16 Silly and Sassy Side-Eye Cats Who Will Make You Laugh

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As every fur parent knows, cats are highly emotional and expressive creatures. According to National Geographic, these furry felines have as many as 276 facial expressions.

When cats are happy, they purr, knead, or blink slowly. When sad, they hide, hiss, or lose their appetite. But what happens to cats when you’ve done something to offend them?

The answer is simple: they give you the sassiest side-eye ever. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this stare, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most hilarious side-eyes from cats not impressed by their owners!

1. Don’t Touch the Remote

Source: whiskeryy

This chunky gray kitty is binge-watching its favorite shows and meow-vies. You better not interrupt, or you’ll get a cold, hard side-eye!

If you’re wondering why some cats love watching TV, it’s partly because of their hunting instincts. The sudden sounds and quick movements on the screen easily draw their attention.

2. Cat Wants Your Lap

Tabby cat giving the camera a side-eye
Source: beau_the_bfg

Beau is the name of this plump tabby cat who lives in Boston. Beau wants nothing more than to snuggle on your lap. But he’s too proud to ask for it, so he’ll just give you a side-eye instead.

Tabby cats are known for being smart and sociable. They’re not the type to run and hide whenever there’s a visitor around.

3. Monday Morning Mood

Orange cat and her toy side eyeing the camera
Source: indoor_cat

The weekend is over, and this lovely bicolor cat named Roxy isn’t happy about it! She needs a cup of cat-puccino to start her day.

Did you know that female orange cats like this are quite rare? Because of cat genetics, you’re three times more likely to see a male orange cat than a female one.

4. Woke Up Like This

Gray tabby cats have a reputation for being sweet and sensitive. But their sassy side can come out if you wake them up from a catnap, like this one!

You can easily identify a tabby cat by the M mark on their furry little forehead.

5. Tuxedo Cat Is Unimpressed

Tuxedo cat unimpressed giving a side eye
Source: maumau.thecartooncat

Did you finish writing a new book? Did you get promoted at work? Have you discovered a miracle cure? Did you win a million dollars in the lottery? You had better try harder because the tuxedo cat is still unimpressed!

True to its name, this classy kitty is famous for its unique black and white coat, which resembles a formal tuxedo.

6. You’re Sitting in My Spot

The reason behind this sassy kitty’s side-eye is purr-fectly clear. Her sister is always stealing the best spot on the sofa!

Interestingly, most cats choose their sitting spots in the same way. They prioritize warmth, safety, and a snug fit.

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7. More Treats, Less Talking

Close up of a cat's face
Source: hoya_kitten

When a cat discovers that there are no more treats, there’s only one possible reaction: a side-eye! 

This Oriental bicolor kitty has a look of disbelief and disappointment on his face. He just discovered that his fur parent brought a new plant home, but didn’t bring him any treats.

8. Side Eye After Scolding

Grey cat giving a side eye after scolding
Source: mollysmiles

This naughty kitty has an unusual way of asking for attention: attacking its owner’s feet! And after receiving a warning for its misbehavior, the cat responded with a good old side-eye.

In some ways, cats are much like children. They can be angels when they want to, but they can also cause chaos when you turn your back.

9. Mischievous Munchkin Cat

It’s hard to tell what’s going on inside the mind of a cat. But for this mean-looking kitty, you can be sure it’s up to no good!

Munchkin cats like this one are beloved for their round face and short legs, resulting from a genetic mutation.

10. Side-Eyes or Big Eyes?

2 cats looking at camera
Source: allysonlyons

These two furballs are best friends, but they have completely different personalities! 

One of them is watching and judging your every move with a suspicious side-eye. The other is totally surprised by what’s going on, as evidenced by its big, round eyes.

11. When You Get Your Food Bowl Last

During mealtimes, this tuxedo cat always gets his food bowl filled last after all his siblings. He’s gotten pretty used to it by now. 

While waiting for his turn, he keeps up his grooming like the fine gentleman that he is. He also gives his fur parent a snarky side-eye.

12. Bold, Black, and Bombastic Side-Eye

Behold, the narrowest, most suspicious side-eye a cat can ever achieve! It takes lots of practice to do this, but this bold and bossy cat, Brutiss, has mastered the art purr-fectly.

Black cats are often associated with Halloween and all things spooky. But in some cultures, these dark-haired creatures are believed to be symbols of good luck.

13. Purr-fectionist Pussycat

This silver British Shorthair cat has an eye for detail. Everything must be done in the right place, at the right time, and in the right manner. If not, you’ll get a glimpse of its scary side-eye stare.

A fascinating fact about this popular breed is that it’s one of the oldest in the world. These cats date back to ancient Roman times!

14. I’m Not in the Meowd

Playtime, you say? No thanks, this ginger tabby cat would much rather enjoy peace alone. Its face clearly says: I need space; do not disturb me at all costs!

Here’s some interesting trivia: In 1998, an orange tabby named Stubbs was elected Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.

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15. Catitude Purr-roblem

Talk about mood swings—this feisty feline wants to cuddle and bite its fur parent at the same time! What’s hilarious is, it won’t take no for an answer, and responds with a sassy side-eye.

Cats bite their owners for various reasons. Most of the time, they’ll give you a “love bite” when they’re being playful or to signal that they’ve had enough petting.

16. The Sassiest Side-Eye Ever

Last but not least, we have the Queen of the Side-Eye: this cheeky catty named Luna! 

Domestic shorthair cats like her usually have a cool and calm temperament. They aren’t very vocal, but they’ll let you know you’ve done something odd by giving you a sassy stare like this one. 

Wrapping Up

It’s okay to make mistakes or have embarrassing moments. Just try not to have them in front of your cat, or else you’ll sense a pair of adorable little eyes judging you for what you did.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this silliest and sassiest side-eye cat collection! If you want more, stick around your furry friend, as it’s bound to give you a suspicious look sooner or later.