StripHair vs. SleekEZ: How to Choose The Best?

What do pet owners think when spring is approaching? Sprouting seeds, flowers, or green trees? Possibly, but they also think about shedding season. Sure, your fluffy, cuddly buddy is worth overlooking a few hair strands. However, when loose cat hair gets on your carpet, furniture, and even your face, it’s time to look for solutions. … Read more

SleekEZ vs. King Komb: Which Tool to Choose for Your Cat?

Cats are adorable. They bring joy to many owners with their cute, playful antics, but they also bring a lot of hair to your house. Thanks to de-shedding tools, cat owners no longer have to suffer through time-consuming grooming sessions to maintain a cat-hair-free home. You might find yourself in the market buying a cat … Read more

SleekEZ vs. EquiGroomer: Best De-shedding Tool?

Cat people are no strangers to finding hairs everywhere around the house, from the sofa to the closet. However, being used to it doesn’t make it any easier. While having your lovable furballs around is delightful, finding their fluff all over the place may be aggravating. If you have a cat, de-shedding may be necessary. … Read more

SleekEZ vs Groom Ninja: The Ultimate Showdown

SleekEz vs Groom Ninja

Cat owners all have to suffer the same problem of cat shedding. As a cat owner, you work hard to keep your house cat-hair free, only to have your furniture submerged with fur two hours later. You might have to schedule a grooming session every week so your cat sheds less, but this can be … Read more