Best 5 Elevated Cat Feeding Stations Reviewed

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As a pet owner, you want to make sure that your cat has the best chance to eat comfortably, so it can grow and stay in perfect health. The best elevated cat feeding station allows your cat to eat more comfortably because the digestion process is facilitated by the power of gravity that pushes the food down the body. This setup will reduce neck strain, affecting your kitty’s overall well-being. It also reduces bloating and other digestion issues.

In this article, we’ll suggest some of the best elevated cat feeding stations. We’ll also help you decide how to pick the right one for your kitty.

Here’s a Summary of Our Top Picks:

ImageProductDetails  Price
AVERYDAY-Raised-Dog-Bowls-Elevated-–-Best-OverallAVERYDAY Raised Dog Bowls ElevatedBest OverallCheck Price
Lollimeow-Ceramic-Raised-Cat-Bowls-–-Best-Budget-ChoiceLollimeow Ceramic Raised Cat BowlsBest Budget ChoiceCheck Price
PetFusion-Elevated-Cat-BowlsPetFusion Elevated Cat Bowls Best Stainless Steel Elevated Feeding StationCheck Price

Reviews of the Best Elevated Cat Feeding Stations

Here are our top picks.

1. AVERYDAY Raised Dog Bowls Elevated – Best Overall

Providing 4 different adjustable heights, this feeder will grow with your pet. It can be used by a kitten or a senior cat to allow for better digestion, reducing neck strain, and bloating. The height can be adjusted from 2.58 to 12.7 inches, so it suits different breeds and will let your cat eat comfortably at various stages of life.

This feeder comes with 4 high-quality stainless steel bowls. They’re corrosion and rust-free, so they’re incredibly healthy because they won’t react with the ingredients in the food. The bowls are suitable for dry and wet food recipes. They can also be used for food and water.

Thanks to the elevated height, senior cats and other pets can feed comfortably, as the feeding station reduces the strain on the neck, back, and joints. The feeding station comes with rubber pads to prevent it from sliding. No tools are needed for assembly, so it can be safely used away from home.

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Your kitten’s head won’t get stuck inside, thanks to the lateral design. It might be a little small for bigger pets, but it’s still an excellent choice for most cats and dogs.

What We Like

  • 4 different adjustable heights
  • 4 high-quality stainless steel bowls that won’t react with food
  • Can be used for water and food
  • Reduces the strain on the joints and allows for better digestion
  • The design prevents little kitten’s from getting stuck

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not work for larger pets

2. Lollimeow Ceramic Raised Cat Bowls – Best Budget Choice

This ceramic bowl allows your cat to feed comfortably while reducing the strain on the neck and other joints. Thanks to the tilted angle of 15 degrees, the food stays centered, so your kitty won’t have to chase food around the bowl. This feeding station reduces stress, guaranteeing that all the nutritional needs of your cat will be covered.

Ceramic is very safe and doesn’t contain any lead or cadmium. It won’t react with the ingredients in wet or dry food, so it’s a safe choice for your cat regardless of its feeding preferences.

Cleaning this ceramic bowl is straightforward because it’s dishwasher-safe. It’s also microwave-safe, so you can warm up your kitty’s meal before feeding time. The height is 4.3 inches at the front and 5.6 at the back, so it’s a perfect choice for most cats and smaller dogs.

Thanks to the non-skid design, this bowl will stay in place as your kitty enjoys its meal. Nevertheless, the height isn’t adjustable, so it might not work for kittens and other smaller cats. Moreover, there’s only one bowl, so it can either be used for food or water, not both.

What We Like

  • Safe ceramic bowl
  • Tilted angle to reduce the pressure on the cat’s neck and joints
  • Microwave and dishwasher-safe
  • Food stays in the center, so your cat won’t have to chase the food

What We Don’t Like

  • The height isn’t adjustable
  • There’s only one bowl available, so it can’t be used for water and food at the same time

3. PetFusion Elevated Cat Bowls – Best Stainless Steel Elevated Feeding Station

This elevated cat feeding station is made of durable anodized aluminum. It’s more corrosion and wear-resistant than stainless steel, and it’s quite easy to clean after your kitty’s feeding time. The station comes in 2 different heights of 4 inches and 8 inches, so you can choose the right one for your pet.

With food-grade stainless steel bowls, you know that your cat will be safe because stainless steel doesn’t react with the ingredients in your pet’s food. There are silicone inserts that stabilize the bowls and allow your cat to feed effortlessly.

The elevation supports the digestive system and reduces the strain on the neck and joints. This station features 2 bowls, so it can be used by 2 pets simultaneously, or you can use it for water and food. There are anti-slip feet that keep everything in place, while your kitty is enjoying its meal.

There’s no coating on the aluminum, so staining can happen if you don’t clean it regularly. The bowls can be too deep for some smaller pets.

What We Like

  • Feeding station is made of durable anodized aluminum
  • There are 2 heights available
  • 2 stainless steel bowls for food and water
  • Anti-skid feet to keep the station in place

What We Don’t Like

  • Needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid staining
  • The bowls might be too deep for some pets

4. RoyalCare Elevated Pet Bowl Stand for Dogs with Slow Feeder Bowl – Best Foldable Elevated Cat Feeding Station

This slow feeder encourages your pet to eat healthily. It prolongs the feeding time to prevent digestion problems and helps maintain your cat’s weight.

