DIY Cat Scratching Post: 8 Out-of-the-Box Ideas To Entertain Your Kitty and Save Your Furniture

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You can’t stop your feline friend from scratching around the house. It’s just in their instinct to claw at stuff!

Embrace your little tiger’s nature and satisfy their activity needs with a DIY cat scratching post. Not only is it healthy for your kitty, but you get to save your precious furniture!

Don’t know where to start? This guide shares handy DIY cat scratcher post ideas to get you inspired! 

Creative DIY Cat Scratching Post

From upcycled to crafty, here are 8 cat scratcher post designs you can easily make at home:

1. Side Table Scratcher

Does your little furball love scratching up your couch?

Did you try setting up a scratching post away from the destruction zone but with no luck? 

Then this hack is for you!

You can get your feline buddy to claw at a scratcher instead of the sofa – just combine the two!

You’ll need a side table that fits your couch. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just with a plain panel and sturdy enough to take on your cat.

Use sisal rope (jute or hemp can work too!) and wrap it around the height of the table.

Use a glue gun to stick the rope in place. You can stop mid-table or go full-length.

2. Scratching Desk

Repurposed Desk Cat Scratching Tower
Source: covert_ops78

Repurposing furniture is the base for many amazing DIY projects, including a homemade cat scratching post!

If you have an old desk lying around, you can transform it into a play/scratching tower in a couple of simple steps.

Start by sanding down and rough or sharp edges. If it has drawers, you can remove them or have them double as hiding spots.

Then, grab some rope and wrap it around the side panels of the desk. Cover as much area as you want, and use a glue gun or small nails to keep the rope from slipping.

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3. Pattern Paper Roll Scratching Post

Pattern Paper Roll Cat Scratcher
Source: maria_4nn4

If you’re familiar with sewing or design projects, you’re no stranger to pattern paper.

Good news! When you run out, you can use the empty pattern paper roll to make a scratcher for your pawed buddy.

Grab your choice of rope and wrap it around the length of the role. Use pet-safe glue while wrapping.

Once you finish, pitch the scratching post somewhere suitable (like under a table or a desk) so it doesn’t fall over.

You can make a few more posts and place them in different spots for your cat to enjoy!

4. Feathered Scratcher

Turn your toilet paper cardboard tubes into a feline scratcher toy with this trick from a fellow cat parent!

You’ll need some rope and pet-safe glue. Wrap the rope around the entire length of the cardboard tube, gluing it in place as you work.

You can stop here, or turn up the dazzle factor to really get your kitty hooked!

Grab some colorful feathers, tassels, or threads and glue them to both ends of the tube. Blue, violet, yellow, and green shades are the best because cats see them more clearly.

5. Crafty Scratching Cat Tree

A cat bed and scratching post combo? Talk about a 2-in-1 cat tree!

You can recreate this practical piece using a wooden slab, a scrap wood post, and plywood.

Start by fixing the post onto the slab. You’ll need a metal connector and some nails.

Once the base is nice and sturdy, wrap jute rope around the post using super glue and small nails. Make sure to cover the part with the connector at the bottom.

For the cat bed at the top, build a box from plywood slabs then paint it in a neutral color.

Finally, fix the bed onto the scratcher pole with some screws and voila!

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6. Scratching Cactus

This adorable scratching post doubles as a touch of green in your home and it’s a breeze to make!

You’ll need a faux floor cactus plant. Both plastic and felt plants will work for this project.

Next, wrap the plant in green sisal rope using a hot glue gun to keep it in place.

Don’t wrap all the way to the top. Instead, cover the top with green shaggy fabric so your kitty can rub and nuzzle into it.

Want it to be extra playful? Sew a string of rope to a fleece ball and stick it on top!

7. Scratching Wood Log

How about some inspiration from Mother Nature?

This beautiful cat scratching post is just a simple tree log! You can find one at a nearby forest/park or leftover at your local lumber.

Once you have your log, strip the bark, sand the wood, and finish with a natural sealer.

You can use a precut wood round for the base (available in home improvement stores). You can also use any thick slab of wood you may already own.

Bolt the log to the base then wrap some rope around it. Add some nails to prevent the rope from coming off.

8. Turntable Scratch Tower

Crank up the interactivity level of your mouser’s scratcher with this entertaining design!

You’ll need a wood round to start. You can cut one from a plank, or get it from an old turntable or lazy Susan.

Use a jigsaw to cut the wood round into three circles. Then, make a base where these circles can fit at different heights.

Fasten a wood post to the base and wrap it with rope. Add a couple of balls in the bottom circle layers and hang two toys from the top.

Your cat will have endless fun clawing at the pole and chasing around the balls and the toys!

Final Thoughts

Making your feline pet a cat scratcher isn’t hard, all you need is a little push! These DIY cat scratching post ideas will give you all the inspiration you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work!