Travel in Style, Together: 10 Chic And Comfy Cat Carrier Bags for Cats 

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Going on a trip soon? Don’t leave your feline friend behind! 

With the rise of pet-friendly travel carriers, exploring new places with your cat is easier than ever. This list features some of the best cat carrier bags to find today.

1. Traditional Cat Carrier 

Looking for a traditional, no-frills cat carrier? 

You can’t go wrong with this hard-sided cat carrier. The hard plastic shell is secure and stable, perfect for vet visits, extended trips, or any on-the-go adventure with your cat. It’s ventilated throughout and kept securely locked with standard latches. 

Since it doesn’t come with a top-loading design, I’ll have to bump its score down just a little. Otherwise, it’s a solid and reliable carrier with no major design flaws. It’s IATA-approved, too, so you can safely use it for travel. 

2. Transparent Cat Backpack Carrier 

Perfect for curious cats, this transparent backpack carrier gives your cat a panoramic view of the outside world. 

It features a hard plastic shell and a comfortable backpack design, allowing you to carry your feline buddy on your back during your trip. 

Note that this carrier isn’t the best option if your cat is naturally shy or anxious. And while the hard shell covering provides some structure and protection, it’s more susceptible to scratches compared to softer materials. 

3. Four-Sided Expandable Cat Carrier 

Four-Sided Expandable Cat Carrier
Source: clubcoolio

Cramped carriers are a thing of the past with this expandable cat carrier! 

Made with Oxford fabric and high-density EVA board, this carrier offers superior structure and protection for your feline buddy. 

It features multiple mesh windows for ample ventilation, which you can expand for extra space. It can easily fit three to four kittens, or two full-sized adults with the mesh windows extended. 

The sturdy design keeps the carrier upright and secure during use. When not in use, you can fold it down for easy storage. 

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4. Fleece-Lined Cat Carrier 

Handmade Fleece-Lined Cat Carrier

Isn’t this carrier just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? I certainly think so! 

Lined with high-quality fleece, this handmade carrier keeps your cat from getting cold during your travels. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can carry it on your front or back.

The only design flaw of this carrier—if you could call it that—is that it lacks a built-in cover. This means it isn’t suitable for anxious felines or situations where you keep your cat securely contained, like during vet visits and car rides.

5. Travel Bag Cat Carrier 

Lightweight Travel Bag Cat Carrier

This travel bag cat carrier is simple yet functional. 

It’s lightweight and secure, with four mesh sides and zippers on the front, back, and top. 

It also has two convenient carrying options: a handle for handheld transport and an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying. 

6. Astronaut Cat Carrier 

Astronaut Bubble Window Cat Carrier Backpack
Source: noiszakacs

Featuring a bubble-like window for your cat to view the outside world, this astronaut cat carrier is as stylish as it is functional.

It has a durable backpack construction, a roomy and comfortable interior, and three ventilation holes in the bottom of the bag—just large enough for a paw to poke out of. You can use these holes to pet and feed your cats treats during your trip.

7. Transparent Cat Carrier With Wheels

As much as we love carrying our cats, the weight can sometimes be a bit much—especially when walking large distances. 

That’s where this cat carrier comes in handy. With its wheeled design, you can easily transport your cat without straining your back. The wheels are cushioned, so they absorb bumps and vibrations of the road.

The carrier is transparent all around, so your cat can enjoy the beauty of the outside world in all its glory. It has five sizable ventilation holes on top, allowing you to feed your cat some treats for being a good boy during the trip.

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8. Front Pouch Cat Carrier 

If you ever want to carry your cat like a baby, this front pouch cat carrier lets you do that. 

With four holes for your cat’s paws and legs, they can comfortably hang on your front while you carry them around. 

It’s made from soft and breathable fabric to keep your cat cozy and features adjustable straps for a more comfortable fit. 

9. Backpack Carrier 

Featuring four-sided mesh covers and zippered entrances on the top and the front, this backpack carrier is a no-brainer choice for most cat owners. 

It stands by itself, so you can easily put your cat in and out without issues. When you’re not using it, you can fold it down for storage.

It has a hole on top for your cat to peek out of, but note that this hole is quite large and can potentially pose a safety risk if your cat tries to escape. Only unzip the top if you’re 100% sure your cat won’t run away! 

10. Clock Carrier 

Alarm Clock Style Cat Backpack Carrier

Travel with style with this unique-looking cat carrier! CatCo designed this backpack cat carrier in the image of a bedside alarm clock, four legs and all. The front of the carrier is made of transparent plastic, and it has two holes on top for your cat to poke his head out of. 

11. Front Carrier

Front Leg Hole Cat Carrier

This front carrier is ideal for cat owners who value close companionship during travel. It has four holes for your cat’s front and back paws to hang out while being carried. It’s secure on the front and bottom, so your cat feels supported and safe throughout the journey. 

Final Thoughts 

I hope this list of the best cat carrier bags gives you an idea of the diverse options available for you and your cat. You don’t have to settle with the traditional hard-plastic carrier when you have a wide range of styles, materials, and features to choose from!