13 Cat Hat Crochet Ideas For a Funky Feline Look! 

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Is there anything cuter than a pet in human clothes? I don’t think so!

You’ve seen cats in sweaters and special outfits. Now get ready to see your fur babies in cat hat crochets!

And hey, I know not everyone has intricate crocheting skills. So, I ensured you can contact the people who made these hats. No cat should be denied a cute hat!

1. Regal Cat Crown

Are you a fan of the Disney classic movie Lion King? Who isn’t, right?

Then dress up your cat as a furry king! This crochet hat is adorned with jewels, too. The addition makes the hat look more like a crown.

Plus, this custom hat is super simple to wrap around a cat’s ears.

2. Tentacled Fun

This hat is drop-dead the cutest! Some cats might fuss with this one a lot, though.

That’s because the crochet hat is huge. And since it’s octopus-shaped, the tentacles can be too much for your cat.

But it doesn’t mean your pet won’t look adorable in it! The big, black, beady eyes are my favorite part of this hat.

3. Rainbow Horn Party

Who doesn’t love a beautiful rainbow? Or a unicorn for that matter?

This hat wraps around your cat’s ears. So, it may bother your pet some. 

My advice? Make sure you pick a time when they’re calm before you put the hat on.

4. Feline Birthday Treat

Did somebody say birthday girl? Or boy?

For your cat’s birthday this year, get them this crochet hat as a gift. It’s appropriately shaped like a small birthday cake. It even has a candle on top!

Unlike the octopus hat, this one isn’t so big. It’s also not as stuffy as the rainbow hat. I’m betting your cat will love it!

5. Happy Ears for Easter

Who said your cat can’t have cat ears and bunny ears?

Celebrate Easter in style with this hat! Bonus points if your cat has a similar ear color to the crocheted bunny. See how gorgeous the furry model in the picture looks?

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6. Jack-o-Meow-Lantern

After Easter comes Halloween, and nothing says Halloween more than a Jack O’ Lantern.

For the spooky season, consider this simple crochet hat for your cat. It’s a little small though. It may fit awkwardly on some cat’s heads.

7. Fierce Kitty Mane

Sunflower shaped crochet cat hat next to
a scratching post decorated as a sunflower
(Source: hats_on_cats_)

At first glance, the hat looks like a daisy. You could pass it off as one if you want, of course!

But the hat is meant to resemble a lion mane. Like the bunny hat, your cat will transform into a different animal with this one!

8. Lilac Purrfect Hat

This tiny purple bucket hat is perfect for cuddling or naptime with your cat. The hat will also look amazing during mealtime. 

The best part about this hat? It’s super small and won’t bother your cat as much. It wraps around their tiny hats loosely, too.

9. Blooming Spring Beauty

Much like the previous hat, this one is an excellent contender!

The hat’s beauty lies in how simple it is. With its hot pink shade, it’s just perfect for springtime. 

Oh, and the little green bud on top? Adorable! 

I love the detail on the hat’s brim the most. It compliments a cat’s head shape well.

10. Strawberry Sweet Horns

This hat is yet another perfect choice for spring! It’s also ideal if your cat loves to eat strawberries from time to time.

Additionally, this hat has two large strawberries poking at the side. The hat itself is crocheted in pink. Together, the mix of colors catches any passerby’s eye.

Tip: this hat is better suited for big cat faces. It’ll look comically large on small, thin cat heads.

11. Daisy Days in Italy

Are you Italian? How about your cat? Either way, this Italian Panama hat is the best accessory for an Italy trip.

Don’t mistake the little daisy for scrambled eggs like I did! Looking closely, the bright yellow color isn’t a yolk.

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12. Ribbiting Retro Fun

Does anyone remember the crazy frog trend? How about you relive it with this crazy frog crochet hat?

The detail on this hat is hands-down my favorite! From the frog eyes to the brim, this hat will make your cat ten times cuter (if that’s even possible).

13. Curls & Cattitude

(Source: hats_on_cats_)

Imagine matching with your cat! Put some hair rollers in and dress your cat up in this hat. Get ready Instagram for the cutest photos!

Unlike real rollers, these won’t fall out—no matter how hard your cat shakes its head.

14. Mary Poppins Ensemble: For the Practical Kitty

(source: chance_in_hats)

Do you think the Jack O’ Lantern hat was too scary? Then dress your cat in a Mary Poppins ensemble!

It makes for a great Halloween outfit. Plus, the hat can double as a bridal piece out of costume.

So if you or your pet is getting married soon, this hat is perfect for either!

Closing Thoughts

Have you ordered a cat hat crochet yet? Are you at least inspired to crochet one now?

Make sure to take several pictures of your cat! Your loved pet may fuss with the hat, but it’ll be worth it.