20 Cat Art Painting to Decorate Your Space

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Imagine a world where you can capture cats’ mischievous charm. With the right cat art painting, it will be possible. 

Each of these drawings is meant to immortalize a moment when a feline reigned its world. As a cat lover, you won’t get enough of these artistic creations, and this guide will tell you about amazing drawings to add to your collection. 

Our favorite cat art paintings

1. Happy Furiday Henricat

Source: chumblyart

The artist managed to capture the strength in the eyes of this black queen. The dark fur brings out the uniqueness of the green eyes, which match the background. 

Just one look into these eyes tells you this feline has so much determination.

2. That Don’t Impress Me Much

That Don’t Impress Me Much Painting
Source: mininos.exe

Our feline friend reminds us of the Cillian Murphy disappointed meme. Yet, the colored half of the painting shows that this gorgeous cat has some friskiness to show off. 

So, is it bored? Will it jump to play with you? I guess we’ll never know. 

3. One Happy Family

One Happy Family
Source: hamotzi

Who said that dogs and cats can’t be best friends? 

This painting shows otherwise, as we can see these fluffy pets with a smile on their faces. Well, except for the brown cat that looks a little fed up. 

But wouldn’t this be an excellent painting to celebrate a multi-pet household? 

4. Vampire Gothic Cats

Vampire Gothic Cats
Source: phoenix7472

The details in this cat painting are beyond outstanding. The overall gothic theme makes this wall art a good choice for decorating your space for the Halloweens

But with the scary vibes, you can see the mother cat lovingly touching its kittens. Their vampire teeth don’t make it easy, but they’re adorable, nevertheless. 

5. A Good Day

Cat with cotton candy and a goldfish
Source: mcfriendy

This cat art oil painting shows this furry beauty having one of the best days of its life. 

The cat probably went to a theme park, bought cotton candy, and won a goldfish. Now, it’s time to rest and chill after a long and happy adventure. 

6. Innocent Gaze Beyond the Stars

Innocent Gaze Beyond the Stars
Source: yakupayd1n

Have you ever wondered what your furry friend thinks about when it stares into nothingness?

The artist wanted to capture this magical moment where the cat seems to enjoy the starry night’s serenity. 

7. Sip & Purr

Sip & Purr
Source: yakupayd1n

This elegant feline is posing next to a glass of wine on a warm evening. 

Don’t worry. It won’t take a sip, but the gradual transition of colors makes the drawing an excellent wall art piece for any cat lover. 

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8. Galactic Beauty

Galactic Beauty
Source: mininos.exe

In this stunning digital cat art painting, the artist celebrates the beauty of two timeless creations; cats and the galaxies. 

The feline baby looks like a majestic extra-terrestrial being looking at what humanity is up to. It seems a little unamused. 

9. Gentle Embrace Under the Stars

Source: yakupayd1n

Watercolors usually have a soft and gentle feel. In this black-and-white painting, the artist used them to record a brief moment when these two beauties actually hugged each other in a loving embrace. 

The painting shows their sweet nature while enjoying the charm of a starry night. 

10. Event Schedule

Pencil sketch of a cat on a laptop
Source: midsummer_02

Do you just look at your cat and feel it’s up to something?

The artist wanted to celebrate its cat’s sophisticated nature by giving it an iPad to schedule all upcoming get-togethers. With its favorite drink and a napping bunny, we know that this beauty will soon finish work and go have fun. 

11. A Tribute to a Special Friend

A Tribute to a Special Friend
Source: yorucomett

Letting go of your beloved pet can be daunting. The artist wanted to create a cat painting to celebrate the memory of a unique creature that passed on. 

From the cat’s gentle eyes and smooth fur, we can tell it’s probably past her prime. Nevertheless, its unmatched sweet memories still live. 

12. Feline Fantasies

Feline Fantasies
Source: yakupayd1n

Have you ever wondered what cats dream of? Nobody knows for sure what goes on in your feline baby’s head when it’s sleeping

The artist imagined their cat fell asleep while reading its favorite book with the starry night above. It will definitely wake up feeling fresh and excited for a new fun day. 

13. Professor Cat

Professional Cat Oil Pastel Painting
Source: 0_stel

This oil pastel cat art painting makes us feel we’re looking at a wise and witty cat. It probably did some art projects by itself, scratching the walls or spilling colors on the rug. 

There’s so much attention to detail from the tiny glasses to the chic scarf that makes this feline look like a French art professor. 

14. Lost in Space

Lost in Space
Source: mininos.exe

The famous unimpressed cat hits again, and this time with a bright orange cosmic background. This furry beauty is looking down on us earthlings with a slight disappointment. 

Choosing vibrant colors for the background helps bring out the charm in the cat’s calm green eyes. The painting radiates wisdom that shows that this cat knows a lot. 

15. A Girl and Her Guardian

Source: yakupayd1n

As a cat parent, your main job is to provide your pet with safety and protection. At the same time, your cat can help you overcome the darkest moments you deal with. 

In this picture, we can see the girl hugging her cat lovingly, but we know that she can’t sleep one night without her feline guardian. 

16. Blepping Cat

Cute black kitten blepping
Source: flooferei

Blepping is usually a normal sign of curiosity or playfulness. However, It’s one of the cutest things your feline baby might do. 

This artist wanted to record a moment of its playful kitten blepping and showing its wide innocent eyes. So, this will be an excellent memento of a furry baby that is yet to mature. But, if your cat constantly sticks its tongue out, you might need to take it to the vet. 

17. Meet Frankie

Frankie’s owner struggled to take pictures that bring out her feline’s unique beauty. After all, it was just another black cat. 

The artist used every line and dot to show what makes Frankie one of a kind. The tiny white hairs on the chest and the piercing green eyes that reach within your soul tell you that this cat has a story to tell. 

18. In Jammy Dodger Heaven

In Jammy Dodger Heaven
Source: mcfriendy

Cats aren’t fond of desserts, but this cute kitten seems attracted to the sweet treat. It’s probably curious about all the colors and textures. 

This artist highlights the playfulness in the kitten’s eyes as it feels happy with the collection of treats it can indulge in. 

19. Blueberry Muffin Kitty

The cotton candy color and texture of this picture show the beauty and mischievous nature of this adorable kitten. It’s ready to be tickled, promising you years of laughter and purring. 

Keep this painting as a memento of your baby kitten as it grows older. 

20. Two Beauties in a Picture

This calm yet watchful cat seems unbothered by the presence of the colorful and curious butterflies. Cats are actually fond of chasing them, and this acrylic cat art painting pays tribute to a moment when they’re all enjoying the peace and quiet. 

What happens next remains a mystery, though. 

Wrap Up

Cat art paintings are the perfect gift to a cat parent or someone who is generally fond of these frisky and energetic creatures. 

Each one of these paintings shows a unique side to your furry baby. So, which one will you pick?