ThunderEase vs Feliway: What’s Better For Your Cat?

Thunderease vs feliway

Cats can be quite a handful when their behavior is constantly getting out of hand: scratching, spraying, fighting, hiding; you name it. That said, this article is going to cover two of the best-selling cat-calming products out there: ThunderEase vs Feliway. In this post, you’ll also learn about: Variations of cat-calming products Choosing the best … Read more

Best Blinds For Cats (Types + Product Reviews)

Best Blinds for Cats

In this article, blinds will refer to the window covering. There are several different styles of window blinds that use varying systems of regulation. A traditional window blind consists of many long horizontal (or vertical) panes of differing material types like wood, plastic, or metal fixed together by cords running through the blind panes. Read … Read more

Revolution vs Advantage Multi: Extensive Comparison (2021)

Revolution vs Advantage Multi

Raising cats or dogs includes making major decisions. What should you feed them? Should you get them spayed or not? But most importantly, how can you protect your house and pet from an infestation? In this article, you’ll be learning about two excellent anti-parasitic medications, Revolution and Advantage Multi, which have proven treatment and prevention … Read more