Aimicat Vs. Litter Robot

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Automatic cat litter boxes are innovative devices beneficial for fur parents seeking advanced solutions to make pet care and maintenance convenient. 

Unlike traditional litter boxes, where you have to scoop out your pet’s waste manually, automatic litter boxes have a self-cleaning feature that offers several benefits, like improved pet hygiene and odor reduction. It also allows pet owners to save money in the long run.

That said, automatic litter boxes are simple and convenient solutions for busy cat owners seeking to save time and effort in maintaining their pet’s hygiene without compromising their health and well-being.

With many automatic litter boxes available in the market, we’ve narrowed down to two of the most popular options: Aimicat and Litter Robot.

Aimicat vs. Litter Robot, how do their features compare with each other, and which one is best? Let’s also evaluate the pros and cons of these automated self-cleaning litter boxes.

Aimicat Product Overview

A white Aimicat litter box

Launched in 2020, the Aimicat smart self-cleaning litter box does all the dirty work for you! It’s equipped with an intelligent sensor that cleans off feces and replaces it with a new cat litter bed right after. 

Regarding voltage input, the device requires 100-200v AC and has no built-in battery. The wiring is bite-proof and kitty safe, so you don’t have to worry about your cats chewing it off or about electric hazards. 

The litter box’s interior is made with pet-friendly, non-stick silicone that effectively combats odors, is easy to clean, and is durable. 

The product claims to use 50% less cat litter compared to when using non-automated cat litter boxes, so it guarantees long-term savings.

Pros and Cons of Aimicat

One of the advantages of The Aimicat is it has a more efficient deodorizing technology. It has a noiseless feature too. Plus, it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Unlike Litter Robot, Aimicat can detect cats regardless of their weight. Most importantly, Aimicat is relatively cheaper than other popular options.

When it comes to downsides, Aimicat doesn’t have customizable features and app synchronization. 

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Litter Robot Product Overview

The Litter Robot self-cleaning litter box is one of the high-rated choices for automatic litter boxes. In fact, it was hailed as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022. Forbes also notes the device as a smart litter box worth the money. 

The litter box requires a 15v DC input. It’s also easy to assemble and is WiFi enabled. 

At the same time, Litter Robot claims to reduce litter usage by up to 50%.

Highest rated self cleaning robot litter box 2

Pros and Cons of Litter Robot 

Litter Robot can accommodate up to four felines, whereas Aimicat can only accommodate up to three. 

You can keep track of the litter box’s status by connecting it to WiFi and accessing it through the Whisker application. 

It’s easy to set up, doesn’t require regular cleaning or check-up, and comes with a 90-day in-home trial and warranty. 

When it comes to disadvantages, the Litter robot is more expensive than Aimicat, cats smaller than 5 pounds can’t trigger the sensor and stimulate litter cycling, and the deodorizing mechanism doesn’t eliminate odors.

Aimicat vs. Litter Robot: Comparison of Features



  • Globe-shaped with a Broad Base
  • Smart Infrared Sensor to Separates Waste
  • Easy to Clean
Litter Robot

Litter Robot

  • Dome-shaped with Control Buttons and LED Light Indicators
  • Infrared Sensor with Adjustable Cycle Timer
  • Easy to Clean

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both products’ key features:


The Aimicat automatic litter box features a pet-friendly, comfortable, globe-shaped design, almost resembling an astronaut’s helmet. 

Meanwhile, the Litter Robot 3 Connect features a rotating dome-shaped design. It has control buttons and LED light indicators too.

Compared to Litter Robot, Aimicat has a broader base, while the former is more egg-shaped.  

Odorless Mechanism

The odorless mechanism of Aimicat is a combination of a removable carbon filter and a negative air pressure deodorizing system. 

Together, these two components cleanse the air from within and effectively trap and neutralize unpleasant odors, so you can confidently walk around the house without a bothersome smell. 

Litter Robot uses a carbon filter, too, and has an enclosed waste drawer to collect dirty litter and limit odor.

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Self-Cleaning Mechanism

The Aimicat little box is powered with a smart infrared sensor that tracks your cat’s activity and detects clumps right after your pet finishes off its business.

Once your little one is done, the litter box separates your cat’s wastes and drops them into a negative pressure-sealed chamber. As a result, unpleasant odors can’t escape and infiltrate your space. 

After the feces are disposed of, the litter box automatically refills with fresh, brand-new litter. 

The Litter Robot’s self-cleaning mechanism utilizes an infrared sensor that works like the Aimicat. However, you can adjust the cycle timer between three to fifteen minutes. 

Size and Dimensions

The Aimicat automatic litter box’s dome interior measures 450 x 470 x 420 mm. It can accommodate cats that measure up to 450 mm from neck to bum.

For Litter Robot, specifically Litter Robot 3 Connect’s (the highest rated Litter-Box model) interior dome measures 381-432 (depending on litter level) x 508 x 508 mm. It has no weight limit, so almost all domestic cats can snugly fit inside. 

A cat with Aimicat litter in the background

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

The Aimical self-cleaning litter box is easy to clean and maintain—no special equipment or complicated disassembly is needed. 

To deep clean the litter box, lift off the dome and clean it with pressurized water. Taking out the bag of dirty litter from the compartment is also clean and convenient. All it takes is one snap.

The Litter Robot is easy to clean and maintain too, and no regular cleaning or checkups are required. You can easily disassemble the unit and deep clean it at least twice a year. Just pop off the top piece of the dome using two buttons.

Since you receive real-time notifications about the litter box’s status through the app, you can empty your waste compartment on schedule. 


The Aimicat litter box costs between $249 to $329, while the average cost of Little Robot is $499.

Unique Features

With its ultra-quiet motor, the Aimicat produces little to no noise, so it’s beneficial not just for your feline friends but for you as well. 

Litter Robot, on the other hand, is packed with more advanced features. For example, you can sync it with your smartphone, where you can get notifications about the litter box’s status through the Whisker app. 

It also features a sleep mode and an automatic night light. 

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Final Verdict: Which Automatic Litter Box is Better?

Both automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are excellent choices—they’re easy to clean and maintain, are pet-friendly, and almost noiseless. 

But if you want a cheaper option with an effective deodorizing mechanism that can accommodate even smaller cats, then the Aimicat is an excellent choice. 

However, if you’re a busy fur parent with the budget for advanced features like WiFi connectivity and app-tracking, then Litter Robot is for you. It also comes with a warranty and customizable features. Plus, the product’s night light feature is helpful for elderly pets.

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