The Best Low Iodine Cat Food

Best Low Iodine Cat Food Ideas For Hyperthyroidism

If you’re looking for low-iodine cat food for your senior feline friend who’s a victim of hyperthyroidism, you’ve probably landed on the most updated article of 2023. In the following article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know before picking the ideal cat food option for you. Here’s a Summary of Our Top … Read more

Petkit Eversweet 2 Vs. 3: Is There A Significant Difference?

petkit eversweet 2 vs. 3

Torn between getting the second or the third generation of the Petkit Eversweet water fountain? You’ve come to the right place! Both products are similar in several aspects, which makes this choice confusing. However, you don’t have to overthink it.  This post will break down the two products’ similarities and differences to help you pick … Read more

Aimicat Vs. Litter Robot

Aimicat Vs. Litter Robot

Automatic cat litter boxes are innovative devices beneficial for fur parents seeking advanced solutions to make pet care and maintenance convenient.  Unlike traditional litter boxes, where you have to scoop out your pet’s waste manually, automatic litter boxes have a self-cleaning feature that offers several benefits, like improved pet hygiene and odor reduction. It also … Read more

Best Crystal Litter For Litter-Robot: Our Top 5 Picks

Best Crystal Litter For Litter Robot

Cat parents often opt for a self-cleaning litter box. The Litter Robot is among the most popular of these on the market. If you’ve grown tired of the dust that comes with a traditional litter box, you may wonder about the best crystal litter for Litter-Robot. The Litter Robot is compatible with several crystal litters, … Read more

Litter Robot Dump Position Fault: What Is It And How To Fix It

Litter Robot Dump Position Fault [Fixed]

The Litter Robot from Whisker is one of the leading automatic cat litter boxes among the cat owner community. Many experienced cat owners rave about its convenience and ease of use. However, some users experience issues with their units, such as the dump position fault. The Litter Robot dump position fault is caused by software … Read more

Extensive Comparison Of Petkit Pura X Vs. Pura Max

Petkit Pura X Vs. Pura Max

Cat parents looking for less fussy ways to care for their fur babies should consider getting a self-cleaning litter box. They’re a convenient and efficient way of handling cat waste. No more scooping through dirty litter twice a day! However, finding the best cat litter box can be tricky with so many options in the … Read more