Feed Your Cat With Style: 11 Creative Cat Food Bowl Stands and Feeders

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Choosing a food bowl for your cat should be easy enough, right? In the end, it’s only a food bowl like any other.

I beg to differ!

When you start exploring the market’s offerings, you’ll find an overwhelming variety of cat food bowls on the market.

There are now elevated bowls, bowls with storage compartments, bowls with night lights, and many more innovative options. I’ve explored plenty of creative cat food bowl stands and feeders, and I can confidently say that these 11 are my top picks.

1. Minimalistic Food Bowl

Source: catenaryhome

Do you want to get your cat a food bowl without ruining your house’s aesthetic? 

You can get a minimalistic food bowl like this one. It looks like a part of your house’s decor, and it still does its job as a cat food bowl.

Besides, it can double as a vase or a piece of decor, which is a bonus!

2. Elevated Bowl

Source: catperson

You may not know this, but an elevated bowl can make it easier for your cat to digest her food because it allows her to swallow without putting a strain on her neck. It’s especially beneficial for older cats or those with arthritis

Not to mention, an elevated bowl makes it less likely for the food to end up on the floor, which means less work for you!

3. Bowl Stand With Night Light

An elevated cat food bowl stand with a built-in night light, providing low-level illumination for nighttime feeding.

If your cat tends to eat at night, a bowl stand with a night light like this one will be her new best friend. The light will allow her to locate the food easily, and it’ll reduce the risk of tipping the bowl over—a more common occurrence than you think if the cat loves to eat in the dark!

The night light also helps if you like to keep your cat’s bowl in your own room. That way, you can turn off your lights and still allow your cat to eat.

4. Bowl Stand With Storage Compartment

A wooden cat food bowl stand with a built-in storage compartment underneath, ideal for keeping cat food dry and accessible.

A bowl stand with a storage compartment is an all-in-one solution that may be pretty handy. I’ll keep all the cat’s food supplies organized and easily accessible. 

Such a stand is excellent for small houses because it saves space. Plus, if you choose a nice-looking stand like the one pictured above, it won’t look out of place in your living room.

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5. Travel Food Bowls

A portable travel food and water bowl set, featuring collapsible bowls and a secure carrying case, ideal for on-the-go feeding.

Traveling with a cat may be challenging in many ways. You’ll need to get a proper carrier that’ll keep her comfortable, pack a travel kit with all supplies and medications you may need, and carry enough food for the trip.

Do you know what part doesn’t have to be challenging? Feeding!

With a travel food bowl like this one, you can pack the cat’s food and water without a hassle.

6. Interactive Puzzle Feeder

A close-up photo of a colorful puzzle feeder filled with kibble, challenging a cat's mental stimulation during mealtimes.

Indoor cats could use some interactive activities to keep their minds stimulated. If you don’t have enough space for more toys, get an interactive puzzle feeder like this one. 

It doesn’t only provide essential stimulation, but it also slows down fast feeders, preventing digestive issues and obesity.

7. Automatic Feeder

A sleek, automatic feeder with a clear plastic reservoir dispenses food on a schedule, ensuring consistent meals for busy cat owners.

Some inventions changed our world, like the light bulb, and some inventions changed the world of cats, like the automatic feeder

It can dispense food at pre-assigned times according to your cat’s feeding schedule. That way, your cat can still eat at the right time even if you’re not at home.

Not to mention, these feeders can manage portion sizes, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.

8. Double Bowl Stand

Double Diner with Elevated BowlsA double diner feeding station with two elevated stainless steel bowls, perfect for multi-cat households or separating food and water.

Feeding one cat is hard enough, but feeding two cats? Now that’s a challenge!

A double bowl stand is ingenious because it saves space and keeps all the feeding in one area.

You can also get a feeder with elevated bowls like the one pictured here to make feeding easier for the cats.

9. Bamboo Bowl Stand

Two wide, shallow ceramic cat food bowls rest on a sleek bamboo stand, creating a modern and elevated feeding station.

If you don’t have enough space for a double bowl stand like the one above, you can get a bamboo stand that fits two bowls like this one. It doesn’t need much space, and it helps you feed two cats at once without making much mess. 

The only downside to this stand is that it doesn’t have a splash guard, so you may need to clean the floor afterward.

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10. Stainless Steel Feeder With Timer

A stainless steel automatic feeder with a digital timer for precise portion control and scheduled meals.

If you go to work every day and leave your cat at home, a feeder with a timer will save you a lot of hassle. 

It’ll dispense a specific amount of food at pre-assigned times. That way, your cat will always find something to eat when she’s hungry, and you won’t have to leave the food outside to get soggy.

A feeder like the one pictured here also allows you to put different types of food at once without having to get multiple bowls.

11. Feeding Station With Splash Guard

An elevated feeding station with two stainless steel bowls and a clear, plastic splash guard around the edges, minimizing spills and messes.

It’s not fun to clean the mess that your cat makes while eating, right? Invest in a feeding station with a splash guard like this one—it’ll keep all the mess inside the station, so cleaning afterward will be easier.

If you have one cat, you can use it for both water and food. Or, just use it to feed two cats at once.

Final Thoughts

If your cat is bored of her traditional food bowl, these creative cat food bowl stands and feeders are excellent alternatives. 

A feeding station is pretty convenient if you have more than one cat, and a timed feeder is ideal if your cat stays home alone.

Meanwhile, an elevated bowl is the best choice for elder cats or those with arthritis.