Black Cat and Orange Cat: 7 Photos and Quirky Facts to Cheer Your Day

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Do you know what was popular before Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter? Cat videos. People were crazy about these feline creatures doing hilarious skits!

There’s just something about cats that’s entertaining and relaxing to watch.

Felines have been a part of the internet culture for years. From memes, funny clips, and content, you name it, there’s a cat version of it.

So, if you’re looking to relieve stress from work or life in general, you’re in the right place. 

Here are seven black cat and orange cat photos that’ll surely melt your cares away! I’ll also throw in some interesting trivia you can share with your fellow cat enthusiasts.

1. A Curious Quest for Treats

A sleek black cat and a fluffy orange cat stand on their hind legs reaching for a treat jar on a shelf

If there’s something everyone knows about cats, it’s that they’re incredibly curious. These furry creatures will pounce on anything that catches their interest.

The feline explorers also love poking their whiskers into anything. They’d squeeze into tight spaces and stick their fluffy paws inside containers. All these to satisfy their curiosity.

Just look at the adorable kittens on a quest for some tasty treats. If looking at these creatures’ antics doesn’t put you in a better mood, I don’t know what will!

Here’s a fun fact about these whiskered creatures:

Did you know that cats are curious because of their territorial nature? They establish territory by leaving their scents all over. 

It’s why they love sneaking around and leaving claw marks everywhere!

2. Cats and Cardboards

Inside a cardboard fort with shredded paper, a playful fight ensues between a black cat and an orange cat

So, you’ve just bought your fuzzy companion some new cat toys to play with. But the feline ignored everything for a dull cardboard box under your sink.

Well, don’t be surprised!

It’s a known fact that cats adore dark, tight spaces. Yes, even cardboard boxes. Still, there are several reasons why felines hang out in boxes.

More than a cozy spot to nap, enclosed spaces offer a place of comfort for felines. As ambush predators, boxes provide an excellent vantage point for hunting prey!

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3. Sunlit Whiskers

A black cat and an orange cat lie sprawled on opposite ends of a long sunbeam their paws reaching out

If you own cats, you likely catch them chilling under the sun multiple times. That’s right, just like the two felines in the picture, having the best time of their life.

But why do cats do it? 

Well, for one, felines are naturally drawn toward warmth. 

See, furry animals, like cats and dogs, have a high body temperature. However, their temperatures drop from the frequent naps throughout the day. 

Sunbathing is their way to maintain their required body temperature. That’s also why they hang out around windows and other warm spots in your home!

4. Fishy Treats for the Felines

A black cat and an orange cat sit side by side intently focused on a toy fish dangling from a string

Cats and fish make one of the most cliched feline-related images in pop culture. But let’s be honest, who can resist the adorable look on those cats’ faces as they eye the seafood?

Speaking of cat diet, do you ever give yours some fishy treats?

If not, then this is your sign to start now. Sure, commercial cat food offers enough nutrients for your pet. Nonetheless, fresh fish can be a tasty addition to their everyday diet.

Fish meat is an excellent protein source. Oily seafood like tuna, sardines, and salmon also provide Omega oils for older cats. These nutrients help ease diseases like arthritis and heart disease in felines.

5. Paws and Portability

A black cat and an orange cat work together to open a cage, climbing over

Cats dislike pet carriers. Just look at those two cute kitties trying their best to escape the crate.

Pet carriers may be a safe and portable way to commute with your pets. However, most of them hate being confined—and understandably!

So, before you think of traveling with your pet, understand that they need time to adjust to their new home. Give your fuzzy housemate several weeks to adapt.

Here’s a pro tip:

Having your cat companion enter the crate willingly will make your life easier. You can do this by making the carrier more inviting for the feline.

Incorporate tasty treats and familiar scents in your training. Eventually, even the most stubborn feline will accept their carrier.

6. Cat’s Eye View

A black cat and an orange cat sit perched on a windowsill side by side gazing out at the world

Have you ever wondered why your cat loves perching on windowsills? Often, they’d have a curious look on their face as if in a daze or mesmerized by something you can’t see!

Well, cats like the warmth of the sun. But they also make watching their surroundings a hobby. Yep, like whiskered overlords surveying the world from the windows.

Windowsills are entertaining spots for cats because, in part, of their predator drives. 

Cats would excitedly chatter when they spotted birds. Sometimes, they’d slap their paws on the window frame, possessed by the urge to pounce on small insects.

Imagine watching a television with only food as a show. That’s what windows are like for these felines.

7. Paw-sitively Grumpy

A grumpy black cat with a perpetually furrowed brow sits next to an orange cat rolling on the floor

Cats are weirdos that get moody all the time. They’d scratch, hiss, and even give you “the look.” But I’m sure you adore them all the same.

But you’re likely wondering what lights these feline’s short fuse. If they’re throwing you the dagger looks, it must be your fault, right?

Well, it could be.

See, several things could annoy your grumpy feline. From your neighbor’s cat, strong scents, and small changes in the environment—it could be anything!

Still, some signs can help identify a cat’s stressor.

If your pet starts pulling their ears back, something feels threatening to them. But if they stare at you without blinking, it means they’re positively annoyed at you!

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Final Thoughts

There you go. Seven adorable black and orange cat photos and fascinating feline facts.

Did you enjoy the furry and quirky gallery? I hope you learned something new to share with your fellow cat lovers!