Petkit Eversweet 2 Vs. 3: Is There A Significant Difference?

petkit eversweet 2 vs. 3

Torn between getting the second or the third generation of the Petkit Eversweet water fountain? You’ve come to the right place! Both products are similar in several aspects, which makes this choice confusing. However, you don’t have to overthink it.  This post will break down the two products’ similarities and differences to help you pick … Read more

Happy And Polly Review

Happy And Polly Review

When it comes to pet products, there’s an ocean wide of supplies, from cat trees and water fountains to brushes and grooming products. That’s why many opt for online shopping to get all their stuff from one place. Additionally, websites are usually easier to browse than local stores, especially if you don’t have time to … Read more

How to Make a Cat Water Fountain Quieter?

How to make a cat water fountain quieter

Cats are always compelled by anything that moves, and running water is no exception. Cats see running water as a source of fresh water and are usually drawn to it. That’s why cat water fountains are a great choice to entertain your cat as well as make sure they get enough water every day. Yet, … Read more

The Best 5 Quiet Cat Water Fountains in 2022

The top quiet cat water fountains in 2020

Cats need fresh water to stay healthy. However, cats usually show less interest in the water when it’s kept in a bowl because it loses its freshness. In this article, we’ll help you find a quiet cat water fountain that will help your pet stay in perfect health. We’ll also answer all the questions that … Read more