15 Cat Kitchen Decor Ideas That Are Pretty and Practical

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If you have an inexplicable love for your feline friends, you might want to incorporate them into your home decor without sacrificing practicality.

Luckily, there are plenty of adorable options available out there to spruce up your space, including items that are both aesthetic and functional!

In today’s guide, we’ll walk you through 15 of the best cat kitchen decor accessories, so you can pick the ones that you like the most!

Best Cat Kitchen Decor Ideas

1. Cat Bag Clips

Kikkerland Cat Bag Clips, Set of 6 ,Black

Starting off with a beautiful item that you’re going to use all the time. These cat-themed kitchen clips will help you keep your open bags fresh without moving the contents to storage bags.

The affordable yet durable set features 6 clips with an adorable black kitty face on both sides, so you can use it in any direction!

2. Cat Utensil Holder

Bico Cartoon Cat Utensil Holder, Handpainted Stoneware, Dishwasher Safe

This utensil holder features a tabby cat with enough space to store plenty of kitchen tools for quick access.

This one is handcrafted with glazed ceramic to add a long-lasting sheen and maintain the cat’s features after washing. It’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning!

3. Cat Nonstick Spatula

GOODFEER Nylon Turner cute Cat Shape Small heat resistant wok spatula for non stick cookware with stainless steel bracket for cooking, fish,eggs, pancakes, fried rice.

Whether you’re in the mood for some pancakes, fried rice, or scrambled eggs, you’ll need a good nonstick spatula for the job.

This dishwasher-safe cat-shaped spatula will get the job done. It features a stainless steel frame for durability and a nylon scraper and handle for scratch/heat resistance.

4. Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

Pacific Trading Feline Spicey Black & White Cats Salt & Pepper Shaker Set S/P

Salt and pepper shakers are among the most commonly themed items out there, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of cat-themed shakers out there.

We find these ceramic shakers our favorite ones because they represent the true nature of salt and pepper: opposite but complete each other! They also have bottom magnets for stability.

5. Cat Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

Decorative Black & White Kitty Cat Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Holder Figurine in Kitten Statues & Sculptures and Pet Kitchen Table Decor Gifts for Cat Lovers

This one is a perfect alternative to the previous one. Here, you’ll use standard glass salt and pepper shakers that are held by a realistic cat figurine.

The cat figurine is both adorable and realistic. It’s also handcrafted. In other words, like real cats, each one will have its unique facial features!

6. Cat Paw Tongs

3 Pcs Cat Paw Tongs Cat Tongs Kawaii Food Kitchen Tongs Stainless Steel Tongs Cute Kitchen Accessories Gift for Cooking Toast, Bagels Barbecue and More, 3 Size(Pink, White, Black)

Tongs are among the most essential kitchen tools, whether you’re flipping food while cooking, tossing salad, or removing food from boiling water. 

These ones have fetching parts shaped like cat paws, giving them a delightful twist while staying practical and reliable. 

The set features 3 tongs of different sizes and colors, allowing you to use them for multiple purposes.

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7. Cat Mug with Coaster/Lid

YLOKO Cute Ceramic Cat Mugs with Lids or Coaster, Novelty Lovely Kitty Tea Cup, Japanese Kawaii Coffee Mugs for Women Girls Kids Christmas Birthday Gift, 14.4oz(Yellow)

You’ve probably seen plenty of cat-themed mugs before. However, they’re not always practical and are often poorly designed. Luckily, this one has an adorable design while staying functional. 

Besides being cat-themed, the gift-worthy mug comes with a multipurpose cat-shaped cover that can be used as a lid, coaster, or small side tray for cookies!

8. Cat-Themed Coasters

6 Pcs Cute Ceramic Coasters Best Absorbent Coaster Set with Holder Funny Cat Coasters for Coffee Beverage Tea Drink Coasters Gift Table Cup Coaster Disney Bar Coasters

These brilliant cork coasters are simple and reliable. Yet, they have some of the most affordable cat images out there!

Each coaster has a unique picture, and they come in different cat themes and colors to match your taste!

9. Cat Refrigerator Magnets

CHICHIC 6 Pack Fun Cat Refrigerator Magnets Office Magnet, Kitchen Decor Fridge Cat Ornament, Perfect for Whiteboard, Refrigerator, Map, Notes, Calendar, Gift for Lady Cats Lovers Novelty Butt

Refrigerator magnets are a great way to add character to your kitchen, so why not use cat-themed magnets?

These beautiful cat magnets feature small adorable cats with cute smiles and greeting paws.

They’re also small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can incorporate them into your current refrigerator art!

10. Cat Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

MSGUIDE Cute Carton Cat Pink Hearts Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Sets, Heat Resistant 4 Pcs for Safe BBQ Cooking Baking Grilling

This beautiful cat oven mitts and pot holders set features a lovely cat design and comes in a variety of additional colors to match your style

The set features multi-layer heat-resistant polyester mittens with a waterproof exterior and soft quilted interior. It also has hanging loops for added convenience. 

11. Cat Themed Measuring Cups

White Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups: Set of Cat Shaped Bowls - 1 Cup, 1/2 Cup, 1/3 Cup and 1/4 Cup

If you want to follow recipes and maintain accuracy while preparing portions, you should use measuring cups.

These beautiful cups are made from ceramic and have a minimalist cat theme, including the whiskers, heart-shaped nose, and ears. The tool is highly accurate but can be quite fragile, so you have to be careful where you store them.

12. Cat Ceramic Butter Dish

Kwirkworks Adorable Cat Ceramic Butter Dish - Unique and Versatile Kitchen Accessory - Durable and Creative Way to Store and Serve Butter

If you want a convenient and secure way to serve and store butter, you should go for a butter dish, which also presents a perfect opportunity to incorporate some kitty love!

This ceramic butter dish is shaped like a sleeping kitty with a happy smile. It’s also dishwasher-safe and remarkably easy to clean after use.

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13. Cat Paw Cutting Board

Pet Fit For Life - Paw Shaped Natural Bamboo Charcuterie Board - Wood Cutting Board/Cheese Board Set with 4 Matching Spreaders - Unique Gift Set For Any Occasion

When it comes to kitchen tools, versatility is always appreciated, which is why we included this one in the list.

This cutting board is made from high-quality bamboo and is shaped into a kitty paw. The board is pretty large and features four cheese spreaders, so it doubles as a cheese board for your wine and cheese nights!

14. Cat-Shaped Ice Cube Tray

Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray - Fairly Odd Novelties - Fun & Cute Animal Replica Mold

When you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, what’s better than whipping out some cat-shaped ice cubes from the freezer?

This beautiful ice cube tray doesn’t only make cat-shaped ice cubes, but it’s also shaped like a cat itself. Cat-ception!

15. Cat-Themed Coffee Pod Holder

Made Easy Kit Carousel Coffee Pod Holder, Compatible with Keurig K-Pods K-Cups, Countertop Rack Storage Organizer, Metal Home and Kitchen Decor, Capsule Café Station Bar (Small, Black Cat)

Last but not least, if you’re a coffee lover who consumes plenty of coffee pods every week, you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

This metal coffee pod holder features a cat-themed head. The holder comes in two sizes and fits 26 to 42 pods. The pot holder is also compatible with different types of pods, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Wrapping Things Up

There you have it! A brief guide that walks you through 15 of the most adorable cat kitchen decor items that you can find out there.

As you can see, there are plenty of amazing items to add character to your kitchen while staying both cute and practical!