7 Modern Cat Tree Designs Your Furball Will Love

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Nothing looks more wholesome than your cat napping peacefully on a cat tower. But many cat parents don’t like commercial cat trees or traditional, bulky ones that lack a sense of style.

Don’t worry; you can still build a cat tree that’s both functional and pairs well with your room’s aesthetics.

Several modern cat tree designs can be reliable sources of inspiration. So, look at these seven cat tree ideas, settle on your favorite, and start assembling your own!

Vertical Adventures: 7 Modern Cat Trees That Complement Your Decor

There’s a perfect cat tower for every fur buddy, from multi-layered and complex to basic trees. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Luxurious Loft for a Glamorous Nap

A wooden cat tree with scratch posts
Source: kzlaapet

If you have a spacious living room, this multi-tiered cat tree can fit in beautifully. It works best in households with multiple cats. At the same time, one kitty will still enjoy having it all for himself!

The solid wood cat tower gives off luxurious vibes with its various platforms. There’s a comfy area with a pillow where your cat can rest and two glass-bottomed nests. As for the tallest one, it features a cute little railing like your kitty’s personal balcony.

The tree also has several scratch posts to keep your cat off your precious furniture.

As for the design itself, it’s reminiscent of the Scandinavian style. So, the tree will work well in an IKEA-furnished room!

A luxurious cat tree with a white cat sleeping in it
Source: kzlaapet

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2. Simple Basket for the Minimalist Kitten

Small apartments require slim cat trees that don’t take up much space like this little basket.

Its knitted construction increases the coziness of your room, as if your cat is napping in a fabric bowl. But the basket is sturdier, as it supports your kitten’s weight while hugging her for more comfort.

Plus, this design is ideal for building a cat tower on a tight budget because it doesn’t need too many components. After finishing up, you can attach a suspended furball or a scratch post so your cat can play and exercise.

3. Fur-lined Cat Tree Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Something about this cat tree design is inviting, cozy, and luxurious all at once. You can make it by attaching one or two wooden platforms to a single tree structure with a sturdy base.

The cherry on top is to line each platform with faux fur. Not only is the fur comfortable, but it’ll also pair well with other decorative items, like sheepskin rugs.

4. Equally Chic and Fun Tower for Your Active Feline

A wooden minimalistic cat tree with a toy hanging from it
Source: designmilk

Consider this cat tree design if your furniture is all straight lines. Its structure doesn’t resemble a tree trunk or branches. Instead, it consists of stylish cylindrical posts and smooth rectangular floors!

What’s more interesting is that you can customize the cat tower because it’s modular. So, you can play with the position of the platforms, toys, and scratch posts to find the sweet spot for your cat.

5. Actual Tree Trunk for True Outdoor Lovers

Solid cat tower from a natural tree trunk
Source: ragazzoasia

You can satisfy your cat’s climbing instincts by creating a cat tower from a natural tree trunk. Choose one solid enough to hold your kitty’s shifting weight, plus the addition of a hanging basket.

The best thing about this design is that the structure doubles as a scratch post. The tree trunk allows your cat to expel all her pent-up energy without buying a special type of rope.

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6. Stylish and Rugged Tower for Spoiled Hunters

This cat tree design is rustic, glamorous-looking, and functional all at once. It’s made from real tree parts plus faux fur on the platforms so your little hunter can rest in style!

But this beautiful creation needs a stable base to stand the test of time. So, don’t hesitate to use high-quality wood for the base. 

You should also assemble the parts with utmost care to avoid flimsy joints. This factor is crucial if you have a heavy cat that needs adequate weight support. 

Plus, strong joints will maintain the tower’s integrity if your kitty tries to push the tree to the ground.

When you complete building the tree, you can surround your cat with her favorite cat toys to make her feel at home. Feel free to customize the tower as you see fit, like adding hanging balls for hours of fun playtime.

7. Every Beginner’s Dream Cat Tree Come True

Don’t fret if you don’t have much experience in DIY projects because here’s a cat tree design that’s easy to recreate. You only need some sisal rope, a base of dried wood, and a thick tree trunk to support the weight of your pet.

Then, grab round pieces of wood to make the platforms and choose the padding and lining materials. In this step, you may go for faux fur, couch fabric, or any other alternative your feline friend will like.

Put everything together, wrap the trunk with sisal rope, and watch your cat have the time of his life!

This cat tree design can be a fantastic addition to a homemade cat room, too. Complete the look with cat-inspired shelving and cute wall-mounted hammocks for napping. 

You can also add staircases and catwalks that offer your cat stimulation opportunities.

To Wrap It Up

Modern cat tree designs are endless; you only have to know where to look. Hopefully, my list of nine cat tower ideas will inspire you to make your cat something special with lots of love.

The key is to combine functionality, durability, and fun elements so your pet has a great time. Don’t forget to think about aesthetics, too, if you want a seamless design that blends with your home decor.

When choosing the right design, consider the level of difficulty and your cat’s needs. Also, determine how much space the tree will occupy so you don’t clutter your room.