Will My Cat Eat My Hamster? All You Need to Know

Will my cat eat my hamster

Most animal lovers who have the pleasure of owning a pet look for ways to keep more than just one pet. However, there are certain considerations that must be accounted for in order to make the process a lot better for existing pets as well as their owners. Cats, for example, as cute and fluffy … Read more

Kitten Trying To Nurse On Spayed Cat – How Can I Help?

Kitten Trying To Nurse On Spayed Cat

Having kittens may also feel like you’ve become a mom. It feels like a newfound responsibility. This responsibility, of course, can balloon if your cat doesn’t get spayed after having a litter of kittens. If you’ve decided to get your cat spayed before her litter has been weaned, it’s normal to worry whether your cat … Read more

Do Cats Get More Affectionate With Age?

Do Cats Get More Affectionate With Age

Every cat lover knows these little felines are aloof and prefer to be independent. It’s almost like the eighth wonder of the world when a cat voluntarily decides to crawl onto your lap but is it that impossible for a cat to get affectionate with age? Here’s all you need to know! Do Cats Get … Read more

Pregnant Cat Calling As If In Heat (Explained!)

Pregnant Cat Calling As If In Heat

If you own a female cat, you’re undoubtedly more than familiar with her behavior and the sounds she makes when she’s ready to mate. However, it can be understandably confusing when your furry pal is still exhibiting that same behavior when she has already done the deed. Not to worry, we are here to help … Read more

What if My Cat Licks Revolution? Help!

What If My Cat Licks Revolution?

As cat owners, besides wishing for fur-free furniture and clothes, we also want our furry friends to live a carefree life. Free of all kinds of discomforts. That’s why we usually rush to various types of medication when they become ill or bothered by fleas, one of which is Revolution. Revolution is a topical parasiticide. … Read more

Mother Cat Biting And Kicking Kittens – What About It?

Mother Cat Biting And Kicking Kittens

Some people believe that raising a cat is easy. After all, cats don’t require daily walks, and they’re easily trained to use litter boxes. But if we’re being honest here, cats can be quite a handful to deal with. They get cranky, walk away when you want to cuddle, and accidentally —or not-so-accidentally— scratch you … Read more

How to Stop a Cat From Pulling up the Carpet?

How to Stop a Cat From Pulling up the Carpet

Having a cat as a pet can truly be a blessing. It can be very rewarding and beneficial to your well-being. Their gentle companionship can help ease the stress of everyday life and prevent the awful feeling of loneliness. However, these adorable feline creatures have their needs, and sometimes those needs can somewhat be of … Read more

Why Is My Cat Making Weird Mouth Movements?

Why Is My Cat Making Weird Mouth Movements

Cats come with their fair share of quirks, from bouncing off walls and completely blowing you off, to sleeping in tight spots like boxes or bowls (even though that luxurious cat bed you got is just sitting there!). Sometimes we understand their behaviors; like when your feline pet meows by the door as if demanding … Read more