12 Cat and Dog Best Friend Photos

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Can cats and dogs become friends? Tom and Jerry’s cartoon probably showed you that it’s impossible. But in real life, cats and dogs can share one of the warmest relationships in the animal world. 

Many people feel skeptical about bringing a dog home when they already have a cat or vice versa. However, the following cat and dog best friend photos will show the compassion and love these animals can have for each other. 

Cat and Dog Best Friend Photos

Some cat and dog species are more tolerant of one another’s presence, while others can start fights and be a little aggressive.

Early socialization and maintaining house rules can make this relationship successful. Here are some photos of cats and dogs that showcase their friendship. 

1. Best Friends Nap Together

These two feel comfortable in the presence of one another, snuggling like two siblings. The photographer sneaked to capture this peaceful moment on one lazy afternoon after they enjoyed playing all morning.

I bet they’re dreaming about all the games they’ll share once they wake up. 

2. Cozy Snuggles

As two rescue pets, these two might have spent a lot of time stranded, but not today. The cat and dog are happy to share this cozy moment, feeling safe and warm in the cold weather.

Their hug shows their deep connection and indicates that they trust each other. 

3. Relaxing on a Hammock

After all the fun and games, it’s time to relax, and our hero cat and dog love snuggling in the hammock.

Baloo and Pan can spend hours relaxing without worry, knowing that a tasty treat is probably on the way. If you’re worried about them planning a disaster, you can set up a camera to watch these two amazing animals. 

4. Going on a Trip

Pan and Baloo are fond of going on trips and nothing beats tailgating in their favorite truck. Imagine this truck bed full of all their favorite toys while they go to explore nature with their humans.

It’s a fun day they’re both looking forward to, and the camera was ready to freeze this incredible moment, showcasing their everlasting friendship. 

5. Trick or Treat

Despite the disguise, we can still sense the close relationship Pan and Baloo share. These two are dressed up for Halloween and posed for this picture, showing that they won’t miss celebrating any holiday. 

Their costumes make the photo look super elegant, so don’t forget to get your pets dressed up for the next holiday. But go easy on the treats and stick to healthier options. 

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6. Don’t Look Up

Intrigued little cat and dog looking up at heir owner in anticipation
Source: nala_cat

Nala and Spencer are two curious friends, and the photographer captured their playful nature in this photo. They’re probably intrigued by a noisy or feathery toy that grabbed their attention, and we imagine that they started plotting something right after taking this photo. 

To recreate this photo, hold any toy and move it above your furry babies, and be ready to take a fantastic photo with the camera. 

7. Bring a Pet Home

Cute orange dog and cat in a little bow tie with their foster parent
Source: bfas_ut

Pet fostering helps pets adapt to a home environment before they’re adopted. At the same time, it creates space for another animal that hasn’t found a home yet. 

Although these animals spend much time at a shelter, they can share a warm friendship despite all odds. The dog and cat are excited about their life ahead, and this photo shows their happiness. 

8. Two Models

Many people believe a cat and dog will have a competitive and strained relationship when they live together. But Chupie and Shammy are here to prove otherwise. 

They’re posing to record a moment highlighting their friendship, not caring about what others say about the relationship between cats and dogs. 

9. Who’s There?

What do cats and dogs think when they’re playing together? Nobody knows for sure. 

But these two were probably discussing a secret plan when the photographer taking this photo interrupted them. They look so adorable, though. 

10. Fuzzy Tail

A cute cat playing with a large dog's fluffy tail

Cats and dogs have some flexible boundaries when it comes to personal space. This dog doesn’t mind the kitty playing with his tail, and this photo shows it. Do you think that this pup will maintain its calmness if the cat decides to take a bite? There’s only one way to find out. 

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11. One, Two, Three, Jump!

Little puppy and kitten running after eachother

Nothing beats the fun you can have with your furry bestie. With proper and early socialization, kittens and puppies can start a good friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Although it’s recommended to keep them separate at first, they’ll be inseparable once they get used to one another. 

You might notice some tension at first, but with caution and practice, you’ll have a warm and loving household that these two peaceful creatures call home. 

12. Let’s Play

A cat and a dog playing fight on a rig at home

Are you worried about your kitten and puppy getting into a fight? With proper training, they’ll play together like siblings, and you’ll have two best friends who can’t live without one another.

You might have to use a strong vacuum cleaner to clean all the loose hair after they play on the shaggy rug, but who cares?

Final Thoughts

Cats and dogs can be best friends, but you should follow the proper steps to introduce them to each other.

Even if they didn’t have time for early socialization, adult rescue and foster cats and dogs feel compassion and love, enjoying a friendship that can fascinate many humans.