Pet Remedy vs Feliway: Head-to-Head Comparison

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Pets can be sensitive when it comes to their surroundings, so the tiniest change can cause them anxiety. When your usual calming routine doesn’t work, what do you do?

Thankfully, you can turn to calming agents to relieve your pet’s stress. When they get stressed, vets recommend using pheromone alternatives or aromatherapy.

Pet Remedy and Feliway are two products that are meant to provide comfort and alleviate stress in pets.

In this post, we’ll compare Pet Remedy vs Feliway, and which of these top-performing stress relievers is best for your feline.

Pet Remedy vs Feliway Overview

Pet Remedy is a blend of essential oils designed to trick your pet’s brain into calming down by mimicking the natural calming agent found in the brains of most animals. Feliway uses synthetic pheromones specifically designed for cats to mimic the pheromones released by felines to relax and feel safe.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Pet Remedy SprayPet Remedy SprayUses Herbs and OilsCheck Price
Feliway classicFeliway SprayUses Synthetic PheromonesCheck Price

The Full Comparison

With a lot of options to choose from, Pet Remedy and Feliway are two products that most people recommend for stressed or unhappy cats. How do you know which is better, though?


Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy Natural De-Stress & Calming Spray (200ml)

Pet Remedy offers different types of products like plug-in diffusers, sprays, wipes, and atomizers. Because of this, Pet Remedy gives you the option to choose which is the most convenient for your lifestyle.

Pet Remedy’s diffusers can also offer an instant calming effect for your pets, especially if their anxiety is caused by loud noises, separation, or an unfamiliar presence.

If there aren’t any sockets around, Pet Remedy recommends using their atomizer for more convenience. For on-the-go pet parents, wipes and sprays can be a better option for a stressed pet.


FELIWAY Optimum Cat, Enhanced Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)

Unlike Pet Remedy, Feliway only offers two products specifically for cats: diffusers and sprays. What’s great about this exclusivity is that by having a target audience, Feliway has mastered the market to create a name for itself.

Feliway offers diffusers that target different dynamics at home, such as the MultiCat Diffuser, which can relieve the potential tensions between your cats. They also have the Classic Diffuser that’s suitable for most first-timers, and an optimum version with improved pheromones.

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The Takeaway

Pet Remedy offers more options when it comes to products. What’s more, because their products are designed to provide an instantaneous effect on pets, they offer a quicker solution to alleviate their anxiety.

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Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy uses herbs and oils that are safe for most household pets such as Valerian, Vetiver, Sweet Basil, and Spanish Sage essential oils.

These pet-safe essential oils are used in small doses because undiluted essential oils can be dangerous. They work by imitating natural-occurring calming agents that send signals to relax the brain.


FELIWAY Optimum Cat, Enhanced Calming Pheromone Diffuser, 30 Day Starter Kit (48 mL)

For Feliway, their expertise lies in using synthetic pheromones. These pheromones are formulated to mimic the same natural pheromones cats produce.

These synthetic pheromones also differ between their products. The Classic Diffuser releases facial pheromones, while the MultiCat version uses pheromones similar to that of a lactating mother cat.

The Takeaway

If you prefer using natural products for your pets, Pet Remedy may be your best bet. Still, using synthetic pheromones should have no negative effects on your cats. So, using one or the other depends on which product works best for your pet.


To make an accurate comparison of Pet Remedy and Feliway products’ performance, we’ll focus on what they’re both famous for: diffusers.

Pet Remedy

Pet Remedy diffusers come in 40 mL containers that can last up to 60 days. These can cover up to 650 square feet of space.

Aside from its great value for use, Pet Remedy can provide instantaneous effects on your pets. You can observe its effect even if you have different types of pets in your home.


Feliway products are sold in starter kits containing a diffuser head and a 48-mL vial. It may seem like Feliway has a greater quantity, but one vial can only last 30 days.

In terms of coverage, Feliway diffusers can accommodate up to 700 square feet.

Feliway can only be used for cats and is ineffective on other pets because of the synthetic pheromones. With Feliway, it also takes up to seven days before your felines can feel the effects of the pheromones.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for instant results, you can go with Pet Remedy. However, if you’re looking for more coverage, Feliway is your bet.


Pet Remedy

In most online and physical markets, Pet Remedy products are generally less expensive. Pet Remedy products are also considered more cost-efficient because you can use them longer.


While Feliway can be more expensive, their pheromone varieties make up for it. So, don’t immediately rule out Feliway for its price.

The Takeaway

Pet Remedy products are more affordable and cost-efficient. You can still choose Feliway products if price isn’t your main concern.


Most pet owners still worry about the safety and credibility of these products, which is understandable. So, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

Can I Use Pet Remedy And Feliway Together?

Pet Remedy and Feliway use different ingredients for their products, so using them together may be counterproductive.

You can, however, try to use one of each in different rooms to see which one works better for your cat. For a mixed household, though, it’s more efficient to just use Pet Remedy as it caters to other pets.

Can I Use Too Much Of Pet Remedy Or Feliway?

For both brands of diffusers, there’s no such thing as “too much.” Because of their slow and constant release, your pets won’t get overwhelmed with the calming scents.

Can I Use Pet Remedy Or Feliway For Dogs?

Since Pet Remedy is known for its natural ingredients, Pet Remedy can be safely used for dogs with anxiety.
Feliway uses synthetic pheromones that only cats produce. As a result, Feliway is only effective for cats.

Final Thoughts

If you search for pet calming agents, Pet Remedy and Feliway are the first two products that come up.

While there’s no clear answer to which brand is better than the other, there are ways to determine which is best for you.

If you’re looking for a natural brand that brings a bang for your buck, you can go for Pet Remedy. It definitely offers the right amount of natural blends that can alleviate your pets’ anxiety.

However, Feliway can be your best option if coverage area and cat-based products are your main concerns.

Whichever brand your pets end up reacting better to, both brands surely provide great relief to our stressed four-legged friends.