14 Creative Cat Christmas Tree Decorations for the Perfect Feline Holiday

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The holidays are something everyone looks forward to, and I’m betting your cats are too!

My cats, for instance, adore the Christmas-themed catnip cookies I bake for them every holiday.

They also enjoy my creative endeavors when decorating the Christmas tree—or at least I think they do. It’s hard to tell with cats.

Now it’s your turn to try out these ideas this upcoming Christmas. Check out these 14 cat Christmas tree decorations for the purr-fect holiday!

1. Fishy Paper Fun

A Christmas tree decorated with colorful paper lanterns shaped like fish

This particular DIY project is a personal favorite of mine. Plus, it’s super fun to set up. If you have kids, they’ll also love creating a gift for their feline pets! 

Using colorful paper, craft several colorful paper fish and hang them for your cats to play with. Take it a step further and hide bells or lanterns in the fish. It adds an extra layer of fun for the cats! 

2. DIY Paper Ball Bonanza

A Christmas tree adorned with colorful festive crinkly ball ornaments

This idea is yet another fun DIY project you can work on. It’s especially perfect if you found it hard to craft the fish above.

Paper balls would do fine in that case! They’re just as colorful, for starters. You can also cover the balls in festive gift wrappers.

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3. Jingle Bells Jamboree

A Christmas tree decorated with colorful jingle bells strung together

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some jingle bells (pun intended!).

Cats love them, so why not hang some on your tree or their cat post? With curious paws, your pets will enjoy ringing the colorful bells!

4. Cozy Cat Cubby

A sturdy Christmas tree decorated with miniature cat beds adorned with twinkling lights

This one is tricky, but it is worth it!

Decorate your Christmas tree with cat beds, dangling toys, and twinkling lights. Doing so helps create the perfect sleepy-time haven for your feline friends.

And when the cats wake up from their naps, they have tree leaves and ornamental balls to play with! It’s a win-win.

5. A Cat-Inspired Holiday Homage 

A modern Christmas tree decorated with sleek silver ornaments shaped like paw prints and sparkly snowflakes

Honor your cat—or cats; I’m not judging, I have 5—by adding cat-inspired ornaments to your tree this year.

They can be paw or mouse-shaped or even look like your cat. Here’s another great idea:

Take Polaroid pictures of your buddy and hang those on the tree too.

6. Catnip & Christmas Cheer

A rustic Christmas tree adorned with pinecones miniature catnip filled stockings and felt ornaments

What makes a Christmas tree? The hanging of important items to showcase them to the world.

Apply the same concept to your cats! Gather their beloved items, like catnip or tiny mice toys, and hang them on their tree.

Make sure to decorate below the tree as well. For example, you can fill up some stockings with treats and gifts for your cats to find.

7. Purrfectly Pawsome Tree

Christmas tree with lights and little kitten shaped ornaments

Are you as obsessed with cats as I am? Then that means the most important thing in the world for you is cats!

Adorn this year’s Christmas tree with several, cat-shaped ornaments. This shows your guests just how much cats mean to you.

8. A Tasty Christmas

Tall cat tree decorated with an array of delicious looking ornaments like freeze-dried salmon treats

I don’t know about you but my favorite part of any holiday is the food. Your cats would appreciate some tasty treats during Christmas as well!

Dangle some treats, whether homemade or store-bought, on your cat’s Christmas tree.

Also, consider putting a few on high branches to challenge your felines.

9. Upside-Down Feline Playground

Cat playing with festive toys and balls dangling from the ceiling

Okay, hear me out. Cats love to jump, climb, and use their paws to play with dangling toys and balls, right?

Use that to your advantage. Dangle an ornamental display from the ceiling above their Christmas tree. It could also be near it.

By doing so, your furry friends will spend hours jumping around, having the time of their lives. 

Get them to enjoy their new holiday-themed play station!

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10. Meowjestic Tree Crown

A cat-shaped Christmas tree topper

A Christmas tree isn’t complete without the perfect tree topper. And what’s more perfect than a cat-shaped topper? The answer is nothing!

While it’s not a decoration your cats will find interesting, you can make it so. 

Instead of buying a generic one from the store, craft one from scratchy materials. You can use sisal fabric, for example, or cardboard. That’s how you get them to play around with it!

11. Pawsome Kitty Stockings

Kitty stockings on a little fireplace with wrapped gifts

There’s so much you can do with stocking come Christmas time. My favorite idea? Print pictures of my precious fur babies on the stocking and then hang them off my tree.

But you can be as creative as you want with this idea! You can instead fill up the stockings with trinkets and treats for your cats. They’d certainly love that Christmas gift.

12. Polaroid Cat Pictures

Close up of a Christmas tree with cat portraits as ornaments

A picture is worth a million words – or so the saying goes. 

You’ll need a Polaroid camera for this one. Take instant photos of your furry friends to show off this Christmas.

Use clothing pins to hang them on the branches. While at it, dangle some yarn balls and colorful bells to complete the theme.

13. Plants on Plants!

Tiny DIY potted plants hung of a Christmas tree with baby lights and a small cat figurine

Do you know that there are several plants that your feline buddies love?

For this Christmas, adorn their tree with little DIY pots filled with those plants? You can choose from catnip, orchid, lemongrass, mint, and more!

14. Twinkling Fish Frenzy

Twinkling fish-shaped lights around a cat under a Christmas trees

I end my list with this banger. Twinkling fish lights not only look adorable, but my cats also love messing around with them. 

Be careful, though. If you’re not watching closely, your cat might get lost in the fun and quickly get tangled up in them!

Final Thoughts

Nobody said Christmas isn’t for cats too! 

Spread the holiday cheer with these 14 cat Christmas tree decorations. I’m sure they’ll bring joy both to you and your furry friends. 

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