11 Cat Litter Box Ideas for Extra Convenience and Style

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Want to switch from the not-so-attractive appearance of the basic open-design litter box?

Low on space and need to replace that bulky litter box always getting in your way?

Does your meow-ster’s litter box clash with your decor? Are you done having to deal with the mess?

Well, whether it’s one of the above or you’re simply looking for a new kitty litter box, this guide has you covered!

You’re in for a range of cat litter box ideas meant to make your life easier without compromising your feline overlord’s comfort. So buckle up and let’s get you inspired!

Clever Cat Litter Box Ideas

From foldable to covered to hidden, here are 11 cat litter box designs to help you find the best potty solution for your and your feline friend’s needs!

1. Private Dome

Covered litter box
Source: topmart_pet

Is your cat having trouble taking to their open litter box? Some privacy can fix that. 

This cat litter box is completely covered with no slits or holes on the top or sides. Anxious kittens will surely appreciate the extra privacy!

It’s also a plus for trapping odors, so the chances of catching an unwanted whiff are slim!

2. Hidden Gem

You can have a compact house and still find room to tuck away your cat’s litter box – just look at this innovative hack!

Turn one of the cabinets in your laundry closet into a litter box and hit two birds with one stone!

It’ll be out of sight, and you’ll have the scent of laundry products covering up any stink! 

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3. Robot Toilet

Self cleaning robot litter box
Source: petnessgo06

Step into the future with this smart litter box!

It cleans itself with a push of a button; you just need to load it with a trash bag.

Say goodbye to that smelly chore and give your cat a private, safe place to take care of its business.

It even features a filter and an airing system to stay fresh.

4. Space Saver

Cat in a foldable cat box
Source: otto.loafbun

Purr-fect for small rooms and messy kittens, this cat litter box has a lot to offer!

For one, it folds! This makes it easy to store and pack; a plus for anyone living in an apartment or often on the road.

Bonus – the front entrance doesn’t allow the cat to go out. Your little ball of fur has to leave from the top.

This is where the gaps in the lid come in handy! The litter stuck to the cat will fall inside, saving you the extra cleanup.

5. Sleek Seclusion

Rounded minimalistic modern cat litter box
Source: sanchelove

This cat litter box doesn’t just offer privacy, it looks good doing it!

I just love the slick, minimalist design. It also has a modern vibe that goes well with today’s smart home gadgets.

Bonus – it’s rounded, so it’s much easier to clean than the corners on squared/rectangular litter boxes.

6. On the Move

Need a cat litter box that you can easily move around? You got it!

This simple design has a top handle – you can carry it or walk with it like a briefcase.

It’s covered to offer privacy and comfort for your kitty. The bottom also snaps off for easy cleaning.

7. Storage Box

If you have a simple plastic storage box with a lid on the front, you can turn it into a litter box.

You’ll need to take off the lid so your feline buddy can get in, but that’s about all the work to it!

Just add some litter on the bottom and show it to your cats. You can go as big or small as you need with the box.

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8. Plywood Throne

A sleek DIY plywood litter box

If you’re crafty and you like working on DIY projects, then you’ll love this litter box!

You can make it using plywood and the inspiration is mid-century furniture vibes.

It feels sleek yet rustic, which blends beautifully with modern and classic-modern indoor decor.

The neutral beige and white combo goes with most color schemes, but you can paint it in any shade(s) to match the room’s palette!

9. Camouflage Potty

Camouflaged litter box hidden in a bed side table drawer

If the cat weren’t in the picture, you would think this was just a vintage drawer cabinet.

Well, that’s exactly the point!

The idea is to incorporate the cat litter box into furniture. It can be a cabinet or a small table – It’ll blend right in and even look good on its own, never out of place.

You can make it extra functional by keeping your little tiger’s toys and accessories inside.

10. Drawer Sandbox

Hidden drawer for litter box at the bottom of a dresser

If you have a drawer unit in the room, you can make one of the drawers into a “secret” litter box.

The best option is the lowest drawer. It’s easier to get into for your feline pet and less messy for you.

Simply place a litter tray inside the drawer. The tray’s size should allow the drawer to close all the way. 

While closed and not in use, it just looks like a normal drawer in the unit! 

You or your cat can open it to reveal the litter box when needed.

11. Cat Tree Extension

multi tier cat tree with scratch posts, litter box and cat beds

Do you have a cat tree already set up for your purring pal(s)?

Or are you thinking about installing one?

In both cases, the bottom level can double as a litter box. This will save you room and help the cat feel more secure since the cat tree is their territory.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cat litter boxes, the priority is to make your pawed pet feel at ease. 

Good news! The ideas in this guide boost cats’ safety and comfort. They’re also convenient for your space, decor, and cleanup needs.