: catlogica

Has your cat been stealing your (human) baby’s rocking bed? Introducing the rocking cat hammock! This unique cat bed features a soft pillow suspended from a sturdy frame, swaying gently as your cat dozes off to sleep. 

The rocking is subtle enough to lull them into a blissful sleep, so your cat won’t feel overwhelmed by the movement. 

9. Mini Cat Cave 

You can’t fault a cat for wanting to hide himself in this cozy enclosure! 

Made from soft, woven rope material, this mini cat cave resembles a little pod with a hole for your cat to tuck himself in. 

Since it’s made of textured rope, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged when your cat scratches the surface. 

The bed’s neutral color blends seamlessly with any home’s decor, especially if you’re rocking a boho aesthetic. 

10. Cotton Basket Cat Bed 

DIY Cotton Basket Cat Bed
Source: nonkonotsume

If you’ve got a few unused cotton baskets lying around, why not turn them into a cozy cat bed? 

Cotton baskets are fairly cheap; you can find them in home goods stores, flea markets, and online using the keywords ‘woven basket,’ ‘cotton basket,’ or ‘natural fiber basket’. 

Dress it up with a soft cotton blanket or cushion for your cat to lounge on, and voilà—you’ve created a cozy but budget-friendly cat bed! 

Even if your cat doesn’t sleep on the bed, he can use it as a hiding spot to hide away from his mortal enemies (read: the vacuum, children with sticky fingers, and curious dogs).

Final Thoughts 

I hope this post on cat bed ideas gave you some inspiration for creating the perfect sleeping spot for your feline buddy. 

From plush hammocks to cat caves to miniature tents, there’s a bed out there to suit their style and comfort. 

Just make sure the bed is lined with soft material and warm enough to keep your cat cozy during nap time.