Weruva Low Phosphorus Cat Food Review

Weruva Low Phosphorus Cat Food Review

Fur parents want the best for their fur babies. Most moms and dads give special attention to the food their cats eat. If you’re looking for cat food that has a minimal amount of phosphorus, this Weruva low-phosphorus cat food review is for you. You see, among the many cat meals Weruva has to offer, … Read more

Forever Pals Cat Food Review

Forever Pals Cat Food Review

Finding suitable cat food for your furry friend can be a hassle. Ideally, it should provide the right balance of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals your pet needs to stay healthy. So, does Forever Pals cat food check all the boxes? Is it suitable for your little friend? We’ll answer all your questions in … Read more

Purina Pro Plan Vs. Friskies

Purina Pro Plan Vs. Friskies

When it comes to feeding our beloved cat companions, it can be tough to choose the best cat food brand, with all the available options in the market. Purina Pro Plan and Friskies are both popular options. However, there are distinct differences between the two. Purina Pro Plan is like a fancy meal, where your … Read more

Special Kitty Vs. Friskies: Which Is The Better Cat Food?

Special Kitty Vs. Friskies

Are you feeding a swarm of tiny freeloaders who’ll gorge on every plate of cat food you set out? I get it; I’d be looking for affordable options too. Yet, you wonder if this food is bad for your cats. Today, we’ll be comparing Special Kitty vs. Friskies. We’ll find out how a cheap Walmart … Read more

5 Royal Canin Ultamino Cat Alternatives

Royal Canin Ultamino Cat Alternatives

There are thousands of cat food options on the market. As animal lovers, we always want to make sure we provide the best care for our pets. One of the best brands out there is Royal Canin. However, this food isn’t widely available to the masses. So, if you’re looking for Royal Canin Ultamino cat … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Potassium Chloride In Cat Food

Potassium Chloride In Cat Food

Pet owners are often concerned about the ingredients in commercial pet food. Looking at the most common cat food products, you might have noticed that they contain potassium chloride. So why is there potassium chloride in cat food? Potassium chloride has many benefits for cats. It’s an essential mineral for many body functions and processes. … Read more

Alternatives to Hydrolyzed Cat Food: Top 3 Reviewed

Alternatives to Hydrolyzed Cat Food

Trying to find out what’s causing your cat’s food allergy can be a difficult process. While food allergies are rare in cats, they can develop suddenly and at any age. Nonetheless, we know that proteins are the most common cause of allergies in cats. That’s why vets usually prescribe switching to hydrolyzed protein cat food … Read more

i/d Cat Food Alternatives: Best 5 Picks Reviewed

Does your cat vomit too often? If your feline baby is suffering from digestive problems, then you’re probably interested in finding an efficient i/d cat food alternative. Don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place to soothe your cat’s symptoms of food allergies. I/d cat food is a prescription diet that can help your … Read more

The 5 Best Low-Sodium Cat Treats With Amazing Taste

There’s a wide range of flavorful cat treats on the market today, but the vast majority are loaded with fillers and are high in sodium. This is bad news if you want a healthy choice for your pet cat. It’s much worse if you have a cat with a particular health issue, like a heart … Read more