9 Reasons Why Cats Stick Their Tongue Out

Why do cats stick their tongue out?

It’s no secret that cats are amazing pets. However, sometimes they do weird things that leave us scratching our heads in confusion. One of these unique behaviors is the “tongue treat”, in which cats pop their tongue out. But have you ever asked yourself, why do cats stick their tongue out? Read along so you … Read more

Cat Love Bites: 10 Reasons Why They Happen

What are cat love bites and why do they happen

There’s no doubt that each and every cat owner out there absolutely adore their feline pet. I mean, we care for them, feed them, play with, and end up taking countless pictures/videos to show off how cute those furballs are! But try as we may, sometimes we just can’t figure out why cats behave as … Read more

The 15 Best Cat Blogs You Should Follow in 2021

Best cat blogs to check out in 2020

Are you an enthusiastic cat parent? We’ve searched the internet and found the best 15 cat blogs that every cat parent should follow right now. These blogs are very creative and will help you take better care of your feline baby. Here Are Our Favorite Cat Blogs 1. The Catnip Times As a cat parent, … Read more