13 Knitted Blankets For Comfy Cat Naps & Cuddles

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My favorite pastime is cuddling with any of my 5 cats. It’s the perfect afternoon boost after a long morning.

And it seems that those sublime feline creatures love knitted blankets! Whether to nap or stretch on, cats appreciate a nice, cozy blanket.

Today, I’ve gathered 13 of the prettiest, warmest cat knitted blankets for you. Some of these were cat-approved by my fur babies! 

1. Blue Giraffe: The Blanket Your Cat Will Go Wild For

This hand-knit blanket features an adorable turquoise backdrop. Also, clock the bright blue giraffe design in the middle!

Any feline can’t resist snuggling up on the plush stitching. Crafted with love, it makes a cat feel right at home.

Plus, it doubles as a charming accent for pet beds or sofas.

2. Ode to Sally: the Perfect Patterned Blanket

Trick or treat, this blanket can’t beat!

Kittens go crazy for the vibrant colors and fun shapes decorating this spooky knit.

It’s frightfully delightful! I love the color scheme here; black as night with bursts of yellow, blue, and pink.

The blanket’s quirky design is hard to miss, too. It’s purr-fectly bewitching for Halloween snuggles. Match it with one of the Halloween decorations here.

3. Rainbow Rows: Will This Blanket Hypnotize Your Cat?

Rainbows and kitties – could this blanket be any cuter?

Fun fact: this blanket was originally for a toddler. That’s until a feline claimed the blanket as its own!

What makes this blanket pop is all the color. It adds a bright pop of happiness to any room. 

4. Patterned Square Blanket: A Classic Design

Calming colors make this knit a perfect retreat.

Shades of gray and green interlock in a square pattern here. You can tell it has a soft texture also. It’s why the blanket is irresistible to kitties!

Notice how all four cats already love the blanket? It’s not even done yet and they’re cuddling on it.

5. A Textured Paradise: Multi-Colored Crochet Blanket

This crochet blanket is the cat’s meow!

It features vibrant greens, oranges, blues, yellows, and pinks. Together, the colors create a dazzling rainbow effect.

The stitching is textured and looks soft. No wonder it looks perfect for kitty naps! That cat seems to be blissfully sleeping with the blanket.

6. Summertime Cool Down: The Blanket for Hot Kitty Days

Summer boho bliss is this blanket’s vibe. I adore the wavy shades of muted colors here.

And so does this cat! The cozy texture has one curious kitty captivated (as you can see).

I bet the artsy design has her curious. What’s it like to snuggle on this hand-crafted blanket? 

7. Spring Daisies: The Secret Weapon for Longer Cat Naps

Springtime snuggles are my favorite. This cherry crochet blanket is just the thing missing.

The darling daisy designs remind cats of spring. The vibrant colors attract their attention and so does the whimsical floral pattern.

I can picture a cat making biscuits on the blanket no problem! Their paws will inspect the daisies too.

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8. Sunny Bloom Blanket: Bring Sunshine to Your Cat’s Day 

Do you love the sunshine? Well, bring a little of that into your home with this blanket.

This blanket perfectly captures the essence of a sun-kissed meadow. It’s bright and cheerful. It also brings the joyful spirit of summer indoors.

One blissful calico kitty can’t resist lounging atop the soft petals!

9. Cozy Fall Comfort: Blankets to Keep Your Cat Snug 

Did someone say fall snuggles?

This almost spooky knit blanket sets the mood for most people’s favorite season. The pops of orange, red, and green against a black backdrop add a layer of suspense.

This particular drowsy kitty couldn’t resist the blanket! It fell under its autumnal spell for some delightful catnaps.

10. Multi-Colored Gradient Blanket: A Colorful Canvas

Oh, this gradient knit blanket is purr-fection!

Muted shades blend seamlessly in this ultra-cozy blanket. If it weren’t for the cat, I would’ve stolen this blanket for myself!

The blanket is pretty big too. This oversized beauty offers tons of snuggly real estate for your cats. It’s blissful relaxation in fiber form!

11. Dark Color Blocks Blanket for Moody Cats

(Source: mspagerix)

These playful kitties couldn’t wait for this moody knit masterpiece.

One mischievous fur baby ran away with the project before it was finished!

Who can blame them? I also love the cozy color-blocked design. The dark gray and blue shades blend well, don’t you think?

12. Throw Over & Blanket All-in-One

This adorable calico can’t resist the charm of this hand-knit colorwork blanket!

Lush shades of green, orange, and white create a warm, inviting pattern. The plush texture is excellent for feline lounging. 

13. Good Graycious!

Snooze in style with this chic modern blanket.

I love anything black and white, and I’m betting you do too. This blanket couldn’t be more perfect for that!

The fluff ball couldn’t resist the monochromatic pattern either!

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14. Embrace the Scrappy Look

The groovy tie-dye vibes make this scrappy knit a total showstopper.

The rainbow shades seem to dance across the cozy texture. The kitty had to snuggle beside the psychedelic swirls.

The blanket also adds a boho-chic design to the place. It brings a positive energy to those late-afternoon lazy snuggles.

Final Thoughts

Have you fallen for any of the blankets above yet? Trust me; whatever you get, your cat will love it!

I’ve seen my cats make biscuits and cuddle with one another on any blanket. So long as it’s cozy and clean, they won’t say no!