Feliway Spray Review: Reduce Your Cat’s Anxiety

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Hello, fellow cat-parent. If you’re here, it probably means your little kitty is giving you trouble. We all know cats rule the world and we’re left to deal with whatever they decide. Hopefully, this won’t be the issue much longer!

Feliway is a human being’s attempt at regaining that control. We can only hope to try and control our cats! This Feliway spray review will tell all there is about this particular attempt and how successful it could be.

What Is Feliway Spray?

FELIWAY Classic Cat Calming Pheromone Spray (60 mL)

Before we dive into the issue, first you should know what Feliway spray is. Feliway is synthesized pheromones that you spray to manage your cat’s behavior.

It stops problems like peeing outside of the litter box, scratching furniture, hiding, anxiety, and decreased appetite.

Is It Safe?

Cat with mask

Feliway products are safe to use. They’re clinically proven and have been approved by Valarie Tynes, DVM, DACVB, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

In fact, they’re doctor recommended. A lot of vets prescribe the use of Feliway, which means it’s pretty safe.

Feliway can be extremely helpful if your cat is unwell. If your cat is sick or simply old, Feliway could ease its hardships a little.

These cats would have it hard as it is and the least amount of effort would be exhausting to them. If you spray Feliway in their environment, you would spare them the pain of having to release those pheromones themselves.

It’s crucial that you consult your vet prior to using Feliway. Feliway only affects your cat’s behavior; it doesn’t cure the reason behind such behavior.

If the reason behind your cat’s behavior is that it’s feeling poorly, using Feliway could change the way it’s acting so that it seems fine when it isn’t. Therefore, make sure there’s no medical condition first before using Feliway.

Besides, no side-effects have been determined from the use of Feliway. What harm could it do?

Does It Work?

Okay so here’s where things get a little confusing. You’re probably here to find out the answer to that problem so we’re going to simplify things for you. It might work but there’s also a possibility that it wouldn’t.

Are you still confused? Hear us out.

Vets recommend Feliway so obviously there’s something there, right? Add to that the thousands of stellar reviews that refer to Feliway products as “magic.”

Whether you go on Feliway’s testimonials page or read through the reviews on Amazon, you will see tons of people swearing by Feliway’s effect.

It has, indeed, changed the lives of many households and improved the behavior of thousands of cats.

If you’re looking for scientific evidence, there’s that too! Some tests have been conducted on Feliway, and pet pheromone products in general, and they rule in their favor. A positive outcome was the result.

There is a but, though.

Feliway vs Comfort Zone in-depth comparison
ThunderEase vs Feliway

It doesn’t always work. It seems strange that it works perfectly for some people but not at all for others but it’s the truth.

There are a lot of people who’ve tried Feliway and had zero results. So what’s the deal with that?

Based on what we know, it seems like not all cats respond similarly to this product. Each being is different; just as not all humans are alike, neither are cats. This is probably why Feliway has had some success with some cats and none with others.

The good news is that it’s been more successful than it has failed, which is why it’s still highly recommended. Feliway claims its products are somewhere between 80 and 90% successful. If you look at the numbers of the reviews, for example, you’d see that the odds are in your favor.

Combine that with the lack of side-effects and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. Yes, it might not work. But what if it did? What if it is the magical potion to all of your problems? Your cat’s comfort is worth the try, right?

How To Use It

One of the things contributing to a lack of results with some people is that they don’t follow the directions of use.

If you’re using the spray to stop your cat from peeing or scratching somewhere, you should start by cleaning that area very well.

Feliway spray should be sprayed 8 pumps in the targeted area twice a day. Otherwise, it would be too faint to detect, thereby having little to no effect.

It’s important to understand the Feliway spray is alcohol-based. Therefore, it’s imperative that you not let your cat into the sprayed area for at least 10 minutes after spraying.

Another common mistake that some people do is spraying directly on the cat. Again, it’s alcohol-based so you shouldn’t do this at all! You should only spray the areas you want your cat to stop peeing or scratching in or places you want your cat to feel comfortable in.

You should also avoid spraying the scratch post. Doing so could result in your cat not scratching there in the first place. Spray the areas where you don’t want your kitty to scratch.

Results are to be expected within 7 days. Don’t give up before a week, it might still be kicking in!

To maximize the results, using Feliway Diffuser is recommended for home use.

What’s Special About Feliway Spray

So, what’s all the fuss about? Why is it so “magical?”


Pheromones are chemicals released by cats. It’s how they communicate with each other. Cats can’t say “this is mine,” but they release pheromones upon things they claim as theirs so that other cats get the message to back off.

Your cat does this without you knowing because pheromones can only be scented by the same species. So, the next time your little furball rubs its body against you, scratches its cheek against something, or gives you a little kitty massage, know that it’s cat-talk for “you’re mine.”

When a cat releases pheromones, it means that it feels safe and happy in that space. This is why Feliway uses cat pheromones.

Think of Feliway as a cat-interpreter. Spraying it is basically you speaking “cat.” You’d be telling it, “it’s okay, you’re safe here.”

Feliway Classic Spray

FELIWAY Classic Cat Calming Pheromone Spray (60 mL)

Feliway Classic formula can be your lifesaver. It’s the solution to numerous problems.

Anxiety-Related Issues

Feliway Classic spray communicates “happy messages” to your little buddy. Any problems stemming from a lack of security or sadness should be resolved upon using it.

Your cat would smell comfort and forget about its sadness of lack of security. If you’ve moved recently or your cat is generally anxious, Feliway spray could just be what you need.

A lack of appetite is also treatable by Feliway Classic spray. It should lull your cat into a sense of happiness, as opposed to its depression which is likely why it stopped eating.

Upon feeling safe at home, there would be no need for your furry friend to hide. It would know that there’s no imminent harm so it would come out to play!


Overgrooming could also be a result of feeling upset. Feliway Classic spray would get rid of the negative emotions, thereby ending a cat’s need for excessive grooming, which could lead to bald patches.

Urination Outside of the Litter

Urination outside of the litter box could be your cat’s way of saying it’s upset or its way of marking its territory. Using the spray would communicate to your cat that this is its happy space to eliminate the need to do so. There’s an alternative solution to this behavior which is Cat Spraying No More.

Scratching Furniture

Scratching is another form of marking territory. This might sound too good to be true, but scratching isn’t inevitable!

Cleaning that spot and then spraying would reassure your cat that this spot does belong to it. Say bye-bye scratching!


The spray is highly portable, which could prove practical in several occasions.

You can take it with you if you’re traveling for a couple of days. We all know how traveling is stressful for cats. Having the spray there would reassure your buddy and reduce its fear.

Similarly, a vet’s visit can be a pain. You can’t exactly use a diffuser then. Spraying the cat’s crate 10 minutes before your vet visit can calm it down so that you wouldn’t have to fight it every visit.

A spray would also be better if you’re having a problem in a specific place only. For instance, if you’re struggling with your cat scratching a certain chair and not its general behavior, then a spray should suffice. Diffusers are better for larger spaces, but sprays are better for specific spots only.

The Bottom Fe-Line

Raising a cat doesn’t have to be stressful. They might have a bad reputation, but we all know they’re all fluff on the inside.

Your cat doesn’t have to be the boss of you. You can take the upper hand in your relationship and try Feliway spray.

Your cat’s anxiety or stubbornness could easily disappear once it catches a whiff of Feliway spray! 

It might not be a sure thing, but imagine how stress-free your life and your cat’s would be if it does!