Cat Love Bites: 10 Reasons Why They Happen

What are cat love bites and why do they happen

There’s no doubt that each and every cat owner out there absolutely adore their feline pet. I mean, we care for them, feed them, play with, and end up taking countless pictures/videos to show off how cute those furballs are! But try as we may, sometimes we just can’t figure out why cats behave as … Read more

The Best Low Sodium Cat Food on The Market (2021)

Best low sodium cat food on the market in 2020

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, that applies to your feline furballs too! The road to a healthy relationship between you and your pet, especially a cat, starts with providing the ultimate care to its quality of food. Maintaining your cat’s health at an optimum level includes regular check-ups at … Read more