15 Adorable Angry Cats Who Refuse to Smile for the Camera

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In a world full of calm, happy, and pur-fectly behaved kitties, there are always a few with a short temper and a grumpy cattitude.

But with those big, expressive eyes, chubby noses, floppy ears, pointy whiskers, and round faces, it’s hard to take these furry friends seriously. Which is why we’ll do the opposite!

Here’s a collection of angry, yet adorable cat snaps for your viewing pleasure. Prepare yourself for the cuteness overload up ahead.

1. Don’t Disturb the Typing Tabby

A tabby cat sitting on a keyboard with a grumpy frown clearly disapproving of being interrupted

Mr. Grumpy has a lot on his to-do list today. He’s staring at you as if to say: Get back to work!

Although it might not seem like it in this photo, tabby cats are some of the most affectionate furballs out there. If you have one, expect lots of purring, kneading, and head-butting, which are all signs of love!

2. British Shorthair Cat Says Bye

A grumpy British Shorthair cat swatting playfully at the camera and high-fiving owner

Talk to the paw, because this British Shorthair has heard enough nonsense! 

With fiery orange eyes paired with soft and velvety fur, you’ll want to hug and hide from this grumpy cat at the same time. Warning—it may swipe your hand, scratch your camera, and steal your heart.

3. Chunky Cat on a Throne of Pillows

A chunky cat sitting regally on a throne of pillows looking mildly annoyed with an impish grin

This chubby cutie looks like it’s ready to rule the world. It seems quite unhappy with its royal subjects, though. 

If hair is a human’s crowing glory then this cat’s fine fur is its majestic robe. Bold dark stripes and multicolored coats like this are commonly found in Tabby, Shorthair, and Bengal cats.

4. Seriously Annoyed Sphynx

A Sphynx cat with a furrowed brow glaring disapprovingly at a noisy wind up mouse toy that won't leave

Watch out, this surly Sphynx may strike that mouse at any moment! Maybe it doesn’t like noisy wind-up toys and prefers peace.

This one-of-a-kind species is famous for its lack of coat, giving it a nearly naked appearance. Surprisingly, Sphynx cats are highly affectionate and love to cuddle.

5. Pretty, Pink, and Pissed Persian Cat

A grumpy Persian cat wearing a tiny knitted sweater that it clearly loathes glaring daggers at the camera

This fashionable feline is not in the mood for a selfie. Despite its cute bow and cozy knitted sweater, this pussycat is staring daggers into the camera!

You can easily recognize a Persian cat by its big expressive eyes, snub nose, chubby cheeks, and long, luxurious fur.

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6. Calico Cat Keeping an Eye on You

A calico cat napping peacefully in a sunbeam but one eye open and slightly narrowed

Silently snoozing or stealthily watching? This Calico cat can do both! With one eye open and one paw ready to pounce, you better not misbehave in front of this sleepy kitty.

Calicoes are some of the world’s most colorful cats. Just look at that coat—white, orange, and black all in one tiny, furry body.

7. Don’t Mess With the Maine Coon

A Maine Coon cat with a grumpy frown swatting at a butterfly that dares to come too close

This pretty butterfly looks like it’s getting too close for the Maine Coon’s comfort. One more inch and it might face the wrath of this mighty kitty!

What makes this angry cat even more terrifying is the fact that it’s got great hunting skills. Main Coons are also known for their large size, robust build, and thick double coat of long hair.

8. Scottish Fold Kitten Doesn’t Like Veggies

A Scottish Fold kitten with perpetually grumpy eyebrows looking disapprovingly at a bowl of vegetables

By serving more treats and less veggies, you can turn this kitty’s frown upside down! After all, who can say no to that irritated but irresistible face?

Scottish Fold cats have a genetic mutation that makes their ears fold forward and flop against their head. This unique trait gives them a plump and round look that’s undeniably charming.

9. Silently Judging Siamese Cat

A Siamese cat with crossed paws sitting regally on a chaise lounge

Have you ever felt like a pair of eyes were staring at you from across a room, watching and judging everything you do? That seems to be the case with this cross-legged Siamese cat!

This exotic breed is native to Thailand and well-loved for its sleek, smart, and sociable nature.

10. Warm Sunshine, Cold Stare

A fluffy Ragdoll cat sprawled out on a sunny windowsill looking grumpy because the humans are blocking

Don’t be fooled by this lovely Ragdoll’s relaxed pose as it’s sprawled out on a sunny windowsill. Its chilling icy blue eyes are monitoring your every move!

This laid-back breed got its name from its tendency to go limp and floppy when picked up. Ragdoll cats are prized for their soft, silky coat and are often called “gentle giants.”

11. Bengal on a Bookshelf

A grumpy looking Bengal cat perched on a high bookshelf judging everyone beneath it

This unhappy Bengal cat is looking down on you from its lofty palace of books! With its mean eyes, orange coat, and bold black marks, it’s like a smaller, cuter, cuddlier version of a leopard.

Bengals are playful, active, and outgoing creatures. They’re clever enough to open doors, press light switches, and more!

12. Playtime Is Over for Pouty Calico Cat

A calico cat with a grumpy pout refusing to play with its favorite toy because it's dirty

Whatever you do, don’t take this crabby Calico’s cat toy away! Or else you’ve got a big, soft, and fluffy problem coming your way.

Did you know that Calicoes are believed to bring good luck in some cultures? In the past, Japanese sailors used to travel with these colorful cats aboard their ships for protection.

13. Grumpy Tabby Cat Goes to the Vet

A grumpy tabby cat wearing a cone after a vet visit clearly not amused

This cranky tabby has to wear a cone after a trip to the vet, and it’s not happy about it. The expression on its face is saying: You’ve cat to be kidding me!

Tabby cats are among the most popular household pets with a reputation for being friendly and fun-loving. One famous example is the funny and lasagna-loving Garfield!

14. Bummed British Shorthair in a Box

A grumpy British Shorthair cat sitting in a cardboard box looking

Nothing makes a cat happier than a cozy cardboard box to stay in, right? Well, not for this bored and bummed British Shorthair! From the looks of it, it may want to move to a brand-new box.

This special breed of cat is known for its sweet, round face and loyal, loving personality. They’re the pur-fect companions.

15. Fiesty But Fluffy Turkish Angora Cat

A fluffy Turkish Angora cat with a perpetual grumpy expression but soft adorable fur

Finally, we have the angriest kitty on our list—this tiny but mighty Turkish Angora cat! 

Hot temper aside, this beautiful cat breed has a slender and delicate body paired with shimmery white fur and a posh tail. They’re graceful felines and sometimes called “ballerinas.”

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Wrapping Up

Glaring eyes, flattened ears, exposed teeth, and raised hair can only mean one thing. You’ve got an angry cat on your hands! 

Hurry before you miss your chance, and snap a good photo to capture the cat-tastrophe.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing this cute collection of angry yet adorable cats!