8 Homemade DIY Small Cat Room Ideas

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Are you ready for a weekend project that’s all about pampering your furbaby?

Well, here are some homemade DIY small cat room ideas to make your cat right at home. So, grab your level, drill, and measuring tape, and let’s help you unleash your inner craftsman.

homemade DIY small cat room ideas

1. Cat and Plant Shelving

Create a harmonious blend of greenery and feline fun with this cat and plant shelving project. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pre-cut wall shelves or plyboards
  • Dowels
  • Brackets and screws
  • Cat-safe plants (e.g., catnip, spider plant, or bromeliads)
  • Pots or planters with proper drainage
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue

Follow these steps to provide elevated play areas for your cat while seamlessly blending plant life into your home decor:

  1. Select a wall in your home where you’d like to install the cat and plant shelving.
  2. Cut the plyboards to the desired size.
  3. Cut holes for your cats and pots using a jigsaw, and sand the edges.
  4. Attach the dowels to the wall, making sure they’re evenly spaced. Apply glue to the back of the dowels before you screw or nail them in place.
  5. Place the shelves on top of the dowels. Use 1″ screws to fasten the board to the dowels.
  6. Add a scratching board and some wood slats for visual interest.
  7. Position the potted plants in their designated holes.
Cat and Plant Shelving
Source: planty_club

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2. Minimalist Cat Tree

This cat tree’s clean lines and simple design work well with a contemporary living space.

First, prepare the following:

  • 1″ thick plyboards
  • Round wooden posts

Then, follow this guide:

  1. Plan the design and layout of your minimalist cat tree. Decide on the number of shelves, their placement, and the overall tree height.
  2. Cut the wooden boards into the desired shelf sizes.
  3. Measure and cut the wooden posts to the appropriate length for the vertical support of the cat tree.
  4. Attach the wooden posts to the boards using wood glue and screws.
  5. Attach smaller wooden boards to the vertical support to create resting spots and perches.
Minimalist Cat Tree
Source: papuk.co

3. Cozy Woven Basket Cat Tree and Activity Area

This DIY project combines the charm of woven baskets with clever design to create a multi-level, multi-purpose cat haven.

Your furry friend will have hideaways to sneak into, perches to survey their domain, and even scratching spots to keep those claws in check.

Materials you’ll need:

Now, let’s get to work:

  1. Determine the layout and arrangement of the woven baskets, shelves, and other elements.
  2. Measure and mark the centers of the basket bottoms for drilling holes.
  3. Place the baskets on the wooden posts and secure them with screws.
  4. Wrap the vertical supports with sisal rope.
  5. Attach the hanging balls and line the baskets with cozy bedding or cushions for comfort.

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4. Floating Catwalk Staircase

Limited floor space? Meet the purr-fect solution: floating catwalk stairs!

This space-saver makes efficient use of your wall, providing your furry pals with a vertical playground while keeping your home clutter-free.

What’s even better? You won’t need to break a sweat. Simply order ready-made floating shelves online and arrange them into several sets of stairs on your wall.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. To anchor the shelves into wall studs, use a stud finder to locate and mark their positions. Otherwise, drill holes and insert wall anchors.
  2. Attach the floating shelf brackets to the wall using screws.
  3. Slide or hook the shelves into the installed brackets. 
  4. Add some carpet lining and place the top perch with a window view, if possible.
Floating Catwalk Staircase
Source: imgur

5. Cat Room Under the Staircase

Ever noticed that little nook under your staircase, gathering dust and going unused?

Well, here’s a brilliant idea: transform it into a cat sanctuary! It’s the perfect spot for your furry friend to nap, play, and have some ‘meow’ time.

Feeling creative? A fresh coat of paint or some stenciled wallpaper can make the interior pop. And for the ultimate in comfort, lay down some plush carpet.

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Lastly, furnish the room with cat furniture, bedding, and a selection of toys.

6. Floating Climbing Wall Shelves

This project is a simpler version of the cat wall stairs. Just install your floating shelves at varying heights on your chosen wall.

Then, add a wall-mounted cat hammock on top of the door to create a spot for your furball to lounge or enjoy the view.

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7. Cat Tower With a Scratching Post

This four-tiered cat tower has a base for stability, a central scratching post, and platforms for your cat to perch on.

You’ll need the following:

  • Plywood sheet
  • Square wooden post
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws
  • Sisal rope

Now, on to some DIY action:

  1. Sketch your design and set your measurements.
  2. Cut all your lumber to size with a handsaw or circular saw. For a four-tiered cat tower, you’ll need four equal-sized central supports.
  3. Sand the edges for a smooth finish.
  4. Create the base of the tower. Screw a rectangular board to a piece of central support.
  5. Repeat step 4 three more times.
  6. Cover the central post with sisal rope and secure the ends with quick-drying glue and nails.

8. Plush Cat Tree

This luxurious cat tree featuring fully carpeted hideaway tubes and cradles will surely spoil your cat! You can expand upon our cat tower idea and customize the design to incorporate playful elements.

For this fun project, you’ll need heavy-duty cardboard tubes, pre-made kitty cradle, and plenty of plush carpeting.

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Assemble the cat tower and wrap everything up in carpet. Don’t forget to cut openings in the tubes for your cat to access, and wrap them with plush material as well.

Source: janaaston

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Final Thoughts

And that wraps up our homemade DIY small cat room ideas!

The joy of seeing your cat enjoy their special space is the true reward of your efforts. So, embrace the purrs and playtime, and cherish the bond you share with your furry buddy in their new little paradise.