Mars Coat King vs. Furminator – Which Grooming Tool Does Your Cat Need?

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Unsure which grooming tool is better for your feline or canine buddy? Well, in this article, you’re about to find out all the similarities and differences between the Mars Coat King vs. Furminator.

Besides comparing the two brands, we’ll answer any questions you may have about this topic. This way, you should end up with a well-thought decision in almost no time.

Now, are you ready to dive in?

Mars Coat King vs. Furminator Overview

The Mars Coat King can do a beautiful job of getting rid of dead hair in feline and canine coats, no matter how long or short. On the other hand, the Furminator is better suited for longer hair, yet using it requires more practice so that it doesn’t damage a cat’s coat.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Mars Coat KingMars Coat KingSuitable for Both Long and Short HairCheck Price
Furminator 10730 Long HairFurminator Long HairFor Long-Haired FelinesCheck Price
Furminator Short HairFurminator Short HairFor Cats with Shorter CoatsCheck Price

The Full Comparison

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how these two products compare in terms of use, coat type, versatility, cost, and more.

How It Works

Although both the Mars Coat King and Furminator are solid dematting tools, they work quite differently. Knowing how they operate is the first step into figuring out the better option for your cat’s needs.

The Mars Coat King is essentially a coat stripping tool. Its unique design makes it effective when it comes to removing dead hair that can get tangled within a cat’s coat. Basically, it consists of high-quality angled strippers, stainless steel teeth, and a wooden handle.

Using the Mars Coat King is a breeze as well. All you’ll have to do is run it through your pet’s coat, and it should cover large and thick areas within minutes.

Alternatively, the Furminator is better described as a shedding blade. It works by getting rid of the loose dead undercoat without damaging the top coat. Plus, thanks to its cutting-edge design, it’s capable of brushing the topcoat and removing any stuck debris.

Ease of Use

Generally speaking, both tools are straightforward to use. Still, the Furminator can be a bit more challenging because, if a person doesn’t handle it properly, it might cut the top coat as well as the undercoat. As a result, the skin of the dog or cat may get hurt.

Therefore, using the Furminator requires carefully reading the instructions manual. Not just that, you must give yourself some time to practice using it to ensure it works as efficiently as it should.

On the other hand, the Mars Coat King doesn’t need you to have much experience in grooming. All you’ll have to do is press the little rake-shaped tool lightly to your cat’s coat. Then, gently move it in the direction of the hair’s growth.

Going in the opposite direction won’t only cut some hair out of the coat, but it can also irritate the skin.

Coat Type

Both tools can work with various coat types, although the Mars Coat King shines a little brighter here. This simple hand tool is available in numerous models to suit many coats.

For example, the Mars Coat King can be used with short, medium, or long hair. It’s also suitable for single and double coats. All you’ll have to do is match the model to the hair type, and you should be good to go.

Some models are made for heavy, wiry hair, while others excel at grooming silky and refined coats. So, no matter the texture of your cat’s coat, you should be able to find the perfect Mars Coat King brush for it.

The Furminator is better suited for cats or dogs with longer hair, preferably several inches long. Plus, it may not be the best option for a single coat since its metal bristles might scratch your furry friend’s skin.

However, some Furminator models are designed for cats with shorter hair. Still, the majority of users who tried both brands claim that the Mars Coat King can be better with short coats.

Also, while the Mars Coat King will strip the undercoat from all body regions, the Furminator works more efficiently on the back. So, in terms of versatility, it’s clear that the Mars Coat King has the upper hand.

Use in Relation to Shedding

The Mars Coat King and the Furminator are also different when you add the cat’s shedding into the equation. Let’s make the picture clearer by addressing how often you should be using each tool.

Since the Mars Coat King is mainly used to get rid of undercoats, you can use it once a week. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether your cat is going through his shedding period or not. Even better, using this mini-rake can cut the overall grooming session in half.

Quite the opposite, you should use the Furminator during the shedding season only. When your cat is shedding huge amounts of hair, this wonderful tool is known for making a quick job of removing up to 90% of loose hair.

Still, remember to not use it more often than twice a week during the shedding season. The Furminator may be a good option for the rest of the year, too, but only if applied once a month.


The last point of comparison we’d like to discuss is the cost of the Mars Coat King vs. Furminator. Thankfully, products of both brands fall into the same price region, which most people consider to be affordable.

Sure, some models of the Mars Coat King and Furminator can be a bit pricier than their siblings, but that’s only by a handful of dollars. So, investing in either option shouldn’t cause much damage to your budget.

This is a good point, though, because it leaves you to consider other, more important factors without being affected by the price.


Does the Mars Coat King or Furminator Cut Hair?

No. The Mars Coat King is only a stripping comb. It gets rid of loose hair and untangles any knots in the cat’s fur, preparing him or her for the grooming session more efficiently.

The Furminator doesn’t cut hair, either, but works to remove the undercoat without damaging the top coat. However, if not used correctly, the Furminator can snag the cat’s hair, which can be painful. So, in order to handle it, you should have some background first.

How to Use the Furminator the Right Way?

Before trying your luck with the Furminator, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to watch a professional cat groomer use it.

To give you some insight on how a Furminator operates, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Ensure that your cat’s coat is completely dry
  • Try not to use the Furminator after a bath
  • Aim for hair that is close to dropping on its own
  • Angle the tool slightly and brush from head to tail in the direction of the hair growth
  • Don’t go in the opposite direction not to accidentally hurt the cat
  • Use even and gentle strokes in slow motion
  • Remember not to press hard against your cat’s skin
  • Don’t spend too much time on the same area not to cause irritation to the skin
  • Go over areas more than once, but not excessively

It’s also important to pay special attention to regions that have less hair, namely the spine, shoulders, neck, etc.

Plus, if your cat has a fluffy tail, you may want to brush it as well. Just be cautious not to mistakenly pull any hair out of this sensitive area.

To keep a cat’s grooming experience as smooth as possible, some pet parents recommend going to a professional instead. This way, you’ll rest assured that they’ll use the Furminator the right way, minimizing the chances of red skin and pulled hair.

To Wrap It Up

It may be hard to compare Mars Coat King vs. Furminator, especially if you don’t have any experience with either. Hopefully, after reading our quick comparison, you’ll be able to get the full picture. So, which grooming tool is the better option?

Well, the answer depends on your and your cat’s individual needs.

If you want a simple rake that you can brush your cat’s coat with every other week, the Mars Coat King may be more suitable. Not only is using it almost mistake-free, but it also works with a multitude of coat types.

On the other hand, the Furminator might be the perfect choice for a heavy shedder, especially during the shedding season. While it can be a bit trickier to use, pet owners who have mastered it swear by its performance.