Step Up Your Cat’s Style: 13 Colorful Cat Collar Trends to Match Your Cat’s Personality

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Just like we express ourselves with our outfits, cats can show off their unique personalities with stylish collars! 

Gone are the days of boring, solid-colored nylon bands and leather collars. This year, playful patterns, bold colors, and unique accessories are all the rage. 

Here are some of the most viral colorful cat collar trends taking the internet by storm!

1. Rainbow Cat Collar 

A playful cat collar made of braided neon rope in various colors, adorned with a charm shaped like a tiny pair of sunglasses.

For a burst of color, you can’t go wrong with this braided rainbow cat collar. It’s vibrant, playful, and a perfect match for cats who radiate positivity and energy. 

The collar in the picture is made with braided nylon. Nylon is a strong, long-lasting material that withstands everyday wear and tear. It’s lightweight, as well, and not to mention affordable. 

If you want to make this collar yourself, use a nylon rope with a diameter between ⅛ inch to ¼ inch for easy braiding. 

2. Iridescent Minimalistic Cat Collar 

A sleek, minimalist cat collar made of iridescent fabric that shimmers with different colors depending on the light.

Simple yet elegant, this iridescent cat collar changes color depending on the lighting. Under direct sunlight, it shimmers green, blue, and purple. Indoors, it appears a soft, pearlescent silver. 

The iridescent film is laminated onto a leather or nylon collar. Leather collars are costlier than nylon, but in exchange, you get a durable collar that ages beautifully over time. Nylon collars are a good alternative, as it’s lightweight and easy to clean and maintain.

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3. Shell Collar 

A bohemian-inspired cat collar made of woven hemp adorned with colorful feathers and a seashell charm.

Whether you live close to the sea or simply love the beach aesthetic, this bohemian-inspired shell collar is perfect for bringing on those summery vibes. 

It’s made of woven hemp and adorned with colorful feathers and shells. 

Hemp is a popular choice for pet collars because it’s naturally hypoallergenic, making it especially beneficial for cats with sensitive skin, like Devon Rexes and Sphinxes. 

It’s also durable, resistant to mildew growth, and, most importantly, comfortable. 

Hemp collars are machine washable, so if your cat tends to get caught in sticky places, you can toss the collar in the laundry with the rest of your clothes to wash off the dirt. 

4. Beaded Collar

Beaded collars have been trending on social media as of late, and for good reason—they look gorgeous on cats! They made them appear royal and sophisticated, especially when fitted with pearls or sparkling crystals. 

5. La Vie en Rose Crochet Collar 

The La Vie en Rose ‘Life In Pink’ Crochet collar exudes style and sophistication. Designed by @PetzzoneCreations on Instagram, this handmade collar is inspired by the timeless beauty of Parisian gardens in full bloom. 

The collar is handcrafted with pink, white, and red yarn, and adored with tiny rose gold beads to give it a charming contemporary flair. 

6. Bow Tie Cat Collar 

Bow Tie Cat Collar
Source: madebycleo

There’s no denying that cats look charming in a bow tie. Cats don’t need a formal event to wear bow ties—they can rock a dapper bow tie any day of the week! 

7. Rose Cat Collar

Fall Foliage Rose Cat Collar
Source: madebycleo

This cat collar takes inspiration from the colors of fall, featuring vibrant orange maple leaves and golden hues that reflect the season’s warmth. The focal point of this collar is the rose crafted from a rich, velvety fabric.

8. Butterfly Cat Collar

Luna the Cat looks stunning with this purple spring-inspired butterfly collar! 

The collar, made from soft nylon, has iridescent butterfly prints all around. A pink and purple butterfly charm and a bell hang in the middle, further accentuating the spring theme. 

9. Cat Jacket 

If your cat isn’t too fond of cat collars, try this cute cat jacket. 

The soft material drapes around a cat’s shoulder and secures it in the front with a rope. The jacket is snug without being restrictive, so your cat can freely move and play with it. 

This alternative cat collar is best suited during winter when extra warmth is appreciated. 

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10. Air Tag Collar 

Apple AirTag GPS Cat Collar
Source: _catz4life_

If your cat loves exploring the great outdoors (or is an escape artist that can rival Houdini himself), you’ll want to ensure their safety and security whenever they roam. That’s where Air Tags come in. 

For the uninitiated, an Air Tag is a small GPS device that attaches to a cat’s collar. The collar sends real-time location updates to your phone, allowing you to track your cat when they wander too far from home. 

You can purchase Air Tags from pet specialty stores and online retailers like Amazon, Chewy, and PetSmart. 

Some brands—like the Apple Air Tag—are costlier than others, but they offer extra features and a more sophisticated tracking technology. 

11. Crochet Cat Collar With Air Tag 

A hand-crafted cat collar made of crocheted with a place for an air tag

This charming crochet cat collar integrates a miniature air tag in the front to track your pet. 

The tracker is super small, so it appears more like a decorative accent than a high-tech gadget. 

The yarn itself creates a soft barrier around the AirTag, offering additional protection without adding any bulk or discomfort for your cat. 

12. Colorful ‘Birds Be Safe’ Cat Collar 

Designed by the Instagram account @BirdsBeSafe, this colorful cat color is a simple yet effective way for birds to spot your cat from afar. 

Made with vibrantly colored fabric, the Birds Be Safe collar looks like a giant, ruffled scrunchie—or a cat version of a clown’s collar! It looks as adorable as it sounds.

13. Crochet Cat Collar With Kitty Design

A hand-crafted cat collar made of crocheted

As much as I love colorful and eye-catching cat collars, I can’t deny the appeal of simple collars. Take this beautiful crochet cat collar as an example. Solid white throughout with a sewed-on kitty pendant in front, this collar is effortlessly elegant and sophisticated. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it; 10 awesome cat collar trends to look out for this year! I’ve added links to most of these collars so you can check them out whenever you see fit. 

Remember, when choosing a collar, design is secondary—it needs to be comfortable first and foremost. Make sure it’s made from soft materials, has a breakaway clasp, and fits properly (not too tight, but not so loose it can slip off).