Cats Wall Art Ideas to Turn a House Into a Home

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Small or big, quirky or traditional, canvas or framed print—there’s a whole lot of cat-themed art out there.

So, why are your walls still bare?

In this post, you’ll find a list of 10+ cat wall art ideas. You’ll surely find one that fits right into your home!

Our Favorite Cat Wall Art Inspirations

1. Starry Night ft. Serious Kitty

Starry Night Cat Painting Wall Art
Source: koty_vezde

Vincent Van Gogh did draw cats (see: Hand with Bowl and Daubigny’s Garden). However, they both pale in comparison to the iconic Starry Night—at least in popularity.

So, if you want a touch of Gogh-inspired cat painting on your walls, it’s best to go for a version of the Starry Night featuring your little furball.

Everyone will recognize the reference right away.

2. Dinner, Please!

A loving home and a delicious meal—what more could a little kitty cat want in life?

Lucy, the artist behind this cute print, captioned the post: “Inner Peace, Inner Peace, Dinner Please.”

With that in mind, maybe it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of inner peace along with (just enough) chicken.

3. Float Away, Space Boy

Art Print of a Cat Floating in Space
Source: catsycatsart

Is this cat floating to meet friends? Is he on his way to explore a new planet? Who knows!

Either way, the art concept is perfect for hanging in a little kid’s bedroom or your living room (if your inner child is still alive and kicking).

4. Nobili-Kitty Custom Artworks

Renaissance Cat A majestic portrait of a cat in a regal pose reminiscent of Renaissance paintings

You’d be surprised how many people commission royal portraits of their pets. You know, ones where the pet is dressed up in an ornate collar or Renaissance-style ruff and robe.

Some folks think it makes your furball look stupid, but most would say it’s simply adorable!

Imagine coming home from work to a painting of Her Majesty (your cat) in the hallway. Doesn’t that thought put a smile on your face already?

5. Windowsill Bliss

Watercolor Cat A delicate watercolor painting of a cat perched on a windowsill bathed in soft sunlight

Some cats are absolute demons in the morning, shrieking and screaming until they get breakfast (and attention)—not all cats, though.

Others are super chill, and this wall art captures this vibe perfectly.

She’s a calm little lady sunbathing on the windowsill before the sun gets too intense for her liking. How serene!

6. Off to the Cat Cafe (Guess How Many Cats Are in This Picture)

Cat Cafe Scene A bustling cafe scene with various cats relaxing on chairs playing with toys

Did you fall in love with the “Windowsill Bliss” idea? You’ll probably love this wall art concept, too. It has the same serene, warm energy.

If you want a fun twist, commission a picture with more kittens scattered around. Every time you have kids over, they can try to count the cats and guess the total number.

That should keep your guests entertained for a while.

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7. Hiding Calico

Research shows that cat people are more likely to enjoy gardening as a hobby than dog people.

Is that true in your case? If so, why not show off your two favorite interests in one artwork?

You can easily make a game out of this art concept as well. Just commission an artwork with a lot more foliage. This way, the kitty would be harder to spot.

Yes, sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” but with a silly little calico.

8. Geometricat

Geometric cat a minimalist illustration of a cat featuring geometric shapes and bold color

The right geometric wall art can create a sense of order and balance.

That’s why a geometrical-style painting could be the perfect way to honor a smart, precise, and graceful cat in your household.

9. Furball or Ball of Yarn?

Cat in a fishbowl a whimsical watercolor painting of a cat peeking curiously out of a giant fishbowl

Leave an empty box out, and your cat will come and sit inside it. Leave a bowl out, and the cat will squeeze and find a way to fit in somehow.

After all, there’s a reason why the “if it fits, I sits” meme got so popular!

This wall art captures the essence of this meme perfectly, with plenty of yarn balls for a color pop.

10. Out of a Comic Strip

Pop art cat a vibrant pop art portrait of a cat with bold colors graphic patterns

Speaking of color pops, you could opt for a pop art painting of your little fur ball. Think bold colors, thick linework, and graphic patterns in the background.

This art style might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a strong focal point.

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11. Playful Tapestry

If you want to go big, tapestry is often the right choice.

The good news is that finding a soft textile with a cat print should be fairly easy. I’d go with something simple and with a lot of white space for a bedroom.

12. Moody Cat Heads

Moody Cat Heads Ceramic Wall Masks
Source: fishinkblog

No one said your wall art has to be in one piece. A selection of small mask-like ceramic heads is a bold, quirky, and completely valid choice.

There are a few ways to hang masks on your walls, but this particular set comes with hooks for easier installation.

13. Cat Collage

For a museum vibe, go for a collage.

It’s okay to change the number, arrangement, and art style. The idea here is to create a whole wall dedicated to cat art.

Of course, you can always start small and expand the collection as you commission more pieces.

14. Meoss

Cat moss wall art

Moss art is a thing—people hang framed masterpieces made with (live or preserved) moss in their homes.

Sure, it’s hard to get a detailed artwork here since moss is not easily manipulated.

However, you could commission a simple cat silhouette. It’ll look striking enough if you hang it on a light-colored wall.

Final Thoughts

From ceramic heads to museum-worthy collages, there’s virtually no wrong way to go with cat wall art.

If you love a piece, buy it and hang it up. These are your walls, after all!