19 Cat Costumes for Halloween: The Fun, the Spooky, and the Odd

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Fictional characters, like Sabrina, showed us that black cats are a witch’s perfect companion.

But you don’t necessarily need a solid black cat (or the ability to cast spells, for that matter) to share a spooky vibe with your trick-or-treating fur buddy.

In this post, you’ll find 19 hiss-terical cat costumes for Halloween.

Our Favorite Cat Costumes

1. Chunky Pumpkin

Chunky Pumpkin Crochet Dress Cat Costume
Source: judysenpai

Nothing says “I’m ready for Halloween,” like wearing a jack-o’-’lantern. So, why not pop a puffed-up pumpkin dress on your furry baby?

If you’ve got more time on your hands, crochet a matching hat with ear holes to complete the outfit.

2. Goofy Ghost

A mischievous Scottish Fold kitten dressed as a tiny ghost wearing a white sheet with cut out eyes

The sheet ghost is the ideal lazy person’s Halloween costume. It’s low-effort yet incredibly recognizable.

That’s exactly why it’s also the perfect last-minute costume for your pet. Just cut an oval opening in a white sheet and stick two black felt patches on the head.

3. Bat Cat

Want your black furball to look particularly spooky?

Slap bat-like wings on a black vest (or a collar) and put it on your cat. For final touches, use a set of fiery-red nail caps.

4. Rule-the-Catwalk Angel

Source: rover_thecat

If you like the profile that a winged costume provides but aren’t so keen on bats, you could opt for an angel look instead.

The wings might be hard to DIY, but the final look is ridiculously Instagram-worthy!

5. Low-Key Loki

Maybe innocent looks don’t suit your furball, and that’s okay. You can embrace the mischief and go for a Loki cosplay outfit.

The costume doesn’t have to be super realistic. Your cat’s chaotic energy will tie everything together.

6. Good Guys’ Chucky

Is a Loki outfit too tame for your angry cat’s feist? The horror vibes in “Child’s Play” should do the trick.

Just share your plans with the family ahead of time. 

You don’t want to give someone a mini heart attack once they see this little devil running towards them in the hallway at two in the morning!

7. Handsome Pirate

A curious Bengal cat disguised as a pirate sporting a tiny eyepatch a bandana and a miniature pirate

Not all cats like wearing shirts and vests.

Luckily, you don’t need much to dress up your pet as a pirate for Halloween. One red bandana and a miniature pirate hat are more than enough.

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8. Ms. Frizzle and Her Magic School Bus

There’s such a thing as a perfect costume for an adventurous, curious, and maybe a bit extra cat. Yes, that would be everyone’s favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle.

The wig might seem excessive for a cat outfit, but Ms. Fizzle is an odd duck who won’t give up her fluffy red hair without a fight.

I’d toss in a cardboard cutout of the magic school bus to make sure the costume is recognizable.

9. Dainty Princess for the Win

A flower wreath, a vest, and some pretty tulle are all you need to turn your furball into a little princess this Halloween.

10. The Pharaoh Himself

A regal Abyssinian cat disguised as a pharaoh sporting a golden headdress and a flowing white robe

Cats were a big deal in ancient Egypt. They were revered and dressed in jewels.

Doesn’t your kitty deserve some of that energy? At least you could pretend for one day, and Halloween is the perfect occasion.

Pick a golden collar-headpiece set and give the costume a go.

That said, the outfit isn’t exactly the most practical choice. Most cats will despise wearing the headpiece. So, it’s best to use this concept for a photoshoot. Then, let your cat run free.

11. Superhero

Cat wearing a superhero eye mask and a cape

Your cat is no Black Panther or Tigra. But that doesn’t mean she can’t be a superhero this Halloween.

Just give her an eye mask, a shiny cape, and some treats (for extra energy), then watch her go.

12. Acatsuki

If you’re a Naruto fan, you probably know you can buy an Akatsuki cloak for yourself. But did you know you can get one for your little furbaby?

Yes, you can match costumes this Halloween and become buddies in crime! 

13. Tasty Taco

Fun fact: “Taco Cat” is a palindrome.

Do you know what is even more fun? A cat dressed as a taco.

But, in all fairness, this costume works best on kittens since it’s easier to conceal their tiny legs in photoshoots.

14. Rawring Dino-Cat

Rawring Dino-Cat Colorful Costume
Source: me.and.marv

Rawr or meow—not much of a difference. They’re both sounds that demand your undivided attention.

So, maybe you should put your gato in a colorful dino outfit before going out for a trick-or-treat walk around the neighborhood.

15. Tigger

Tigger Hooded Shirt Cat Costume
Source: boogoya6

Believe it or not, your domesticated kitty shares around 95.6% of her DNA with tigers!

But since she’s too cute for a realistic tiger costume, a cartoonish Tigger shirt would be more fitting.

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16. Scaredy Lion

Scaredy Lion Mane Cat Costume
Source: nala_cat

If you like the Tigger costume, feel free to go for big cat outfits again. Instead of the hooded shirt, try a lion’s mane the next time.

One drawback is that the mane looks good on buff/tan-colored cats but not so much on tuxedos and torties.

17. Buzzing Bug-Bee Duo

Buzzing Bug-Bee & Ladybug Duo Cat Costumes
Source: boogoya6

Here’s an adorable pairing idea: a bee and a ladybug.

The ladybug outfit is perfect for a graceful cat, while the bee would be ideal for a high-energy furball.

18. Kooky Alien

A curious Sphynx cat transformed into a playful alien wearing a colorful shiny costume with antennae

Your kitty needs to match your energy. So, if you’re going for a kooky custom for yourself, dress her up in something shiny, colorful, and odd.

An alien-inspired outfit is a good place to start.

19. Purr-Fect Witch

A mischievous tabby cat disguised as a tiny witch sporting a pointed hat a black cloak and a tiny broom

Finally, no Halloween is complete without someone dressed as a cute witch. Your kitty could be that someone.

Go for a pointy hat, a dark cape, and a tiny broom. You know, the know shebang.

However, if your cat is finicky about clothing, settle for a custom-made witch’s hat.

Final Thoughts

From bats and ghosts to rogue ninjas, there are lots of ways to go here.

Which cat costume do you think will look best on your furbaby?