Alternatives to Vidalta for Cats: The A-Z Guide

Alternatives to Vidalta for Cats

Cats have two thyroid glands in their necks that help in metabolic regulation. These glands can sometimes swell and overproduce thyroid hormones, affecting other organs in the feline’s body. This leads to hyperthyroidism, a common disease that usually affects middle-aged cats and older. Four ways to treat hyperthyroidism are anti-thyroid medication, dietary therapy, surgery, and … Read more

Alternatives to Sub Q Fluids for Cats – Ultimate Guide

Alternatives to Sub Q Fluids for Cats

As a proud pet parent of a growing cat, there are a handful of issues that you need to be aware of. Chronic Renal Failure is one of them, especially if your cat is older. Or if it’s a younger cat or kitten, you might witness it struggling with dehydration. Once a cat has Chronic … Read more

Top 4 Low Phosphorus Cat Food for Kidney Disease

Low phosphorus cat food for kidney disease

Phosphorus is one of the essential elements in a healthy cat’s diet. However, when cats start to age, their kidneys start to slow down, which makes phosphorous management and excretion a lot slower. This leads to the accumulation of these salts, creating serious kidney stones that worsen the kidney’s health. To avoid that, you need … Read more

Kittyo vs Petcube: Which Pet Camera is Better?

Kittyo vs Petcube

Leaving your furry friend alone at home can be disheartening. What if your pet needs your help? What if you need to stay out longer than expected? Who is going to keep tabs on your pet? Fortunately, with the emergence of pet monitoring cameras, pet owners no longer have to worry about leaving their pets … Read more

The 5 Best Clavamox Alternatives for Cats

Clavamox Alternatives for Cats

Clavamox is an antibiotic that belongs to the penicillin group. It’s commonly prescribed for cats in cases of bite wounds infections, upper respiratory infections, teeth infections, skin infections, and bladder infections. However, some cats are allergic to penicillin and display severe allergic symptoms to it. Luckily, Clavamox has many alternatives that work just as effectively. … Read more