Cat Boarding in San Francisco – Best 4 Services

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In this article, we’ll walk you through the top 4 services that offer cat boarding in San Francisco. Let’s dive right in.

The Best 4 Services for Cat Boarding in San Francisco

Here are our top 3 picks for those who’re in dire need of a cat boarding facility in sunny San Fran.

1- Kitty Chateau

Kitty Chateau

Overview and Features

Kitty Chateau is a small family-owned feline-only luxury bed and breakfast. They offer 8 animal-themed suites that are approximately 20 – 30 sq ft and 9ft tall, with glass front doors and a framed watercolor print.

Each of their rooms is fully ventilated and kept clean throughout the day. Overnight stays include amenities such as a ‘kitty cam’, heated granite shelves, and an activity wall. In addition to scratching posts, ‘cat coves’, and a Feliway diffuser.

They also offer additional premium services such as veterinary checks, administering medications, professional grooming, and unlimited (premium brand) kibble for only $2/day per cat!


  • Suites start from $55 
  • Personal care such as playtime/cuddle time and grooming from $15

Things We Like 

  • No minimum stay period during non-holiday periods
  • They offer a variety of premium cat food for only a small fee
  • Routine veterinary care visits at no additional fee
  • Safe environment and experienced caretakers

Things We Don’t Like 

  • Some of the services they offer (administering subcutaneous fluids and medications) are quite pricey

2- Kristin’s Kitty Care

Kristin’s Kitty Care

Overview and features

Kristin’s Kitty Care isn’t a cat boarding facility, but it still deserves a spot on this article. Kristin’s Kitty Care is for those who prefer having someone to cat sit their kitties in the safety of their own homes.

And to ensure that your cat is comfortable with the sitter they provide, they’d set up an initial meeting at your place with no extra cost.


  • Starts from $35 per cat
  • Subcutaneous Fluids, Medicine, or Injections – $5-$20 additional per day

Things We Like 

  • Experienced staff, most of which are Pet CPR Certified
  • Quick and easy booking

Things We Don’t Like 

  • The maximum visit time is 30-40 mins
  • There is a cancellation fee when you cancel within 7 days of your trip

3- Feline Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Feline Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Overview and Features

Feline Wishes and Caviar Dreams is one of the top cat boarding facilities and pet hotels in San Francisco. Staffed with experienced cat lovers, you can rest assured that your cat will be taken care of. Furthermore, their facilities are designed specifically to ensure the comfort of your pet.

They offer three different styles of Tuscan-design accommodations with varying dimensions. Feeding, bedding, and toys are included at no extra cost. Furthermore, they don’t charge anything extra if your cat has special dietary needs to be met.


Things We Like

  • They don’t charge for extra services
  • The atmospheric, cat-friendly environment with soothing music and different special toys
  • Clean, well organized, and well-managed facility

Things We Don’t Like

  • They don’t offer grooming services

Need some alternatives in California? Here are the best cat boarding facilities in San Diego.

4- Cat Safari

Cat Safari

Overview and Features

Cat Safari claims to be an urban oasis created especially for the enjoyment of cats.

What makes this cat boarding service different from any of those listed above is the fact that their facility gives your cats the opportunity to enjoy the “outdoors” in an enclosed, safe environment.

They offer a total of four different rooms depending on your cat’s preference. Whether it’s with colorful lights, safari gardens, or even their own personal private oasis to roam!

For cats that adore human interaction, Cat Safari offers professional love and care that comes in different specialized packages. This includes cat grooming and bathing services. 


  • From $43 – $175 depending on the suite
  • Individualized Play Sessions costs from $8  – $41, depending on the package.

Things We Like 

  • Different rooms to choose from
  • ‘Kitty Kindergarten’, where pet counselors can train kittens under a year old
  • All condos and suites are cleaned and sanitized daily with a hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Alarm systems to ensure the safety of your pet

Things We Don’t Like 

  • Due to the large enclosures, staff can’t monitor our cats 100% of the time


Out of all the cat boarding services we’ve looked into, our personal pick is Kitty Chateau.

The comfort of your cat is important, so keep in mind that every facility on this list deserves a shot!