Top 9 Cozy, Safe, and Cat-Friendly Window Perches!

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Cats are curious by nature, and sticking close to windows allows them to watch birds, squirrels, and passing cars. 

By perching high, they’re feeding their curiosity and getting the mental stimulation they need. 

You need to do your best to provide a sunny spot and a window perch as soon as possible—unless you want to be getting the side-eye for the next month!

These cat-friendly window perches are cozy, safe, and easy to install. I included options for big rooms, small rooms, cold houses, etc.—so you’ll undoubtedly find one that suits you/

1. Window Perch With Harness

A window perch with a secure built-in leash attachment point

Cats are pretty unpredictable, and you don’t want your cat walking freely too close to the window.

If yours loves windows as much as mine does, this window perch with a harness will solve a lot of your problems. I’ll keep your cat safe while doing her favorite leisure time activity: watching the outside.

On top of that, it doesn’t need a considerable space, so it’s a suitable choice for small houses.

2. Recycled Window Perch

A photo of a creative DIY window perch made from recycled materials

Cat supplies are expensive enough, so you don’t need to add to the essential expenses by buying a costly perch. This one here uses wood leftovers and some used cushions, so the cost is virtually zero if you have the right tools.

You can take a look in your basement for old materials you don’t need—I bet you’ll find some pretty useful things that can be used for the perch. If you don’t have wood leftovers, you can use an old basket and hang it using suction cups. 

You can also decorate it using an old quilt or something. 

3. Bird House Window Perch

A stylish window perch with a removable and washable liner

Some people don’t like keeping the perches hung on the windows, and that’s understandable. If you want to keep a distance between the perch and the window, this one here may be your best bet.

It’s pretty stylish, which means it won’t look out of place in your room. On top of that, it’s large enough for the cat to spend plenty of time and even nap. 

I’d suggest getting a perch with removable liners like this one for easier cleaning.

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4. Heated Window Perch

A plush window perch with a built-in heating pad offering warmth in colder climates

If you’re living in a cold state like North Dakota or Minnesota, you’re probably used to frigid winters—but that doesn’t mean your cat is used as well. If she doesn’t deal well with the cold, you can get a heated window perch like this one. 

It’s the next best thing after going outdoors, which is typically out of the question in the cold weather. When it’s snowing or raining heavily, your cat can stay comfortable and warm while watching the outdoors.

Heated beds or perches like this one are often either electric or self-heating. If you want an electric one, make sure there’s an available socket close to the window.

5. Window-Sill-Mounted Perch

A windowsill mounted perch with a built-in retractable sun shade

Some cats love bathing in the sun—if you don’t want your cat to spend a lot of time outdoors, get a window-sill-mounted perch like this one. It has a sun visor to protect the cat from harmful UV rays while allowing her to enjoy the warmth.

On top of that, it doesn’t take up any floor space like the birdhouse perch I listed earlier, making it suitable for small rooms. Your cat will probably turn it into a napping area if she feels comfortable enough in it.

6. Hanging Window Perch

A stylish hanging window shelf with a built-in sisal rope scratching post

A little fun never hurts anybody—getting a window perch that doubles as a swing like this one seems like a pretty good idea for me!

With a wooden deck and a couple of sisal ropes, you can have the hanging window perch ready in no time. And the best part? It’ll fit right into your room without seeming out of place—you can even match it to the aesthetic of your room to create harmony.

As a bonus, the cat may use the sisal ropes for scratching, which means your furniture will finally have a break.

7. Sleek Window Hammock

Sleek Hammock Perch-A photorealistic image of a sleek, hammock-style window perch made from breathable mesh, allowing cats to lounge comfortably while enjoying the view.

Is your cat a bit of a fashionista with a taste for the finer things in life? If that’s the case, forget about the DIY perches and recycled wood I was just talking about—your cat should only lounge in a sleek hammock that matches her style like the one pictured here.

The good news is that it’ll match your interiors if you have modern furnishing—the bad news is that it’ll probably cost a lot, but what’s money compared to having a happy cat with a lavish hammock to nap in?

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8. Multi-Level Perch

Multi-Level Window Perch with Ramps-A multi-level window perch system with sturdy platforms connected by ramps, offering cats various levels for climbing, lounging, and observing their outdoor surroundings.

A multi-level perch like this one is your best option if you have an architectural aficionado for a cat! 

Why settle for a boring window perch when you can have a multi-level one with a panoramic view of the entire room?

Your cat will feel like she has her own penthouse suite in this perch. Top it off with plush bedding and some toys, and your cat will hardly get out of it.

9. Whisker Basket Perch

A sunny windowsill adorned with a wicker basket lined with a soft, fluffy cushion, creating a cozy cat nook for napping and birdwatching.

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s no need for anything fancy. In the end, all window perches do the same job, and a good old whisker basket will do the same function as a sleek window hammock.

Recycle any old basket you have into a perch like this one. Complete it with some bedding or old cushions, and then hang it using hooks and attachment points.

Final Thoughts

Why settle for a cardboard box when you can get a comfortable, cat-friendly cat perch like the ones listed above? 

A whisker basket perch or a recycled one is excellent if you’re on a tight budget. Meanwhile, a birdhouse perch or a sleek hammock will cost a lot, but they’re more durable and stylish than other options.