14 Baby Kittens Party Ideas for a Fun Time With Felines!

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Are you ready to throw the purr-fect party for your adorable baby kittens?

Well, look no further! I’ve gathered 14 delightful ideas to make your kitten party a hit with all the cats. Some of these ideas I’ve done before to celebrate my furry babies.

Let’s help your cats have a blast and create some unforgettable memories!

1. Poolside Party With Plastic Balls 

A backyard transformed into a kitten adventure land with a miniature swimming pool filled with plastic balls

Welcome to the ultimate kitten adventure land!

Take the time to transform your backyard into a paradise for baby kittens. Start by adding a mini swimming pool and filling it with colorful plastic balls.

Trust me; this is the perfect setup for the kittens to play, explore, and kick around the balls. 

And remember to set up some multi-level play structures!

2. Kitty Playful Carnival

A cozy cat tree decorated with colorful streamers and dangling toys

What’s better than a cozy cat tree for your precious newborn felines?

If you think that’s too basic, decorate it with vibrant streamers and dangling toys. Kittens deserve some carnival, festive vibes too!

3. Kitten 80s Disco Fever

A miniature disco ball casting colorful lights on a room filled with playful kittens chasing each other

If my years of living with cats for almost a decade now have taught me anything, it’s that they love colors! 

Disco balls are the perfect addition to the party. They’ll cast bright lights around the room and energize your kittens.

They’ll end up chasing one another, pouncing on shadows, and having a blast under the vibrant display. 

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4. Cardboard Adventure Awaits!

A playful obstacle course for kittens made from cardboard boxes tunnels and scratching posts

Gather around DIY cat owners; this one’s for you! Let’s plan a playful obstacle course for your kittens. Use cardboard boxes, tunnels, and scratching posts.

Your furry friends will thank you for the time spent exploring and climbing. The best part about this? It’s one of the most affordable party ideas on the list!

5. Yarn Ball Piñata Party

A piñata shaped like a big ball of yarn with playful kittens batting and exploring it

Piñatas are the ultimate birthday gift for your kittens. That’s because what’s better than a giant dangling toy for the babies to explore?

Watch as their curious paws play around and hit the big, yarn-ball-shaped piñata. This party idea provides endless hours of fun. 

Consider kitten-shaped piñatas too! Something about putting up another cat for your furry friends to play with is super adorable.

6. Sunny Hideaway Retreat

A sunlit windowsill transformed into a cozy spot for baby kittens filled with soft cushions

Maybe your little kittens are more of the lazy type. In that case, put up a lovely, cozy corner at a windowsill so they can take their naps in style.

Under the sunshine, they’ll cuddle on comfortable pillows. They’ll also welcome any head scratches you can give them.

Throw some colorful, shiny balls around so they still have a toy to wake up to and keep them busy. 

7. Playpen Party Extravaganza

A colorful playpen transformed into a kitten playground filled with soft blankets and crinkly tunnels

Here’s another toyland adventure for ya: Get a crib for your newborns and fill it with any safe, fun toys you can find. Now that’s a playpen!

Choose attractive dangling toys, balls with bells in them, and crinkly tunnels. Lay down some soft blankets in case they want to take a nap.

8. Tiny Hats and Mini Cakes

A festive birthday bash for baby kittens with tiny birthday hats and a miniature cake

It isn’t a party without cake! 

Dress your kittens up in tiny party hats. They’ll struggle at first, but they just don’t see how adorable they look in them!

Put out some cake next. Pick a cat-friendly recipe you can whip up and then cut it into bite-sized pieces for your fur babies.

Feeling a little extra? Throw some candles on top! Don’t light them though, for your kitten’s safety.

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9. Victorian Tea Party

A miniature tea party setting for kittens with tiny saucers and miniature cupcakes

Are you a Victorian-time enthusiast? Then how about throwing your cute felines a miniature tea party?

You can even fill up the teeny cups with milk! 

Get your camera ready. You’ll want to capture this moment of ultimate cuteness. Enjoy that picture of baby cat tongues licking milk from a Victorian teacup.

Don’t forget to put out some delicious treats!

10. Colorful Cardboard Den

A brightly decorated cardboard box transformed into a cozy playhouse for baby kittens

Take your cardboard DIY project a step further. Decorate it with yarn string and dangling yarn balls.

Make sure to cut out various shapes in the cardboard. Your kittens should jump through holes or follow the string across cardboard tunnels. So much fun!

11. Bubble Frenzy Bonanza

A bubble machine filling a room with colorful bubbles perfect with a playful kitten batting and chasing

Did somebody say bubble machine? I don’t know about you, but everybody loves bubbles—especially cats!

Kittens will marvel with curious eyes at the iridescent hues, chasing them around. Their adorable little paws will stomp on them, wondering where the bubbles went.

12. Hello Kitty Party (Pun Intended!)

Hello Kitty themed party with a Little cat sitting in front of mini cake

Who’s the most beloved kitty cat of them all? None other than the white Japanese Bobtail furball with a pink bow!

Introduce the legendary icon to your kittens early by throwing a Hello-Kitty-themed party.

13. Black Cat Gala

Black kittens sitting around a a small black cake with dark halloween themed decorations

Black cats deserve some love—always! They may get a bad rap, but from experience, I can tell you they’re gentle creatures who should be celebrated, too.

So, put together a black-themed gala to match the fur of your baby kittens. Make sure to get creative!

Here are a few ideas: black frosting on cupcakes, black yarn balls, and lots of black toys.

Join the party by wearing some black-colored kitten ears!

14. Cat-Friendly Holiday Party

Cat-friendly holiday party with kittens wearing little Santa hats and Christmas decorations

Were your kittens born around a holiday? Lucky them! Consider that holiday as the theme for the little one’s birthday party. 

You can have lots of fun with this one. If you pick the right treats, cake, toys, decorations, and even pillows, you’ll have a party unlike any other!

Closing Thoughts

That’s it, cat parents! Now, you can celebrate your adorable kittens in an awesome party curated just for them.

Trust these 14 baby kitten party ideas of mine. Pick an idea that’ll help you capture some silly and other cute moments of your fur babies having fun!