The folding station features 2 bowls, one made of stainless steel and the other made of polypropylene. You can use the stainless steel bowl for water because it’s anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The polypropylene bowl is dishwasher-safe and doesn’t react with the ingredients in your pet’s food. The detachable bowls aren’t deep, are easy to refill, and clean.

Using this feeding station will reduce the pressure on your pet’s neck and joints as the bowls are raised at the height of 5 inches. It’s equipped with an anti-turning frame that secures the bowls in place and prevents flipping. The whole station folds conveniently, so it’s an excellent choice for people who like to travel a lot because you can easily set it up anywhere you want. You can also store it conveniently after every use.

It features anti-skid silicone mats that keep the feeding station in place, preventing mess when your cat is feeding. The bowl is too small and will only hold a limited amount of food that works for one pet.

What We Like

  • Elevated feeding station with 2 bowls for water and food
  • Durable polypropylene material is dishwasher-safe
  • Anti-turning flame to prevent the bowls from flipping
  • The station folds conveniently for storage
  • Reduces the strain on your pet’s neck and prolongs the feeding time

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for larger pets

5. KOOLTAIL Raised Pet Bowls Elevated Feeder for Dogs Cats – Best Adjustable Cat Feeding Station

This feeding station is made of sturdy bamboo that comes from sustainable resources. It features 2 stainless steel bowls that can be used for water and food or to feed two cats or other pets at the same time.

Stainless steel is durable and doesn’t react with the ingredients in your pet’s food, so you know that your pet will be safe. The whole feeding station is straightforward to clean. You can use a wet rag to clean it conveniently.

You can adjust the height to 4.5 or 8.5 inches, so this feeding station will work for a kitten and a senior cat. No installation is required, so you can easily set it up wherever you like. It comes with a soft glue sticker that allows your pet to feed quietly as it prevents the station from moving around.

With an anti-skid sticker, you will be able to secure the stainless steel bowls in place. If you have a dog or a larger pet, it might accidentally cause the feeding station to collapse.

What We Like

  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Features 2 stainless steel bowls that can be used by 2 pets at the same time
  • The height can be adjusted into 2 different positions
  • Anti-skid sticker to keep the feeding station in place

What We Don’t Like

  • A larger pet might accidentally cause the feeding station to collapse

What are the Benefits of Having an Elevated Cat Feeding Station?

Elevated cat feeding stations represent a good feeding setup for your pets at multiple stages of life. Here are some reasons why you should get one of them.

  • The elevated position promotes better digestion, so it will work for cats with sensitive stomachs or other digestive issues.
  • The food is directed into the cat’s body by the force of gravity, so your cat can eat comfortably.
  • Having multiple cats in the house can make your pets extremely stressed as they compete for food. Most stations will allow you to feed 2 cats at the same time. You can also use the same station for food and water.
  • This position puts less strain on your cat’s neck and other joints.
  • Sick cats can become reluctant to eat. The elevated position will encourage your cat to eat more, even if it’s not feeling well.
  • Kittens and senior cats will be able to eat more in this position.
  • When the food is an elevated position, it will be safe from dirt and bugs.
  • Your cat won’t be able to play with food that much when it’s in an elevated position.
  • Elevated feeding stations are easier to clean. They also prevent the mess that your pet might make while they’re eating.
  • Elevated feeding stations can work for cats, dogs, rabbits, and any other pets.

How to Choose the Best Elevated Cat Feeding Station

There are several types of feeding setups available. Here’s how to pick a suitable elevated one for your cat.


You need to choose the right material for the feeding station and the feeding bowls. Stainless steel, ceramic, polypropylene, and aluminum don’t react with the food and will stay in good shape after multiple uses. You need to make sure that the material you’ve picked is anti-rust and anti-corrosion, to make sure that your pet’s food will stay healthy and clean.

Most materials are suitable for dry and wet food recipes, so you can safely feed your cat any food it likes. Some materials are also microwave-safe, so you can warm your kitty’s meal before feeding time.


Picking the right height will help you decide if this feeding station is suitable for your pet. It’s a good idea to choose a feeding station with an adjustable height, allowing you to use it for multiple pets or at different stages of life for your pet.

If you have a kitten, you might stick to a low-height station that can be used without much strain. Higher heights will work for adult and senior cats, especially if they have neck or joint pain.


The sturdy construction is essential because your pets might get playful when they’re eating. You should look for a stable feeding station that won’t accidentally collapse, even if multiple pets are using the same feeding station at the same time.

A good feeding station shouldn’t need much assembly. It should be easy to set up wherever you like. Ensure that the legs are designed to stay in place, so the food doesn’t accidentally spill.

There are several models that come with anti-skid pads to stabilize the feeding station and reduce the risk of a mess. You should make sure that the bowls are stable and won’t flip.

Wrap Up

An elevated feeding station is an excellent setup because it reduces the stress on your cat’s neck and joints. This position allows the food to travel into the cat’s body with the power of gravity, reducing digestion problems and bloating.

We chose the AVERYDAY Raised Dog Bowls Elevated as our top choice because the height can be adjusted several times to suit your cat at different stages of life. Luckily there are other options on our list, so you can easily choose the most suitable one for your kitty.