18 Amazing Professional Cat Photography Ideas and Inspiration

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Do you think that your cat can be America’s next top model? 

You are not alone. Almost all cat lovers are fond of taking endless pictures of their cats. Let’s face it: these intriguing and playful creatures never cease to amaze us, and you just need a camera or smartphone to record their unexpected funny moments. 

Our Favorite Professional Cat Photography Ideas and Inspiration

There are many professional cat photography ideas and inspirations you can consider. This guide will highlight a few. 

1. Staring Into Your Soul

Show your kitty’s confidence and wittiness with a simple stool and a minimalist background that highlights the color of its eyes. If you have a strong-willed cat, this photography idea will show its confidence. 

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2. Tiger Standing Stance

Source: lighting2k

When you first look at this picture, it gives off tiger vibes. This cat probably heard something that made her feel alert, like the wind chimes or a dog barking in the distance. The smart photographer was ready to capture this timeless moment. 

3. Celebrate Love for Our Earth

We are all the children of the Earth, and there’s no better occasion than Earth Day to show appreciation to our beloved planet. Here, Gary and his human buddy are enjoying the views and capturing the serenity of the lake and rocky formations. 

4. May the Best Skier Win

While I’m not sure Gary can ski, he can definitely rock those ski goggles. Yes, if you’re taking your feline friend for a walk in the snow, don’t forget to use them for protection. Did I say that they’re also great photography accessories?

5. Easter Lady

Source: purfectpose

Use a pastel-colored hat to match the Easter Eggs and capture a fun photo of your lady cat. It takes patience and practice to ensure your feline won’t break them all, but don’t forget to treat her after you’re done. 

6. The Dark Side 

Source: purfectpose

Using some lighting props and an editing app, you can bring out the dark side of your kitty, like the photographer did with Morticia. If you zoom in, you can see the lighting pattern in her eyes, making her look like she’s coming from another world. 

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7. To Many Happy Occasions

Source: purfectpose

Do you want photo inspiration for the New Year or your cat’s birthday? Use golden accessories to make the fur of your dark-colored kitty shine. The birthday hat adds a lovable edge to the picture. 

8. In Her Eyes

Source: purfectpose

Have you ever wondered what your cat is thinking? The photographer here probably asked the same question. Is dinner ready? What am I going to do when my human starts working?

While I don’t know the answer, you can use the same setup to capture a closeup of your furry ball. 

9. A Kitten in Hand

Source: furry fritz

Holding a kitten in your hand without it twitching and twisting can be challenging. But once it’s a little older, you can gently hold it like an ice cream cone and take a photo that shows how little and innocent it looks. 

10. The Halo Effect

Source: furryfritz

Make your kitten or adult cat look extra magical with a rim light setup. It will create a majestic halo effect like it’s coming out of a Renaissance painting and show how fluffy and cute it is. 

11. Kitty in Motion

Source: furryfritz

Capturing your furry ball in motion isn’t always easy, but it will result in one of the most iconic photos you can ever take. Here, the photographer took his cat, Lizzy, outside on a snowy day and probably called her back to him, freezing this moment in time. 

12. Curious Cat

Source: furryfritz

We all know how curious cats are, and you can take a picture that showcases this trait. Just dangle a keychain or a necklace next to your phone or camera, and your kitty may try to grab it. 

13. Cat in a Bowl

Source: furryfritz

Cats are so playful, and every cat owner knows how fond they are of putting themselves in the least convenient spots. Our model here is innocent, though. But you can use a salad bowl as your cat’s bed during this fun and entertaining photoshoot. 

14. What Lies Beyond

Don’t you just feel you can’t stop staring at your cat’s beautiful eyes? I can’t help it, as their stunning eyes tell us a lot about their ancient history with galaxy-like formations that reflect the light. Grab your phone and get as close to your kitty as possible to photograph this unearthly beauty. 

15. Sweet Dreams

Be ready with your camera to capture a serene moment when your furry baby travels in the dream world. There’s nothing more peaceful than a picture of a lovely cat lying next to its favorite stuffed animal. 

16. Royal Beauty

All you need is a soft cushion to relax your cat until you can take a fascinating photo like this one. With this simple setup, you can show how delicate, peaceful, and confident these creatures are. The secret always lies in the eyes. 

17. Jump Kitty Jump!

Luckily, cats will never miss a chance to play with whatever you throw at them. And this feathery toy will tempt your furry ball to jump into the air. The result? An impressive photo like this one. 

18. Cats and Feathers

Here’s another example of how a feathery toy will be the best photoshoot prop you could ever use. Just toss it around, move it along the floor, or throw it into the air, and you’ll be able to take photos from all angles that show your cat’s eternal beauty. 

Final Thoughts

We can’t get enough of our lovely cats, and our photos of them remind us of the happy moments we share. Instead of the same old and boring photos, refer to this guide for impressive photography ideas to add to your collection.